He was born in the city of Long Beach, New Jersey. The capture of the shark was very controversial at the time with some saying he had killed the whale on which the shark was feeding when caught and that the white shark was harpooned rather than caught by rod and reel.

Is it true that the shark hunter "Quint" in Jaws is based on you? He officially retired as a charter captain in 1997. In 1986 he and Donnie Braddick caught a 3,427-pound great white about 28 miles off Montauk, and only 18 miles from Block Island, which still holds the record, not only for the largest shark, but for the largest fish of any kind ever caught by rod and reel. Although the author was not allowed to say so. If your photograph was not given proper credit, please contact us and the correction will be made as soon as possible. Sometimes, the fish wins that battle, and sometimes you do.
The crew knew they were in for a battle. That’s a lot of shark steak. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In 1986, all they had was a rod or reel.

It was a hard fight. [6]. Give me a break. "He always said the charter business was 90 percent show and 10 percent go," said Chris Miller, a Montauk resident who had seen him on the docks. If you'd like a crack at becoming a legend fisherman like Alf, get in touch with the team at Hunts Marine. Those who read the book and viewed the movie could tell from the character’s mannerisms and speaking that Captain Quint was directly copied from Frank Mundus. Before Mundus & Braddick’s huge Great White catch, the previous record for the biggest fish ever caught on a rod and reel happened on April 21, 1959.

We will give you one hint: Steven Spielberg directed it, and the music was composed by none other than John Williams himself.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'catchandfillet_com-banner-1','ezslot_9',116,'0','0'])); The answer is Jaws!! He started out as a shark hunter but then later became a shark conservationist. Thankfully, a friend had tipped him off about a huge shark, Barnacle Bill, that had been spotted around Streaky Bay. Frank Mundus was born on October 21st, 1925. Two veteran shark killers--one of them the flamboyant fisherman who inspired the novel “Jaws"--claimed a world rod-and-reel record today with a great white shark weighing nearly 3,500 pounds hauled in from the Atlantic Ocean off Long Island.Frank Mundus of Montauk and fishing buddy Donald Braddock were trying for shark 35 miles southeast of Montauk Point from Mundus’ 42-foot boat Cricket II Wednesday … Yet it was no use - before the clock had spun through 70 minutes, the shark was caught. Either way, this is one beast of a fish for anyone to bring in using only a rod and reel (the photo below shows a life-sized replica of their record-breaking catch): Before Mundus & Braddick’s huge Great White catch, the previous record for the biggest fish ever caught on a rod and reel happened on April 21, 1959. For almost 90 minutes, Captain Frank Mundus and his assistant Johnny Braddock fought with the most dangerous predator in the world’s oceans, a great white shark. But this time was different - he hauled the shark into shore at Port Lincoln, where it was found to weigh almost 400 kilograms.

He coloured his big toenails red and green for port and starboard. The existing world record for a great white shark caught on sporting gear is 2,664 pounds, for a fish landed off Australia in 1959. They arrived back at Denial Bay not knowing they were about to weigh the fish that would remain the heaviest ever caught with a rod and reel to the present day. Like the vast majority of people who fish, we don’t think anyone should ever kill a fish (or any other animal) just for fun. Mundus, was born in Long Branch, New Jersey and moved to Brooklyn when he was young. Captain Mundus was an extremely eccentric person who was a fisherman his whole life.

It’s the kind of catch that set a record that has not been broken for nearly forty years. The biggest catch ever caught with a rod and reel was a 3,500 lb great white shark off of Montauk, Long Island. It even tried to bite the propeller, which only mangled the shark's mouth. [4] According to his obituary he had spent the last night in Montauk aboard the Cricket II which had made him famous and had his heart attack in the Hawaii airport immediately after returning. He said that the name of his boat was inspired by the fact that his profile resembled that of Jiminy Cricket. [How to Dispose], Best Saltwater Spinning Reels for Under $100. Given the rigours of the citrus and grape season, the only times Alf could get away to fish were December, January and after the grape harvest in April. They are not allowed to trap it and then reel it in. He died in Hawaii shortly after returning from Montauk. In the years before his death he would come back to Montauk for its shark tournaments and would ride along on higher priced Cricket II excursions.

