Then you will need to accompany the car and, go down to the first floor, kill Morello’s people. Watch the cut-scene. Inspect the guard’s booth and take a Dime Detective Magazine (9/20) from there. Only then will the door be active! He will be unhappy, but you will have to deal with him in order to later look into the bathroom and pick up the Super Science Stories from there (3/10).

He will tell you that the safe is hidden behind the painting. It will give you the choice to bribe the police. In the back room, on the table is a photograph of Ralphie and his mother. Turn it to put out the fire.

Start going upstairs to the fourth floor (it was previously closed). When you are hiding behind a car during a gun battle, do not get near the engine. Home » Mafia: Definitive Edition Walkthrough. Move back and go to the phone booth. About Mafia II Game Guide & Walkthrough. Sam will be there. At the end of the chase, you will have to deal with the armored vehicle. Drive to Chinatown and chat with Vinnie. You don’t even need to get in the car. Eventually the truck will get stuck. But take your time. Go through it, go along the technical corridor and kill the enemy. Almost everyone will have a sniper. Get in your car and drive to the Salieri warehouse, where Paulie is already waiting for you. Search anybody to see a video. Get to it and watch the video. When the chase ends, return to Tommy’s house. Go to the toilet and find a stunned sailor in one of the cabins. You can also easily get the "Proper Scrapper" achievement using this method. Keep moving until you get to Sam. You need to shoot from a machine gun at two engines. Cross the bridge and kill the enemies who arrived in the truck. Move on and find the newspaper clipping in the house on the left. Sit inside it and follow to Paulie and Sam. Having reached the locked warehouse, go up to the switchman’s booth and start the car. After breaking through the door, clear the warehouse and finish off Sergio. Go to the other side, use the door and find the cabin where the letter from Morello lies (note). Get in your car and take him home. After reaching the manager’s office, look into the room on the left. Drive forward where the markers point. Deal with the two enemies in the dining room and jump over the partition on the right. Run diagonally forward and to the left. Continue exploring the rooms on the second floor. Take Salvatore home. Mafia 2 immerses players in the mob underworld of a fictitious late 1940s / early 1950s scenario.

Climb over the fence and deal with the guards. Enemies will disperse, so you can easily deal with each. Go to the deck where people are dancing. Get out and go inside another warehouse.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points: The following achievements require the "Jimmy's Vendetta" bonus downloadable content: The following achievements require the "Joe's Adventures" bonus downloadable content: Copyright © 1997-2020 Cheat Code Central.

Drive your car to the indicated parking lot. Your task is to hide from the cops. Disarm him, read the order for the border guard (note). Get in the car you came in, and drive it out of the scrap yard using the north exit located on the map. Follow (Paulie) into the alley, duck and get to the gate. Turn left and you will see a small wooden building in the alley. Watch the video.

If you talk to him, he will run away. An Offer you Can’t Refuse. And then follow the plane and watch where the plane will fall. Listen to Sam, enter the building and find the Cigarette Cards (8/22) on the bar on the right. Take a note from the manager from the bedside-table. Next Chapter 2 - Home Sweet Home - p. 1 Prev Mafia II Guide. When Morello’s people will appear, you head to the back door. He will tell you that the owner is in the break room. Press the dodge key, and attack only after Tommy pushes the enemy away. Go down even lower to stumble upon fire (after the explosion of cars).

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