This article is a stub. 2:34. After years of mentions on other people’s web sites, I, Amo Paul Bishop Roden, finally have my own web, NOTICE: SOME LINKS ON THIS WEBSITE MAY HAVE BEEN HACKED. (rpr 4/17/11), (52) Pentecost, 2009 EASY This article is written in preparation of the seventh seal message. (re-proofread 4/12/11), (22) This article presents “the whole family in heaven” (Eph. (16) This article discusses Satan's ministers, how they endanger your salvation, and how to identify them.

George Roden was the son of Benjamin and Lois Roden, leaders of a Seventh-Day Adventist sect known as the Branch Davidians. (rpr 4/19/11), (63) August 8, 2009 EASY The stories of Bathsheba, Delilah and Eve are retold with comments on mitigating, (64) August 15, 2009 EASY This article focuses on two resurrections. This page was last modified on 27 April 2020, at 16:52. After the 1993 fire, she attracted notice by beginning a one-woman reoccupation of the sect's Mount Carmel property. 11, 2009 MEDIUM This article explains, from the prophecies of Psalms 2 and Zechariah 3 and, (42) Passover, 2009 MEDIUM This article discusses this message as the opening of the second seal. (re-proofread 4/10/2012), (153) March 3, 2012 Sabbath A few comments on gun control. Amo Bishop Roden. Billion$ Of Reason$, (131) October 15, 2011 Sabbath The best qualified candidate gets the least air time. The title of the song comes from the name of a supposed Branch Davidian member.

(rpr 4/10/11), (102) June 12, 2010 Sabbath and New Moon This study discusses the signs of the first and second, (103) July 10, 2010 Sabbath and New Moon This study discusses the death decree on the wave sheaf and, (104) July 24, 2010 Sabbath This study discusses ways of eating that heal.

Carmel and expelled Amo. (rpr 4/15/2012), (132) October 22, 2011 Sabbath A discussion of "job" policies that don't produce jobs.

25, 2009 EASY This article discusses the prophecy of the breaking of the bond between Judah, (45) May 2, 2009 EASY This article exposes a half dozen satanic counterfeits including Mystery, Babylon, (46) May 9, 2009 EASY This article discusses the relevance to contemporary ministers of Christ's charge to, (47) May 9, 2009 MEDIUM This article explains several of the mysteries of Zechariah 10. Nuclear war. (rpr 4/15/2012), Ten Good Reasons To Elect What's-His-Name, (133) October 29, 2011 Sabbath Why Buddy Roemer deserves your help. Photo found in the [Waco] Branch Davidians: Amo Paul Bishop Roden collection, Accession #3312, Box #1, Folder #11, The Texas Collection, Baylor University. She has written many tracts and pamphlets explaining her version of events and her religious ideas. About Amo I, Amo Paul Bishop Roden was an eye witness to the Koresh / Roden shootout of Nov. 3, 1987 and Koresh’s hostile takeover of the Branch Davidian church property on Nov. 23, 1988. (107) September 4, 2010 Sabbath and New Moon (Feast of Trumpets) This article addresses two questions, Slavery, Shellfish, Stoning And Swords; A Reply To Barack Obama, (108) September 11, 2010 Sabbath This article is a reply to Barack Obama's defamatory comments about the, (109) Day Of Atonement and September 18, 2010 Sabbath This article discusses the crossing of the Red, (110) Feast Of Tabernacles 2010 This article explains how to accomplish the spiritual and physical healing, (111) October 23, 2010 Sabbath This article protests the foolishness of trying to solve global warming, The Business Model For The Kingdom Of God, (112) October 30, 2010 Sabbath This article explains the economic takeover of the earth by the Kingdom of, The Bankster's Myths and Your Lost Prosperity, (113) December 4, 2010 Sabbath and New Moon This article explains how the banksters created the crisis, (114) December 18, 2010 Sabbath This article discusses the obstacles which will keep Julian Assange from. George Roden was the son of Benjamin and Lois Roden, leaders of a Seventh-Day Adventist sect known as the Branch Davidians. 21, 2009 EASY This article discusses the prophetic events which must occur before the great, (38) Mar. (re-proofread 4/12/11), (21) This article discusses two of my favorite heresies. The next year, Koresh's supporters reclaimed Mt. At one point in her reoccupation, when another ex-husband, Tom Drake, rejoined her, she was also known as Amo Paul Bishop Roden Drake or Amo Roden Drake. This article was meant to finish. (rpr 4/17/2012), (146) December 31, 2011 Sabbath Strategies for paying off the National Debt include legalizing the sale of, (147) January 7, 2011 Sabbath Why the super-rich owe the National Debt, etc. (re-proofread and revised 4/16/2012), (140) December 3, 2011 Sabbath The consequences of the National Debt at 100% of GDP.

