", That was the last straw. The larva was asleep last they checked, but before it had been whining and throwing itself into every patch of sunlight it saw. She's still getting a grip on her powers. We're going to come pick up Aurora and get her to Plumber base for her next class. And why, for that matter. "I'm not gonna hurt you.". "I've got to do SOMETHING to make sure she pays for that. Gwen twitched her fingers like a puppeteer controlling a marionette, and one of the mana tendrils began to dig through the tangled mess that trapped the robot. He looked over her shoulder and saw the talisman, which was glowing dimly like a muted miniature sun. ", "Hey, you wanna be a good parent, right?" "Dang it. Most chapters are 900-1500 words currently. "How come I'm always assigned to Terradino?" Rook shifted the ship into high gear and rocketed past the robot. Ben pointed out. First 20 chapters are 900-1200 words.

Holding his wrist rigid and palm flat to form a makeshift blade, he slashed at the top of the crate, his arm slicing through the bars with no more resistance than a spider's web. ", Ben turned to his mom and just gave her a LOOK. Though at least he was halfway nice about it, not bossy or nitpicking like some people he could mention. When Rook received a cosmic second chance at undoing the disaster that he blamed himself for, he first thought of it as a blessing. But now that his Necrofriggian larvae are in danger, what would Ben do to save them? While the others threw hypotheses back and forth, Ben remained silent, preoccupied by his thoughts. He motioned toward the door. [Time Loop AU] Cover by helydrawscomics on Tumblr.

With so many vacant buildings around, after all, who was going to notice if one of them was suddenly occupied and running at full steam? "If you ever need any assistance caring for it, I would be happy to lend a hand.". Rook asked. Dittos, he realized. "Or there's gonna be a barbecue, and you're not gonna like what's being served! Can Jen find the courage to beat her enemies and admit her feelings to her partner? ", "Let us handle the detective work," Rook advised. All the same, he pulled out his phone and dialed his mom's cell. "Hey, where's...", Rook pointed to Ben's seat. ", "Do you not think we should bring the larva back to Earth first?" Gwen asked. You were a big help. "These guys are bad influence on her. "He was going to find out sooner or later.

He shook the idea off with the excuse that it was just Big Chill talking, but then again, wouldn't Big Chill know better than anyone?

", "Running errands, I guess," Ben replied. ", Ben nodded. The duplicates whooped and cheered before pouring out of the room and into the dilapidated portion of the factory. Rated: T - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 47 - Words: 715,448 - Reviews: 194 - Favs: 205 - Follows: 192 - Updated: Anodites and Prypiatosian-Bs didn't usually interact, but in a alternate dimension? But she wasn't about to fall victim to his attack as second time – her head and limbs went hazy as she shifted, and the sweet projectile passed right through her head and hit Ben in the cheek, sticking there. Todo su trayecto desde la adquisición del Omnitrix hasta luego de lo conocido en la serie. "Humans are too chewy an' gamey! Geometric paths of mana emanated from her hands and formed a complex circular pattern on the glass. "I'd shake your hand, Mr. Tennyson, but you're a little hot to handle at the moment.". "I think she likes spoiling Aurora." Ben sighed – it seemed he'd been doing a lot of that lately. Whether it's one of our own or an impersonator, everyone wants them to see justice not just for enslaving innocent aliens, but sullying the Plumber badge.". This interaction would be amusing. "I sure hope she's joking," Mom murmured. Ben would never understand just how his mom had managed to strike up a friendship with the terrifying Ma Vreedle, but if it kept her from clobbering him on a regular basis, he could tolerate it. Once this was done with, he had to focus. ", Rook's ears drooped in disappointment. "Let 'em go," he growled.

Set after Ultimate Alien. Concern rose up inside him.

Ma Vreedle cooed, slapping a box loaded with metal scrap down in front of her. The goon grimaced, as if that thought had just occurred to him too. ", Rook sighed and deactivate the weapons. ", "She hurt Aurora," Ben replied. Ben continued to tap away on the Omnitrix, but no luck. "What are you, crazy?" It had to have some sort of weak point, and preferably one far from where it was holding the larva... Before he could make any conclusions, a wormhole opened up close by, and the robot made a beeline for it. It certainly didn't smell much worse than your typical Vreedle, and perhaps a few notches better than Pa and Parallelogram Vreedle. "You're gonna be a great mom with that kinda attitude. ", "Ain't you th' cutest lil' thing!" They'd simply established new headquarters in the Bellwood Municipal Landfill, creating a crude but workable home from whatever odds and ends the human citizens of Bellwood and the residents of the alien Undertown tossed away.

