Component blueprints are awarded from progressing through the Sands of Inaros quest, which is acquired from the Void Trader on any Relay. While playing as a tank is the main purpose of Inaros, experimenting with the Sandstorm build can be fun and also pretty strong in different environments. It's simple, fast to cast and activate, and dramatically increases the damage output of weapons using punch through or area-of-effect abilities such as Vauban's Photon Strike. Inaros is a very strong tank, who do not rely on shields (he does not have any!) Vaykor Hek is a great addition as well as Sancti Tigris or similar weapons. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. I created an account and got Inaros (added… That said, picking a Naramon polarity for your aura slot also has it advantages: Corrosive Projection does work very well with your groups, especially if you find allies who also use the armor reduction aura. If the enemy Inaros is siphoning from is killed by an ally, it will still count towards his revival. Inaros has all the tools he needs to be an excellent addition to any roster, with a bonus passive that lets him revive himself without help from allies. During the charge, Inaros remains immobile and will convert some of his health into armor, up to 100% extra armor. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Keep in mind he doesn’t have rage or even P.flow. All abilities you can subsume Even with all 3 complete Umbral Mods maxed out you can still use them in a nice 8k+ build, so no, they are still usable . Just make sure that your equipped melee weapon has all the status mods you want to use – especially slash might be very useful against high level enemies. If you want to criticse, at least be constructive. At level 30 he has 2200 health points - by stacking health mods you can easily reach 7-8.000 health! These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. If Inaros damages an enemy with Sandstorm that is under the effects of Devour he will heal himself. Inaros commands the power of the desert.

Cephalon Squared is a community that sprung up out of the Cephalon Squared podcast, looking to provide help, guidance, and insight around all things Warframe. The Sand Shadow is a clone of the enemy targeted killed by Devour, and will actively fight other enemies for as long as it took to fully consume the target or a minimum of 15 seconds, creating a helpful distraction while Inaros picks out his next target. Learn how your comment data is processed. Also the extra sprinting speed is nice, which is why you’re using Rush in the exilus slot. Inaros is not a complicated frame, and with a little practice, anyone can turn the world to sand with his deadly set of Abilities. The Tank Build Teammates can also interact with a target affected by Devour, making them immune to Damage and consuming the target while the interact key is held. INAROS. It’s really useless”. Inaros traps a target in quicksand and on holding the Ability will draw them in and begin dealing ramped-up Damage over time, restoring his own Health and making him immune to Damage and Status effects (referred to below as ‘consuming’). These cookies do not store any personal information. Inaros joins the ranks of Warframes such as Rhino and Nezha as versatile tank classes, with a dash of crowd control and Damage mitigation akin to Oberon or Octavia. He can also be revived normally by other players. Inaros’ second ability is Devour. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Furthermore, Inaros has three (!) Also use your ultimate ability to increase your armor by up to 100% to reduce incoming damage even further! Squad health restore or air support can be used as well, but make sure to always have enough of those in equipped. It is, however, perfectly fine to add a new ability to a Prime. INAROS PRIME. Enemies infested by the swarm projectile take Corrosive Damage over time, and this Damage is converted into Health for Inaros and his squad in an area of effect. As an additional note, Inaros’ Health can be restored by 20% for performing melee finishers on enemies, this can be especially helpful when Inaros has just finished charging his Scarab Armor and needs to gain Health back. Inaros is a very unique Warframe and especially his Scarab Swarm will help you to survive even against large groups of high level enemies. If you want to use Inaros only for a super HP build, then go ahead and do that. Inaros is a great Warframe for tanking damage and seizing the front lines with his high amount of health and his crowd controlling abilities. Learn to take criticism. I have a high energy pool with P.Flow while Rage can give me energy upon taking damage, and then G.Finesse is able to pull energy to stop lethal damage and then my health will regenerate from Rejuvenation/Arcane Grace. His build consisted of: Physique, Primed Vigor, Negation Swarm, Gladiator Resolve, and Gladiator Aegis. As I explained to him eHP doesn’t matter if you can’t regenerate health or have a low energy pool to cast abilities. Once a targeted enemy’s health has been depleted while Inaros (not a teammate) is consuming them, a Sand Shadow is summoned. Again Vitality and Steel Fiber are your preferred survival mods and will raise your survivability against any form of damage. Ability Range mods affect the range of Desiccation, the cast and tether range of Devour, the radius of Sandstorm and the casting range and healing aura radius of Scarab Swarm. Inaros commands the power of the desert. When this ability is held, Inaros stands stationary and converts his Health into Scarab Armor at a set rate not affected by Warframe Mods. Adaptation is a very nice meta-mod for the Profit-Taker Orb fight and it will greatly reduce the incoming damage. Yeah Arcane Grace have an insane cost and even i don’t have them, i play with (A. Strike+A.Fury) but you can EASILY use an unranked “Life Strike” mod on your weapon and get all your HP back in a single channeled hit. Ability Strength mods affect the initial damage and damage over time of Desiccation, the damage of Devour and Sandstorm and the damage and healing of Scarab Swarm. Once Inaros has at least 25% of his bonus armor, he can target an enemy unit and tap the ability button to release a scarab projectile.

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