It’s weird, because we’ve seen each other naked but we couldn’t take a shower together. she squealed. "Do you think I'm that stupid? I would never get an abortion. He kissed me back so I know I won the argument. My eyes widened. Welcome, Annabeth Chase, the CEO of Olympus Architectures and the best architect in the world.".

Annabeth was crying. She has started this........monstrosity and she MUST end it', 'You dare blame my daughter?!
I just-", I stopped him with a kiss. Percy got a good job …
He fumbled around a bit, looking into the wrong pocket, but he got it eventually. “Thank you, Seaweed Brain”, Well, it’s been two months and we still haven’t done ‘it’. He rose up his own hand, managing to give a weak wave in return. He had been happy forthe 6 years he and Will had been married. Jackson.". Percy had everything that he wanted: the girl of his dreams: Annabeth, the best brothers ever: Triton and Tyson, the friends of a lifetime: Thalia, Nico, Grover, Rachel, and so much more. I took a shower and flopped back down on my bed. Summary: It's senior year after the Great War against Gaea. Gods that would be embarrassing”, I got up and hugged her tight and kissed her. “So… what’s up?” Percy asked me. “Oh Percy” Annabeth exclaimed. I mean, everyone else had done it already. He was just getting out of the water when he spotted me. Bianca is in limbo deciding whether or not she wants to go for rebirth, and Zoe is still in the stars," Hades said. I mean I am hot after all. Percy got a good job and became sucessful....for a halfblood. Just then, Chiron and came into the room. Keep him in his own zone' Athena shot back at Poseidon's face yuck, Then they started yelling at each other,very loudly. Tee hee. Anyway, if you liked it, leave me a review, fave, or follow. “What if we’re doing ‘it’ and my mom or your dad or even worse both show up? “Yes” we both said at the same time, which made us smile. I'm not sure about this yet, so maybe you could vote: 1) Annabeth and Percy are married when they start at Goode that fall. Instead, he was met with the cold, dead eyes of Jason Grace. “You two are getting married after it’s born” Athena said, “And that’s final”. He hesitated before he spoke again. “I literally just asked what you wanted to do for dinner.” “Yes. He sat there, groping around , as if looking for something. “I love you Annabeth, if you don’t want too we wont”, She kissed me back. She never could wait to see her father. “That’s messed up how there homeless”. We can move out if you want us-”, “What?” Chiron said. "Daddy," She asked, "Who is this?" Just when I was beginning to like you?” Her hand started to glow. She was staying in my cabin now and was starting to get weird food cravings. That's the prologue. “Athena”, Poseidon started to say, “Your daughter makes a valuable point. “You little sneak! Also, it’s not actually graphic, and is only rated PG-13. I'm getting married to Percy. "Alright quiet everyone! Same room as a week ago, except for the long, white dress hanging on the closet door. I was still confused about the 'Mrs. "Wise Girl, you don't have to come. Poseidon just sighed and left. I wasn’t going to talk about it either; I mean this was very uncomfortable. Dammit. Like, when all of this is over. It’s Rated for teen pregnancy, brief s*xual content, and violence. Nico smirked. “Percy, I really have to talk to you,” I told him. Hope you enjoy! When it cleared, I knew all Hades was about to break loose. He looked into Annabeth's eyes, surprised to see them gentler than he was used to. “I thought I would never find you, Percy.

Only, Percy's remained intact. She had WIll's tanned complexion, and Nico's black hair with those stunning blue eyes that Nico loved. "Splendid", I said, leaning back into his arms. July 12th. 1 Chapter 1: Nico 2 Chapter 2: Nico 3 Chapter 3: Percy 4 Chapter 4: Percy Nico was happy. Chiron had given the campers the summer off, even allowing them to return to school the following year. "You look like a Minotaur was charging you. “Good” I could tell Poseidon was happy for us. Finally, he pulled out a box from the sand and gave it to her. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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