(re-proofread 4/16/2012), (139) November 26, 2011 Sabbath A critique from a fan. Amo Paul Bishop Roden Born in 1943, Amo Paul Bishop Roden married George Roden in October 1987. Roden and Howell competed against each other for leadership of the sect following Lois Roden's death. (87) January 9, 2010 This article discusses John the Baptist as the pattern for the end time Elijah message. (rpr 4/12/11), (5) This article recounts some of the times God preserved my life so that I can do this work. (re-proofread 4/14/11), (31) Feb. 14, 2009 EASY This article describes heaven from numerous scriptures of the Bible. 7, 2009 HARD This article explains the last four angels of Revelation 14, and contains part, (35) Mar. See also (rpr 4/10/2012), Recognising The 144,000 Missionaries Of Christ, (155) March 17, 2012 Sabbath How to find the Kingdom of God. (125) June 18, 2011 Sabbath This article discusses revolution and hunger and calls for food price reform. (rpr 4/14/11).

(re-proofread 4/10/11), Why Diets Don't Produce Long Term Results, And What To Do Instead, (105) New Moon and August 14, 2010 Sabbath The title says it all. (re-proofread 4/12/11), (18) This article discusses how to prepare to learn the song of the harpers on mount Zion with the Lamb as, (19) This article discusses the prophecies about the first end-time church in such detail that it can be, (20) This article discusses the biblical evidence of three raptures. 14, 2009 MEDIUM This article explains chapter and verse of Isaiah 5, from the crucifixion of Christ, (36) Mar. Carmel grounds. ALL ARTICLES, (1) Some fire pictures, a few facts, and a short statement of my church's issues. (92) New Moon and February 20, 2010 This study contains an explanation of more messianic prophecies, (93) February 27, 2010 This study explains the messianic prophecies of Isaiah 7, etc.

(re-proofread 4/14/11), (37) Mar.

Amo and George Roden married in October 1987, shortly after meeting. (re-proofread 4/15/2012), (136) November 12, 2011 Sabbath How to take Buddy Roemer's message to the streets. Major tracts include Cracking the Coverup, The Second Standoff, Babylon Is Fallen: The Legacy of David Koresh, and Scrapbook of a Protest. The powerful, (11) A survival guide to those who are prosecuted for righteousness sake. The size of this website makes finding a specific topic difficult. The Jezreel Letters, A Motive For Murder?

Figures! Fixing America (No.

Comments on the character assassination which began with my protest are in this article in this color. Her brief time with George left her pregnant with their daughter. Amo Roden also drew attention in 2001, when she drove to the Oklahoma City bombing memorial site in her pickup truck with Branch Davidian slogans, creating a brief bomb scare. She continues to fight for leadership of the Branch Davidian sect. (re-proofread 4/13/11), What If Christ Had Already Come As A Thief, (24) This article discusses the biblical evidence that Christ has already come “as a thief” and been, (25) This article, which was written for the Davidian SDA, discusses the Bible feast days, living prophetic, (26) This article describes the hidden message of the seven thunders and what happens when Christ, (27) This article shows from scripture that the harvest (gathering of God's Kingdom) will suddenly gain, (28) This article describes the delusion which ensnares those who are opposed or indifferent to God and, (29) This article elevates polygamy above child abuse, discusses polygamy's biblical roots, the nature of, (30) This article discusses lunar calculation of the Sabbath. (rpr 4/17/11), (50) May 23, 2009 EASY This article is written in preparation of the message of the fifth seal. (33) Part 1, Feb. 28, 2009 HARD This article explains the gathering of the 144,000 described in Revelation, (34) Part 2, Mar. Roden, who claimed to be Jewish, said hitmen trained by the Palestine Liberation Organization were trying to kill him.

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