If the Sun’s influence ends here, how could Sedna be considered part of the Solar System, you may wonder. two million light years away! The discovery of the star in the Milky Way galaxy suggests that the galaxy may be at least 3 billion years older than previously thought. The north galactic pole is situated at right ascension 12h 49m, declination +27.4° (B1950) near β Comae Berenices, and the south galactic pole is near α Sculptoris. That occurs at about 90 AU, giving the Solar System a diameter of 180 AU. [204][205] This story was once thought to have been based on an older Sumerian version in which Tiamat is instead slain by Enlil of Nippur,[206][207] but is now thought to be purely an invention of Babylonian propagandists with the intention to show Marduk as superior to the Sumerian deities. A thousand miles, in our mode, is the distance called a light-year (in reality, about six million million miles). That's the distance at which Mercury orbits the Sun. What is a Möbius Strip and How Can You Make One. Once you're there, take out a quarter and place it on the goal line. 23.5145 Trillion miles or 23,514,500,000,000, 1759 views With your feet on the goal line next to the coin representing the Sun, take a step or two and stop at the 1 yard line. The Solar System is a really big place. And we could fit 1000 Jupiters inside the Sun. Brighter regions around the band appear as soft visual patches known as star clouds. will comments ever come back to yahoo answers? [61] The mass of the Milky Way's interstellar gas is equal to between 10%[61] and 15%[60] of the total mass of its stars. This illustrates the fact that there are far more faint stars than bright stars: in the entire sky, there are about 500 stars brighter than apparent magnitude 4 but 15.5 million stars brighter than apparent magnitude 14. [220], The Persian astronomer Abū Rayhān al-Bīrūnī (973–1048) proposed that the Milky Way is "a collection of countless fragments of the nature of nebulous stars". | last4 = Howard | first4 = C. D. | last5 = De Propris | first5 = R. | last6 = Kunder | first6 = A. Is Yahoo Answers a part of Yahoo's Internet platform or is this managed by other domestic or foreign entities? light of the Sun to reach us. How does the composition of our solar system compare to the composition of the universe? The Solar System is the gravitationally bound system of the Sun and the objects that orbit it, either directly or indirectly. The Sun moves through the heliosphere at 84,000 km/h (52,000 mph). [citation needed], In western culture, the name "Milky Way" is derived from its appearance as a dim un-resolved "milky" glowing band arching across the night sky. But I think you'll get an even better feeling for the true size of the Solar System if you actually make a visit to your local high school football field and march out the distances for yourself (especially if you bring the kids along!) Censorship at its most subtle.? The Oort Cloud lies far beyond Pluto and the most distant edges of the Kuiper Belt. In Silver City, New Mexico, a side-walk solar system is being made. "[218][219] The Neoplatonist philosopher Olympiodorus the Younger (c. 495–570 AD) criticized this view, arguing that if the Milky Way were sublunary, it should appear different at different times and places on Earth, and that it should have parallax, which it does not. [143] However, a few globular clusters have been found farther, such as PAL 4 and AM1 at more than 200,000 light-years from the Galactic Center. Proxima Centauri, the nearest star, takes 4 years to get here. [161], It takes the Solar System about 240 million years to complete one orbit of the Milky Way (a galactic year),[15] so the Sun is thought to have completed 18–20 orbits during its lifetime and 1/1250 of a revolution since the origin of humans. The Solar System can be divided into a number of "neighborhoods" that each contain several similar planets. [45] To compare the relative physical scale of the Milky Way, if the Solar System out to Neptune were the size of a US quarter (24.3 mm (0.955 in)), the Milky Way would be approximately the size of the contiguous United States. would be a cherry in California. [195], In 2014 researchers reported that most satellite galaxies of the Milky Way lie in a very large disk and orbit in the same direction.

[239][240], The ESA spacecraft Gaia provides distance estimates by determining the parallax of a billion stars and is mapping the Milky Way with four planned releases of maps in 2016, 2018, 2021 and 2024. At this speed, it takes around 1,400 years for the Solar System to travel a distance of 1 light-year, or 8 days to travel 1 AU (astronomical unit). Astronomers believe the Milky Way is moving at approximately 630 km/s (1,400,000 mph) with respect to this local co-moving frame of reference. The Far 3 kpc Arm was discovered in 2008 by astronomer Tom Dame (Harvard–Smithsonian CfA). He found that the Andromeda Nebula is 275,000 parsecs from the Sun, far too distant to be part of the Milky Way. And there are 4 more planets that are farther away from the Sun. There are about 208 stars brighter than absolute magnitude 8.5 within a sphere with a radius of 15 parsecs (49 ly) from the Sun, giving a density of one star per 69 cubic parsecs, or one star per 2,360 cubic light-years (from List of nearest bright stars).

[c][66][67][68][69] Filling the space between the stars is a disk of gas and dust called the interstellar medium. That quarter is your model of the Sun (our friendly local star.) [236][237] In 1920 the Great Debate took place between Harlow Shapley and Heber Curtis, concerning the nature of the Milky Way, spiral nebulae, and the dimensions of the Universe. ... if it was placed in the center of our solar system it would reach beyond the orbit of Mars. 23,514,500,000,000 miles wide The "end" of our solar system is the point at which the Sun's gravitational effects stops to hold objects in its orbit. For observers from latitudes approximately 65° north to 65° south, the Milky Way passes directly overhead twice a day. IOP Publishing.

See all questions in Components of the Solar System. The distances involved are enormous so we work in Astronomical Units (AU), where one AU equals 150 million kilometres (93.2 million miles) and is the distance between the Earth and Sun. The average distance from the Sun to Pluto is much larger, about 40 times that Sun to Earth distance (or, 40 A.U.'s). The Oort Cloud extends to about 2 light years, nearly halfway to the next closest star. [29][30] The dark matter halo around the Milky Way may span as much as 2 million light years. Therefore, later generations of stars formed in this spiral disk. The term is a translation of the Classical Latin via lactea, in turn derived from the Hellenistic Greek γαλαξίας, short for γαλαξίας κύκλος (galaxías kýklos, "milky circle"). [117] X-ray emission from the core is aligned with the massive stars surrounding the central bar[110] and the Galactic ridge.

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