Try to avoid using the bat in cold temperatures.

Instead of being made from one piece of wood, this bat is made in three parts with composite material ready for fastpitch softball. Some baseball bats have a larger diameter, but they are illegal in nearly all softball leagues. BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. Two-piece softball bats have less vibration in the hands on a mis-hit.
The end cap is fitted with DeMarini’s ReAction end cap technology.

You can buy it with confidence as it comes with a one year warranty. The wide selection of drop weights offered gives different styles of hitters the chance to find the bat that’s right for them.Bought from Amazon it comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty against defects. Very large sweet spot. These bats last longer and cost less on average than composite bats. Alloy: An alloy bat consists of two or more different metals, one of which is usually aluminum. Understanding the drop weight can help you make sure you’re picking the right bat for your needs.

Created in Osaka, Japan in the year 1906, Mizuno has grown to a multi-sport company that has been delivering durable products to its customers for over a century.

Hot out of the box. This sweet spot offers a satisfying pop sound complemented by a powerful hit.The full composite design is constructed as one piece, as opposed to many that are fused together with 2 or more pieces.Proven is one of the best composite fastpitch bats offered.

The most common compositions for bats nowadays are wood, aluminum, metal, hybrid, and composite. The Jennie Finch fastpitch bat has a one-piece construction design, and its Weight Balance is classified as Balanced. Rotate the bat one-quarter turn after each hit.

Rawlings 2020 Quatro Pro Fastpitch Softball Bat at a Glance:Barrel Composition: Composite Multi-Disk systemLengths: 28 – 34 inWeights: 18 – 22 ozDrop Weights: -11, -10, -9. The weight of the bat is measured in ounces. Some bats are heavier than others, thus being harder to swing, but these often can hit a ball further if used correctly. This USSSA- and ASA-certified bat doesn’t have the rare materials or bells and whistles of other bats on the market, but it can help you have a fun game of softball. Don’t worry about feeling the impact of fast pitches with the CFX 11. Certified by the ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF, this bat ideal for official noncomposite league play as well as casual recreational use. Contact hitters would be better suited with a 2 or more piece construction bat.

With Detonator Cor technology within the barrel, very low barrel compression is experienced, offering a wider sweet spot with an incredible sound. Compiled into this guide are the top fastpitch softball bats available to players today.

It has helped young players improve their game, while concurrently keeping higher level players at the top of their abilities. When choosing a bat to use, it’s important to take into consideration your height and weight. According to most league rules, for a fast-pitch or slow-pitch softball bat to be legal, the barrel must be no more than 2.25 inches in diameter. This two-piece bat has a paraflex composite design for the barrel, and a 3-fusion endcap for the handle. The softer outer barrel delivers that super low compression and flexibility, while the inner barrel is the hard backbone that power-packs your hits. This bat is ultra lightweight, ranging from 15 oz – 20 oz depending on which model you choose.Coupled with a small barrel diameter at 2 ¼ inches, your ability to keep the swing of your speed while not losing any power on contact is almost unmatched in any other bat offered.Its Balance Weight is classified as Balanced, making it suitable for many players.
Some youth and adult fast-pitch leagues require bats to fit within a certain drop weight range. Older, stronger youth players will aim for a drop weight closer to -8.

Two-piece softball bats have less vibration in the hands on a mis-hit. The handle may sting more than a composite model, but it's a good starter bat for developing players. An alloy bat feels stiff when swung, which some people prefer.

This number can be found out by subtracting the weight number from the length number. One-piece softball bats are stiffer and don’t flex during the swing or during contact, generating more power.

Best Softball Bats Sources.

National governing bodies for softball, such as USA Softball or the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA), will have their logos stamped on the bat.

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