Bacterial infection, fungal infection and polyoma virus infection are the most common infectious diseases in baby birds, and all can prove fatal.

She did suffer a broken pelvis and internal injuries that resulted in her requiring surgery. However, even with normal usage, some fumes may also be released, so non-stick cookware, drip pans, irons, ironing board covers and heat-lamps with a PTFE coating should not be used around birds. Birds should never be left unsupervised outside of the cage, especially if other animals, including other birds, share the same house. Toxic Fumes. This means that it can glide gracefully to the ground.

Oleander is a beautiful flowering plant often used for landscaping in Florida where I live. Different kinds of household accessories and scrapes can be responsible for the instant death of the birds. As long as areas remain attractive or accessible to birds, more birds will simply move in from surrounding areas to fill the newly vacant niches, resulting in perpetual, vicious kill cycles. Especially for the wild birds.

When I inspected their bird room, there was a new green budgie in there! Larger birds have been electrocuted by chewing through electric cords. Poisoning.

Deliberately exposing birds to other birds, even if they have been vet checked, is dangerous and should be avoided, or kept to an absolute minimum. Anyone with pet birds should have a working carbon monoxide monitoring device in the home, preferably in the room where the birds are kept. Moreover, their fast metabolism and hyper-efficient respiratory system also play a role in it. An owner may place a cage outdoors in the shade in the morning, for fresh air, and as the sun slides across the sky during the day, the bird may end up in the direct sun by the afternoon. For example, a client of mine had recently purchased a young military macaw, Kelly. Rarely, the unthinkable happens and a bird's water bowl may go unfilled for days, or the bird may empty the bowl, which goes unnoticed, resulting in fatal dehydration. No danger is associated with the birds bathing tubs. Birds that live in homes with smokes may develop coughing, sneezing, sinusitis and conjunctivitis, which may resolve spontaneously, if the bird is moved to a location free of smoke. They told me that they had caught the budgie when it landed on the husband's shoulder outside their home. Although it is fun to take baby birds to bird shows, swap meets and club meetings, it is very dangerous for the babies. For these reasons, cities such as New York City, San Francisco, and Boulder, Colorado, have worked with PETA and other animal protection groups to restrict or prohibit the use of Avitrol and other avicides.

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