However, there are some children that are also in need of a little help with bathing.

The tone of the motor has changed, and at this point, I am not sure if the motor is going bad, or if it needs a new battery. This is mostly great. Trouble shooting Bellavita handset Trouble shooting Bellavita Handset Stand 11/2009 Page 2 of 2 / HJR Selftest for Bellavita Hand Control (PLEASE DISCONNECT UNIT FROM LIFT OR CHARGER) 7. The lowering mechanism is smooth and gentle, Retain some air as you bathe to provide a backrest or let all the air out for a totally natural bathing experience, Soft, comfortable fabric that warms quickly, Robust, suitable for weights of up to 24 stone (152 kg). h�bbd``b`�y �0�`k,�0�y>�U"���% V�Pg��V�``$��ϸ�@� 0A I am so pleased with it, and so is he. So, for the past 20 years, I have used various bath lifts, including the Aquatec Orca Bath Lift. hޤX�n7�~@ �~� vZ���H��!���l��H Can be intrusive for other bath users as it is fixed. Consequently, I am a non-ambulatory wheelchair-user. 50 0 obj <>stream A large roll of fabric is rolled up and attached permanently to the wall at one side of the bath and to a floor bracket to the other. Never use it as a stand, lifting device, lad- der, support, or for any similar purposes outside of the bath.

You need to have a good amount of upper body stability for this product. My tub is very deep.

But my first thought is Amazon Prime, so purchased it here. LOL. For me, this is definitely a big advantage and something I look for. Press the blue DOWN button (no I have spinal stenosis which prevents me from being able to get in and out of a tub without assistance. Page 5: Important Safety Rules • Clean the battery charger with a dry cloth only. However, I have a tub with a textured bottom. The fact that it is so comparatively small, lightweight, easy to remove and install means that it can be folded up and stored away if necessary and transported in smaller vehicles. Pros: Easy to remove so it’s one of the most suitable bath lifts for adults who have a young family who also want to splash in the tub.

Bellavita Bath Lift.

I used it one time and the chair would not lift me out of the tub.

A bath lift will fit on most types of bath as there are many different styles to choose from. Product works as described. The overall length of the Bellavita is only 57 cm – much shorter than most other bath lifts. (Previously, I had to hose her off while she sat on a bench in the bath tub. Pros: Removable, one of the best bathroom aids for a shared bathroom, easy to use, supportive backrests that angle back so you can recline in the water. The BELLAVITA BATH LIFT .

Slimline shape so that it sits further back in the bath so the user can stretch their legs, Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment on the plastic so offers superior hygiene, Durable suction pads on the base for stability designed for use on both curved and flat surfaces, One of the most stylish bath aids for the elderly. '�R��.���p� ��BW'�pǂ �A;�+f�@o��6��Օ� �܆�2�^�w�;��?�R�s���R���Q�=_ ��Е3��Kx�vT,π�������&C��?p��o�2E�fx�K0���~�^�Е=I�����!~�Q�A �A;���F�j�bh�{#�O�=�����������]D`��F�ɍ�� ϰ��˨��q!��A;*�I����Ȳ/��=�Q���=��:Ŭkн~V�#~�p!���ݫ �,�����T";�w$4�}w�5EA���|��a�T�~-��Og �Ո����]vR�l}_����7):n\e]U�ڟ@���2�`��;>�$6���g ���KKї�����Yaj�h�����~m�nR��+ZR�Sm�_�79CJ�b}ica! For me, this is definitely a big advantage and something I look for. Cons: Anyone using this type of bath chair lift needs to be able to move their legs to the side to get off and on the seat, the handset will need its batteries recharging regularly. I can’t use a regular bath or shower, and therefore need to make adaptations and use appropriate mobility equipment. A bath lift will help those who are having difficulties getting in and out of the bath but are a much cheaper option than altering the bathroom itself. 6. Independence is easier to manage with a bath lift when compared to bath hoists for the elderly. BH���Q��aZ�pw�Tƞ�T4�p ��5�qR�.����� The buttons are large, brightly coloured, and easy to press, even for those with very little strength. %PDF-1.3 %����

My mother can no longer sit and then get back up in the tub.

Removing the lift from the bath ..... 14 Maintenance and care ... • Never use the Bellavita to climb in or out of the bath. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. This plug has a rubber boot it slips over to keep it watertight and it is on one side, not centered. I am 5'2" and the bathtub is 6' but curved at the back, so unit fits a bit far in. �7_W�d���wW�����ˇ�����aPz�f?|z�r�VQ�KmW�����t�� |.��ƒB�N�׋��m\����͗����f�ecF��ć���{��rNF%l8�˵J� ւ���Ω:���$��8]A!de4���W �O�A���R�3'�ϒ��C`�rQ�9&��:�a�U`h��*bC. A great product to provide bath help for elderly people while they are travelling, One of the lightest bath lifts available at 9.3kg, Ease of operation, installation, removal, storage and transport, Waterproof, floating handset so it is easy to locate. Bellavita bath-tub lift chair does the job! Electric bath seats for the disabled can be bulky and take up a lot of storage space. 5 lbs (9.3 kg). It has worked very well until recently, when the lift got significantly slower in raising and lowering.

To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. The electric pump gives smooth movements. The fact that it is so comparatively small, lightweight, easy to remove and install means that it can be folded up and stored away if necessary and transported in smaller vehicles.

Though some other bath lifts claim to do this, the Bellavita reclines to 50°. I don't use it in the bath. Personally, I’ve always loved to sit and soak in the bath.

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