RESET. A Defender can rush to the Secret entrance behind Garage and hide in the Back Vents or in the cubby hole behind the Doors to kill any Attackers who try to use Secret to enter Site B.

Outside is incredibly important on this map and it’s common for most fighting to take place Outside of the building due to the cramped conditions inside. Most defending work will be completed outside where most of the fighting will take place regardless. Like with most places called Heaven in CSGO, this one is positioned on top of Hell where the ladder doing up to it is.

Copyright © 2020 TheGlobalGaming - All rights reserved. So, using a flashbang here can be useful and a generic one can be thrown towards the left side of the Ramp to catch most positions there with it.

The T Spawn is close to Bombsite A and players also have the chance to rush towards the Garage where Secret can be found. The second Bombsite of the map can be found down the Ramp which is on the opposite side of the map to the Main entrance to Site A.

Both Bombsites are inside enclosed buildings and there is a Vent system that runs most of the map providing a connection pathway between the two Bombsites along with Secret. It received multiple other changes for CS Source including a larger outside area and the building was also turned into a nuclear power plant. Some pushes come from Squeaky though most seem to come from the Hut which are very close together. Hell has a door leading to the Ramp area which means the Defenders can get to that area first as well. While some times like to use two players on Site A, the size of the room makes it possible for Attackers to quickly wipe them both with well-aimed grenades or with the aid of smokes. Alternatively, grenades are also very useful on this map due to the close quarters and are perfect for either killing Attackers on Site B or forcing them to retreat. On the left side of the map is where the Terrorists spawn. Entering the room can be tricky but using smokes and flashbangs can make it much easier. The small size, tight layout, and sneaky Secret area encourage players to do things they don’t usually need to do on other maps. There are different strategies for Attacking Site B but having a player on the Silo is beneficial regardless of strategy.

Despite this, it can still be a good idea to have a player on Heaven to watch over the B Site Ramp and so they can also quickly peek inside and help when Terrorists start to attack in earnest. Smokes can also be very useful for running across the Outside areas to stop headshots from the enemy team. There is also the Locker Room next door that has a window allowing someone to look at part of the Outside area, the Garage, and CT Red container. The top end of Site A also has some Rafters that connects to Heaven allowing a Defender on Heaven to peek inside when needed. The spawn is also close to the Garage allowing players to rush there to protect secret or to kill a player on Silo.

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