This wasn’t Dean’s first rodeo either. He was among the second wave of searchers, and helped tow the hull of the Pelican to port with ten dead bodies still trapped inside. Once Alf got the taste for catching sharks, he never looked back. Time passed. The capture of the shark was controversial at the time, with some saying the shark was feeding on a whale when caught (which would have negated the so-called … He enjoyed painting his toenails and wearing large earrings.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'catchandfillet_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_6',119,'0','0'])); Around the time he lived in Montauk, the residents of the town knew that Frank was different. Benchley spent weeks fishing with him. Use our advertising yard signs to get your message out. That’s when Alfred Dean caught a 2,664-pound great white shark off the coast of south Australia. To put it mildly, he was known as an eccentric person. A great beast, no doubt, but for the ever-adventurous Alf, it was not enough. We’d love to have your business, so mention this blog post and save 10% off your order! There were sharks all around, and to Alf's pleasure, the biggest one took the bait. He had seven siblings - six brothers and one sister, all of whom lived with their mother and father in the Ovens Valley.
More Fishing. In 1945, he began a charter fishing operation in Brielle, New Jersey, with the Cricket. February 13, 2009. Let’s find out! Just kidding. He had already gone Monster Fishing beforehand and killed a 4,500 lb great white shark. The novel's author, Peter Benchley denied that Mundus was the inspiration and Mundus was notably not credited as a source in the movie. Some recommended products may use affiliate links. Some images on this site are not the property of International Fishing News™. We have a huge range of fishing boats for sale to suit any and every budget. But Alf was patient. After a quick repair with a broomstick, Alf was at it again, and soon another was caught on his line.

Mundus died on September 10, 2008, in Honolulu due to complications from a heart attack he suffered on September 6,[3] the day he returned home to Hawaii after spending the summer in Montauk. His line never snapped because he was using a 130 lb line. Frank Mundus (October 21, 1925 – September 10, 2008) was a sport fisherman in Montauk, New York who is said to be the inspiration for the character Quint in the movie and book Jaws. That’s why people who fish for sport usually take great pains to carefully release the fish they catch, and the meat from any fish they keep is used for food (or donated to food banks). Alf played the shark for 45 minutes, battling to keep it on the line as it made attempts to bash the boat to bits. John Ebel, a mate on the Cricket II said that Benchley had privately acknowledged that Mundus was the inspiration but had publicly denied the association for legal reasons. The Biggest Sharks Ever Caught. The newspaper article reports that almost everyone in Streaky Bay came to the jetty to see Alf's catch being weighed on the weighbridge. World record catches that made their mark on the record books. Disclaimer: Off the water, he enjoys blogging and sharing his favorite fishing tips & tricks that he has learned over the years. And now he was back out on the waters again. He didn’t like the movie when it came out and said it was stupid. The sale did not go through although the boat would be operated by others. By Field & Stream Online Editors. Your email address will not be published. The official IGFA world record for great white sharks was set on April 21, 1959. Much less famous than the captain, Donnie Braddock assisted Captain Mundus in catching the world record-breaking great white shark. To this day, the great Australian holds the world record for the largest fish ever caught with the humble rod and reel: a mighty great white shark that weighed over a tonne. Alf and his crew set off to make their catch. Biggest Fish Ever Caught with a Rod & Reel.

Mundus' early techniques, which included killing whales merely for chum and harpooning sharks (practices which are outlawed today), earned him criticism even at the time. Great Hammerhead Shark – 1,280 lb. The story of this catch is so well-known and popular that Hollywood even made an entire movie inspired by one man’s unbelievable catch. Luke Sweeney caught this fearsome Mako during the Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament in 2001. When he was 20, Frank started his own charter operation with his boat, which was called the Cricket. Here at Hunts Marine, we love hearing about incredible feats of fishing almost as much as we love having the best fishing boats for sale. But they also had their strength and willpower that was made of pure steel. A man named Alf Dean caught a 2,664 pound great white shark off Ceduna, Australia. This tale is so well-known and inspiring that it inspired a horror movie. The special told of Mundus' early career, how he became the inspiration for Quint, his world record capture, and how he turned from shark hunter to shark conservationist. An early experience enhanced his thirst for bigger catches. Unfortunately, he was unable to catch it before he passed in 1991. He and his assistant battled for almost 90 minutes as they worked together to reel in the shark. This particular shark is not the largest ever taken on rod and reel.

In August 1986 Mundus and Donnie Braddick brought in the largest fish EVER caught by rod and reel. If you have interest in catching sharks of this size, check out our list showcasing the Best Reels for Shark Fishing.

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