They resist the devastating effects of extreme heat, even in rally or parade traffic on hot days. RE Interceptor 650 engine produces heat very much and I could feel it in my thighs from the petrol tank. JavaScript is disabled. So you own a cool looking motorcycle that's pretty much the neighbours' envy and owner's pride. Engine oil grade is 10W 50.Add only Elf Moto4 Tech oil recommended by Royal Enfield.Hope this helps! Peter | 6 days ago.

Your question has been submitted. Interact with car / bike owners & experts. The move is aimed to bring down the overall service intervention required by a motorcycle in a year, thereby reducing the cost of ownership by about 40 per cent over a period of three years.

Ask your question from Interceptor 650 owners and experts, Your Question should contain at least 5 characters, 610+ Interceptor 650 Owners and Experts to help you, I wish to report this Answer because it is, Bike electrical system care and maintenance tips. How many litre of engine oil is required – Around 1.6 Ltr during oil & filter replacement. 10,000 km service interval. Before starting have a look at the engine oil level on the right side of engine. ... [Enfield] What kind of oil do you use in your primary. I used 20w50 semi synthetic for 6k miles in 2 oil changes at 300 miles then at 3000 miles, cause it’s what I could get. The same oil you will get much cheaper as HP branding so why spend so much better n just a sticker.

Use a cone to add oil through.

I also try to collect all deals and offers from top eCom stores for easy access.

After all it's specified for a reason and all engines seem to run better when given the proper value oil in my experience. But keeping it that way means you will have to do more than just saddling the bike and riding into the sunset. its good and easy to maintain but RE plz come out with your alloys for 650 twins plzzzzzz.Over all quality is good but quality can and should be improved for its longevity.

Bardahl XTC C60 15w50. Q. I want to change the tires of my Interceptor to wider tires.

Next change will be to Motul 7100.

Sure hope there won't be any topping up between changes on this bike. E.g - Which variant of Interceptor 650 is best to buy? What should i do now somebody help me. You can actually do it with a single spanner. Q. to end my ideas I wish 650 adv shall be build by RE as elder sibling to himalayan 400 to put a big bad adv in race.

Recommended Oil grade and quality for royal enfield himalayan – SAE 15W 50 API SL GRADE JASO MA 2 SEMI SYNTHETIC. The electrical system is one of the most commonly ignored parts of a bike. After some initial hiccups(mainly issues with magnetic coil), now it is one of the best selling motor bikes from Eicher Motors. I find for the most part if you don’t worry too much about it and keep it topped up and change it often things last a long time. After all it's specified for a reason and all engines seem to run better when given the proper value oil in my experience. Does this bike have slipper clutch and what is it's benefits - Interceptor 650? Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search. Next change I will try the XTS C60 10w50 full synt. I am worried whether it's safe to drive when petrol tank gets heat?

Some sources suggest that the fiber gasket is the newer design and that the o-ring was replaced but I couldn't confirm that. After service and first service the RE service center mechanics have adjusted the valve clearance still remains. Q. I need to change the Fuel tank of my Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, how much does it cost and does it come painted?

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