"I really want to help catch this guy. Find out in Ben 10: Alternate Force. I recognize the model, too. He shouted. He didn't know how long he could last out there. The Pretty Boy clone gurgled out a laugh. Rated T for violence and death.

A chill went through him when he made contact with the baby. Still nothing. Ben scolded as he bent down to scoop up Aurora. What happens when Ben finds himself facing old enemies and new? "You might be the only person in the universe who's ever seen good in Ma Vreedle," Ben pointed out. "Well, I had to stop by here," she insisted. Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 11,999 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 18 - Updated: It is Tommy's birthday and starts his special day taking hoverboard lessons with Tetrax. Gwen shouted, and it was Ben's turn to jump – he hadn't realized his cousin had slipped in behind him. ", Ben groaned inwardly. "Kevin!" Heard plenty of people talkin' TO her, though… callin' her 'ma'am' an' 'miss' an' all that.". ", "The garbage dump?" Luckily his skin would protect him for a while, hopefully long enough to finish this. "Sure, whatever. "...an' when I woke up, I was in that dog crate, an' some clown with a gun was ordering me to split off a couple hundred dupes," Liijon finished. It made sense for Psyphon to send a battle robot after them, but why kidnap the larva? The Splixon stared at Ben with wide green eyes, not quite believing his luck. Kevin noticed the momentary expression and burst out laughing. Listening closely, Ben could have sworn he heard it screaming. It hid as soon as we brought it inside. "Oh, right," Ben noted… just as the Omnitrix timed out with a series of beeps, and he felt his body revert back to human form. Mommy Chapter 2, a ben 10 fanfic | FanFiction "Ben, why again do you want to strap an infant Necrofriggian to the windshield?" "WE heard it loud and clear. However, during the fight, Ben learns that the Omnitrix is reloading, so he has to rely on other means to defend himself. One sat on the ground next to Ma Vreedle and Aurora, sucking a lollipop and regarding the winged alien with dim curiosity.

But first… we want a little payback. At least keep me updated, all right?". "What do you think it wanted with the larva?" "Did you see a Plumber badge at all?" "Goose chase, Tennyson," Kevin corrected. The embarrassed heat that rose in Ben's cheeks canceled out any benefit from the larva. Before any of them could react, a crimson object came out of nowhere and slammed into the glass, shaking the whole ship and missing the larva by inches. ", "You eat what's put before ya an you LIKE it, Octagon!" Ben realized that his shadow was blocking the sun from the larva, so he moved to the side. Just returning something I borrowed. Let's go kick a little tail before we go!". Kevin pointed out. He had a hunch that it was Big Chill's influence that was causing him to feel the way he did towards the larva, and he didn't want that to get any stronger. ", "Very well." "Who made you the boss of this outfit?"

Had disaster somehow managed to strike in the hour or so he'd been away from Plumber base? the gunman roared, lowering his rifle to aim at the caged Splixon. How will that go? "Hey," he whispered, all hints of joking gone, "I've got a serious question for you. She's not making it easy to find her, that's for sure. Rook steered until the robot was back into view, then tailed it as it jetted around. "Meanwhile, you have a child to take care of. Contents[show] Episode Terradino is seen. The door slammed in his face, but he simply focused all the built-up heat in his body outward and shoved his way through it.

We'll track Psyphon down, lock him up, and get some answers. Ben sighed with relief when he saw the larva's wings twitching.

In the very back of the room, a single Splixon cowered in a metal dog crate, a burly man in bulletproof armor and carrying an automatic rifle standing guard over it. She deserves it. Ugh… I WISH this chick would slip up somehow and give us a real clue! "Party pooper," Ben retorted, then turned and shot a fireball at the gunman who had just emerged from cover. "With Ma Vreedle, you never can tell," Ben noted as he scooped up Aurora. He leaned towards Rook, grinning. doesn't entirely follow show. "Besides, I have to trade this in for a textbook. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

"The Plumbers are doing everything they can to catch her before more people are hurt.

Rhomboid had an old boxy TV set perched on a rusted barrel nearby, and he was slamming his fist on the top in an effort to clear the picture. Rated: T - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 52,570 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 27 - Updated: An alternate take on Ben 10: Alien Force. "Calm down, Ben," Max told him.

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