HE LAST TIME SHE SAW HIM, SHE WAS ONLY A CHILD. the Castle (1963; 1st thus; ACE Gothic Mystery), K-174 GEORGETTE HEYER The Grand Sophy (c.1950; 1963; 1st ACE printing; ACE Star edition; ACE Romance), K-175 VIRGINIA COFFMAN Moura (cover by Lou Marchetti; c.1959; 1963; 1st thus; ACE Gothic Novel). Besides, how can she ask Pierce for his help after the way she ended things between them? My favorite? Born in Japan to American parents in 1903, she spent her early years in Asia. Creating her now signature atmosphere and ambiance, it is most notable for its use of narrator which is here in the first person perspective. Just before Fort's death in 1932, his disciple Tiffany Thayer founded the Fortean Society to promote and encourage Fort-like attacks on science and scientists. PHYLLIS A. WHITNEY (1903-2008) was an American mystery writer who wrote for both the juvenile and the adult markets, many of which featured exotic locations. AND THE DANGEROUS SECRET THAT IS STRONGER TH... SOMETHING EVEIL WAS BECKONING. ... Laure Beaudine is the daughter of Jules Beaudine, a famous Shakespearean actor of the 90's. Something hidden deep in her memory was the key to Amanda Austin's 'past. Not only does the man she has loved since childhood live there, but her fat... Abbie Garrett, growing up on Staten Island during the war between North and South, found herself in the midst of an explosive situation. I have a 1958/1959 date for this printing, but have been unable to establish if the ACE K-100 edition was prior to the 1958 Garden Press hardbound edition. YOU'LL FIND THE MURDERER YOU SENSE.... She had given up all hope for her kidnapped daughter -- until a stranger beckoned from beautiful Vancouver Island... Which leads me back to Vanessa Kelly as my newest favorite historical romance author. March 15, 2016 March 28, ... Another favorite historical author of mine is Amanda Quick, pseudonym for the amazing Jayne Ann Krentz. That tall rook of green-black yew who had it in his power to destroy the king and end... SILVERHILL-a gray ghost of a house brooding among its white birch trees, which seems to Mallie Rice haunted by evil reflections from the past. Do you like isolated settings like a scary manor house on a windswept coast, or do you go things like gritty urban settings, a la Law and Order? While ultimately freed from slavery, she was devastated by the deaths of several Wheatley family members, including Susanna (d. 1774) and John (d. 1778). On the southern shore of Long Island, in a foreboding East Hampton... "I don't see how we can pretend she's invisible," Debra whispered. " Featuring one Hallie Knight as its lead protagonist, it follows her as she hears from Nicholas Trench, the grandfather of one of her oldest friends.

Of All (1962; 1st thus; ACE Star edition; occult/paranormal), K-145 HARRY F. TASHMAN (M.D.) Whitney passed away on February 8, 2008 at the age of 104. Here is a no... WHO WAS THE MYSTERIOUS PASSENGER? In 1960, she created the pseudonyms the popular Victoria Holt and Anna Percival. They grew up together on a mist-shrouded island off the Georgia coast. Ancient history was soon folded into the teachings, as were lessons in mythology and literature. was hidden in the garden of Aunt Persis’ Cape Town, South Africa home. But they never married. Let the door stay closed.... The Quick novels include all that delicious historical atmosphere and the settings we love so much, along with a smart, accomplished heroine. A rarity for her genre, she wrote mysteries for both the juvenile and the adult markets, many of which feature exotic settings. An American writer of mystery novels, the Japanese born author Phyllis Ayame Whitney had a long and highly regarded writing career that spanned for a number of years, creating a style and tone that was all of her very own, as she came to be revered by both critics and the general public alike. And the situations in this novel are unique and so real I felt like I was back in the Regency era truly experiencing the ‘real’ life of these lords and ladies. Inside the wall of a palatial Newport estate, a violent struggle was beginning. As you know, I’m a contemporary romantic suspense author. Seeking shelter from her own broken dreams, Hallie Knight answers... Lacey Elliot seems to have everything - looks, talent, and a thriving business - but there has always been a great deal missing from her life. Him Anything.... (cover by Gray Morrow; 1966; 1st ACE printing and PBO), K-232 ANNE MAYBURY (aka ANNE BUXTON) The House of Fand (1966: ACE Gothic Novel), K-233 PATRICIA ROBINS (aka CLAIR LORRIMER) Lady Chatterley's Daughter (1966; 1st ACE printing), K-234 VIRGINA COFFMAN The Devil Vicar (interior illustration by Jack Gaughan; 1966; 1st ACE printing and PBO; ACE Gothic Romance), K-235 GEORGETTE HEYER Spring Muslin (c.1956; 1966; ACE Star edition; 1st ACE printing; ACE Romance), K-236 DOROTHY EDEN (aka DOROTHY ENID EDEN) Bridge of Fear (original title: Afternoon The mysterious “golden horn” was the key to her fortune, Vicki Stewart was told by the young gypsy she befriended in Istanbul.

If there was much of a Young Adult market back then, I don’t remember it. Creepy cool! She did not know it was also the key to he... On the eighteenth of April in 1906 a violent earthquake shook San Francisco. Note that this ACE lLetter-Number series has the addition of "S." Any AIL users have information on this addition, please let me know.

Reaching the top of the bestseller lists on numerous occasions, her legacy lives on and will continue to do so for some time to come, inspiring writers and readers into the future. After her return to Boston, Wheatley's life changed significantly. First brought out in 1941 through the Houghton Mifflin Company publishing label, this was the book that initially introduced Phyllis A. Whitney to the world. Thanks! RICHMOND, Virginia (AP) - Novelist Phyllis A. Whitney, whose romantic suspense tales sold millions of copies and earned her top accolades from the Mystery Writers of America, has died. Timothy knew spec... Trina has always thought it rather romantic to have a black sheep in the family.

My. Louisa May Alcott was an American author who wrote the classic novel 'Little Women,' as well as various works under pseudonyms.

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