Based on some "blinds" on a popular gossip site that has proven to be extremely reliable (and rumored to have participation from industry insiders like Robert Downey Jr) this is not only possible, but probable, and their incarceration could be part of a bigger cover-up featuring movie and music industry abusers. All rights reserved. Arguing that years of parental abuse led the brothers to kill their parents, the defense claimed the photo showed Jose Menendez’s hand in an inappropriate position in Lyle’s lap.

Investigators counted over a dozen gunshot wounds between the victims, including one to the back of Mr. Menendez’s head, which essentially decapitated him, and another against Mrs. Menendez’s left cheek, which literally blasted away the eye and nose of the former beauty queen. Jose Menendez with sons Erik (L) and Lyle (R). Their actions following their parents' murders had me doubting any excuse they offered. I agree, I think they were abused. I don't know about that, I do think their dad was definitely abusive emotionally and physically. He had to have known that he was guaranteeing a 1st degree murder conviction by prohibiting the sexual abuse defense and banning cameras from the courtroom. Think about what it would take for a normal person to murder anybody.

They should be released and they should not be grouped in with actual malicious murderers, Believe they were molested?

Sorry. This now joins the likes random cards going for more money because of something weird like Billy Ripken’s fuck face card. Lyle revealed the photo represents a dark and 'horrible' time after they killed their parents, Then: Erik (left) and Lyle (right) opened fire on their parents Kitty and Jose Menendez in 1989. What was inappropriate about the photos? 'So I guess it was sort of a shock.

He rose through leadership positions in companies like RCA, where he helped to sign the Eurythmics and Duran Duran, before becoming executive vice president at independent film company Carolco Pictures. Some say it was for revenge for sexual abuse, others say it was to inherit their money. Hence the splurge. They are where they belong. I think something happened; but I don't know if I believe the full extent of their stories. This one didn’t buy the “abuse excuse” and brought back a guilty verdict. I mean, more important things were going on during that period of time, clearly, than the Knicks game.

I think they should considering how testimony from witnesses regarding abuse was severely limited in their second trial and much of it was only allowed during the penalty phase which was already too late. Lyle says he can't be sure exactly at which game the photo was taken. In July 1993, when the pathway to prosecution had finally been cleared, the Menendez trial was televised, one of the most watched media events of its era. At first I was skeptical about this but then I read that inappropriate nude photos of Lyle during his childhood were uncovered and it made me second guess this allegation.

Speaking of his aspirations for the new year, he said: 'I just stay hopeful, I don't take for granted being here with my brother, I don't take for granted being still married to my wife now and you try to stay healthy, stay hopeful and involve myself, I try to stay very engaged in what's going on here on the prison yard in terms of the programs they have. They went through a million in 6 months.

I haven’t seen the miniseries yet. There are plenty of children who are abused every day & are afraid to even talk about it, this makes a mockery of them, and the horrors they truly have to face.

No. In the weeks after they disposed of their parents, they spent between $500,000 and $700,000 in a buying blitz that included, for Lyle, a $64,000 Porsche, a Rolex and a restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey, close to the university where he’d once been a student.

'And so that was a game that we just sort of got tickets for... we went several times during that time. I was not alive during the trial but I have read up on the case, but have yet to see the Lifetime movie that just aired (recorded but have not had time to watch).

Teaching unions ramp up strike threats over demands to SHUT schools during lockdown with claims coronavirus... RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: If this was 1940, Boris Johnson would stand down The Few to 'protect the RAF'.

Some say it was for revenge for sexual abuse, others say it was to inherit their money.

Though they’d been questioned the night of the murders, police didn’t sit down with Lyle and Erik Menendez for a formal interview until two months after the murders. What have I been researching?"

How about the fact the mother stood by and let her children be defiled by a sexual predator as a reason?, 'Blood Brothers: The Inside Story of the Menéndez Murders'. I believe they were abused and killed them because of rage and wanting the money. They are not a threat to society. 748. Oziel’s mistress, Judalon Smyth, listened in from the waiting room, recording joint confessions. I still haven't seen the movie, but I seen previews with their mom showing up (in prison I believe) and I was super confused of how that was possible. Plus, it's a Lifetime movie. The brothers took luxury trips and bought expensive cars.

I've tried looking it up but I'm having trouble finding information.

I read that Dominick Dunne article about them and it seemed kind of dismissive of the allegations but I really haven't gotten that deep into the case. But then again, this was José, he was a prominent and powerful individual, not to mention her uncle and perhaps people didn't want to rock the boat.

Then, in late October 1989, he asked to meet with Beverly Hills psychologist L. Jerome Oziel, who he’d been seeing since the burglary incidents. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I've not read it in a long time, but from what I can recall, it gave a fair account of both sides of the coin, but still left me with the distinct impression that they were guilty.

This was all the defense had to try and save these guys.

'It just reminds me of what a horrible period it was really,' he recalls. They spared the Menendez brothers of the death penalty, instead assigning them to life without the possibility of parole – still more merciful than the sentence they doled out to their parents. Does anyone believe those boys were molested?

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