Leech is C because generally, it just isn't fast enough to give stability.

The following shop items are particularly useful for Keeper: Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197997200010/screenshot/100603056098489637. Enemy Spawns That is exactly my issue, his runs are a boring grind unless you get lucky with the drops. He is unlocked by donating 1000 coins to the Greed Machine. If you have bombs, access to the shop and a sacrifice room, you can bomb the donation machine and use the coins to play the sacrifice room all the way to the key payouts. (Consider checking mini boss rooms just for this.). Yes Good as an extra HP for big fights. Enemy Spawns It has a lot of items that make life easier and once you unlock the Store Key by beating Satan, you don't even pay the key tax. From this version, they cannot jump over obstacles like Rocks or pits.

For Greed Mode, you'll want Wooden Nickel unlocked as it gives a nice bonus to your cash flow. Yes One way I've seen it described is that whereas the Lost is a skill-based challenge, the Keeper is more of an optimisation-based challenge.
By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If Keeper falls to one health coin (Devil deal, Health Down,..), any HP Up will increase his health back to two health coins. It's nice to have it as a fallback, but the defensive potential isn't a run winner. It is not known if this movement is intentional or the result of a bug. And being a saving's account.) Obtaining Swallowed Penny means you can play Blood Donation Machines, Devil Beggars and. Found in the shop and later unlocks for the Keeper as a starting item. The D rank doesn't mean it's bad; it's just not as useful as the others.

If played to his strengths, the Keeper can be a fun challenge, and in some cases more powerful and useful than even non-challenge characters. Yum Heart's alright. Entering it through the door will leave you at one Health, which means if you don't find any coins there, it will end your run. -30 minutes later have only flies to show for it. His health is both his biggest weakness and greatest asset. The delay from Inner Eye and Mutant Spider will stack with your triple shot. Getting hit by Keepers will cause Isaac to lose some of his coins. Remember, when you revive outside the devil room with the door closed, you can bomb yourself to death to revive within the room again. Even with the.

Experimental Treatment: On most characters, a sudden health down is an annoyance. Hanger

In all seriousness though, nice guide! Follows He is unlocked by donating 1000 coins to the Greed Machine. due to him being unable to go into curse rooms unless they have a coin inside or you generate one, and 2 hits to death. If you take damage, you have to pick up a coin or a passive item that grants health to be able to get the missing "health coin" back. Keeper for me is just too unreliable - because DWTD make for reliable runs.

Instead of being able to take a hit almost once per room, you can now only take nine hits before game over, and you get booted out of the room after each one. As this run will likely be more powerful than average to make up for the lack of the Wooden Nickel, you may find that in your first successful run that could get to Isaac, you'll also be able to get the Key Pieces, kill Mega Satan and kill Blue Baby. Necropolis (NB: IV Bag only drops 0-1 coins and is not as useful without a synergy, as above.). Curse Rooms are very risky to enter as Keeper. It's useful, but I'd rather have something more reliable. Battery: Allows extra charge to be stored. Stopwatch: gives slow to entire room upon taking damage. Damage-wise, triple shot is tolerable. I just realized a GREAT synergy would be mom's purse with the trinkets swallowed penny and blind rage. After beating Cathedral with Keeper, he will start with Wooden Nickel, giving Keeper a source of potential free coin. Special shopkeepers have a chance to replace regular shopkeepers. Creep Type

Attack Methods Depending on how much you're willing to backtrack and whether you're rushing for Boss Rush, you can either pick it up once you're done with the room or leave it for later use in a sacrifice room. Has incredible utility for stealing from devil deals. If you get it with an orbital like Sacrificial Daggar, it can win you any room via AFK.

Unlike for other characters, this card gives you 1HP permanently, up to a max of two. Firstly, you can play the sacrifice room with coins lying around or an infinite health trick. Losing it means the Keeper loses the ability to regenerate HP. Sacrifice rooms can be used much more with the Wooden Nickel, as the coins gained from it can be spent on them.

), Mom's Box: Doubles payout of Swallowed Penny and I-frames of Blind Rage.

Locations Poor Keeper cant get drunk anymore! Consequently, items like Skinny Odd Mushroom and Number One have increased power with him and if resetting, can be considered starts. Keeper Range Finding Tears Up items/Pills on the early floors will be useful to clear rooms.

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