Interest owner relations Interest owner resources Discover answers to FAQs, check and payment details and other announcements from XTO. Click Here to view Frequently Asked Questions. Ohio: Requires a certificate of transfer from the court to change title regardless of intestate or testate situations. E-mail: After 180 days, a check is considered "stale dated" and XTO Energy will no longer honor the check when presented for payment. The difference is the adjustment to you for that specific production month. A: You will generally not be notified of adjustments or a stop in payment; however, there are some exceptions. A: Royalties are the mineral owner's proportionate share of production in an oil and gas lease. If there is no last will and testament or the will is not being probated, please follow the instructions noted for completing an affidavit of heirship. Each must be between 5 and 15 characters. © 2020 A: Funds are reported to various states based on the state of the owner's last known address of record.

How to read XTO check detail Starting in January 2019, XTO Energy royalty checks will have a different look. Please do not provide the full SSN/TIN. There is no guarantee on the life of a well or the amount or frequency of revenue payments. If the ownership is being conveyed, see the instructions for conveyance in the link below. If you have an Owner Relations or Crude Oil Statements account for any of these companies, you may use that username. Spring, Texas 77389, Phone:  This website is for Revenue data and now Partner Operating Statements. The positive entry right above it will indicate the amount that should have been paid to you. Try again later. Visit, click on Interest Owner Relations - Online System to register or log in. (Acres you own / Total acreage in the unit) x Royalty rate stated in your lease = Your Decimal Interest. ATTENTION OWNERS:We are excited to announce that XTO Energy revenue check detail data is now also available on the EnergyLink platform. State governments set owner severance tax rates and levy the tax when natural resources such as oil and gas are "severed" from the earth. To claim funds reported as unclaimed by XTO, you will need to contact the state. Royalty accounts are subject to adjustment, either upward or downward. If the address is unknown, the funds are reported to XTO's state of incorporation, which is Delaware. If you have not registered with the Interest Owner Relations Online System, please click on the Register Now box below to sign up for this free service. Attn: Division Order Department +1 866 886 2613 for Division Order Department Interest Owner Relations. Instructions for Change of Ownership after Owner's Death (Probated Will), Attn: Division Order Department If you are a lease holder (lessor) currently under production by XTO Energy you can verify your oil and gas production volumes by visiting How to Verify Your Oil and Gas Production Volumes. If you own a producing royalty you can receive a no obligation cash offer for your producing royalties from the MineralWeb experts. If you receive oil royalty or gas royalty from a lease under production by XTO Energy, you can contact them at (800) 299-2800. An error has occurred, which probably means the feed is down. A: Due to the many variables involved in determining the estimated value of a property, we do not provide such valuations. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the MineralWeb Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. This website provides information and reports related to your interest owner account. The income reported to the IRS is your gross income prior to any other deductions or taxes.

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