There's not much we can do about this right now; you'll have to turn off your VPN in order to continue using the site. Yesterday we caught up with curator Aaron Rose and talked about his new video for MOCAtv, a project, which focuses on the late New York artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Coinciding with the music and spoken work, Rose compiled archival footage of New York from the years around 1977—1980, an era when Basquiat and Al Diaz were collaborating on their famed, “SAMO©" tag. One of the reasons I was so interested in working on this film with Sam is because I think there is a lot of things that Basquiat was writing on walls in 77-82 that still resonate with whats happening in the world today. On Fire … Our 3rd instalment of the morning-rave party known as Morning Booster happened last Friday 17th of February at Tigullio in Spinola Bay. Our automated banning policies are not perfect and sometimes too strict, and some IP addresses are banned by accident. All the hooks that you heard from them [earlier on] were samples they took off my mixtapes. . Stepping away from the drum machine and Pro tools, DJ Squeeky took time out to speak with me about how he got into producing, his involvement in creating the “signature” Memphis rap sound, having his style mimicked by Platinum producers and Three 6 Mafia’s remaining members DJ Paul & Juicy J, who he wants to work with in the future, and much more. Rather, they would look to those who knew him best in order to gain a better understanding of the man himself. I think that obviously resonated with people, specifically the art world. Over 100,000 computer karaoke songs, regular disc jockey music, and music videos to entertain your guests; excellent sound system and cordless microphones for duets and trios, etc. Aaron: Well, I think in terms of the street work that was being done during that period when Basquiat and Al Diaz where doing the SAMO stuff. When you look at Basquiat, he embodied that ethos. Will there be a dance floor or stage? Klaus is the resident expert in all things digital, with a passion for entrepreneurship. I felt like, I’m just a dude over here in the 'hood trying to do my own thing with my music, and I see another guy trying to jump in on what I’m doing, sample what I’m doing, and steal the style of what I’m doing. Aaron: Well, I think there are certain elements of our society that are reminiscent of the Reagan era. Copyright © 1997-2017 1-800-DISC JOCKEY, LLC. AND WE OFFER A TOP OF THE LINE SOUND SYSTEM TO BOOT. In case you are wondering; yes there will be another Morning Booster event very soon so keep an eye out for that. Did you have a studio setup in your house? "Neighborhood Dope Manne" in 2003. I like working with Pastor Troy, Criminal Manne, Young Dolph, Playa Fly, I dd some stuff with [Young] Jeezy.

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