The web2py DAL translates Python code into SQL statements that are specific to the selected database back-end (SQLite in this example). If you have the SDK you may want to change these config parameters to the correct value. If, for example, you want to use the wiki to create an editable sidebar you could create a page with slug="sidebar" and then embed it in your layout.html with. The unique id is retrieved by web2py with a call to the get_user() method when needed during the login flow; this is where the API call of point 5 is needed. ## Define oauth application id and secret.

If you want to allow visitors to register but not to log in until registration has been approved by the administrator: You can approve a registration via the appadmin interface.

When a visitor submits a comment via this page, the comment is stored in the database and appended at the bottom of the page.

Notice that the format argument can also be a function that takes a record and returns a string. Janrain will also keep statistics about your users' login. The API to do so is described later in the chapter. Every app has its own ".hg" folder and its own ".hgignore" file (tells Mercurial which files to ignore).

This is no longer necessary for new applications since passwords are salted with an individual random salt.

Views instead have a .html extension since they mainly contain HTML code. If you have the SDK you may want to change these config parameters to the correct value. The generated SQL is logged into "sql.log". In this case it is a connection to a SQLite database stored in the file "applications/images/databases/storage.sqlite". For example. This follows the same syntax as the Unix crontab but does not rely on Unix. #Before define tables, we add some extra field to auth_user. The edit page tells you what is inside the application. If you want to connect to a web2py CAS provider from a different domain, you must enable them by appending to the list of allowed domains: This is possible but dependent on the web server. For each application installed you can use the site page to: All the functionality available from the web2py admin site page is also accessible programmatically via the API defined in the module gluon/ It allows packing the application without source code for distribution as closed source. We can improve this further using the SQLFORM.grid and SQLFORM.smartgrid gadgets to create a management interface for our application: with associated "views/default/manage.html", Using appadmin create a group "manager" and make some users members of the group. Because of the IS_IN_DB validator, the reference field "image_id" is rendered by a drop-down menu. With web2py we can move one step further and ask web2py to generate the form for us, including validation. Line 6 defines a format string for the table. The creation of the group can be disabled with. Edit the controller "" and create the following actions: Lines 2-6 constitute a comment for the index action. In this case you would replace: (so that the XML does not get escaped, which web2py normally does by default for security reasons). The MARKMIN syntax allows you to markup bold text using **bold**, italic text with ''italic'', and code text should be delimited by double inverted quotes. Now edit the model of your web2py application and place the following lines somewhere after the definition of the auth object : The first line imports the new login method, the second line disables local registration, and the third line asks web2py to use the RPX login method.

Most authentication methods will also provide a username, email, first_name and last_name but that is not guaranteed. If you do not write a view, the dictionary is rendered by "views/generic.html" and a call to the index action would look like this: You have not created a view for this action yet, so web2py renders the set of records in plain tabular form. @auth.requires also takes an optional argument requires_login which defaults to True. Janrain's free Basic service allows up to 2500 unique registered users to sign in annually. Auth enables login via basic authentication: can be called, for example, from a shell command: It is also possible to log in by calling auth.basic() rather than using an @auth decorator: Basic login is often the only option for services (described in the next chapter), but it is disabled by default. The session is a container for variables that are stored server-side. This mechanism is called a postback. if the table does not exist, the table is created; if the table exists and does not correspond to the definition, the table is altered accordingly, and if a field has a different type, web2py tries to convert its contents; if the table exists and corresponds to the definition, web2py does nothing.

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