He gets along great with our other dog, who was full grown already when he was brought home as a puppy. gets rough with him due to her size.

Either way, you’re probably wondering if this breed could be a good fit for you. We have a BMC (father) and Doberman (mother) mix. She ... Guinness is 1 yr old. See if they have photos and testimonials of previous dogs and litters, or if their dogs have received titles in competitions. Thank you. The Black Mouth Cur or the Yellow Black Mouth Cur is a versatile breed that is used for a variety of jobs from hog hunting, treeing dog, cattle dog, property/personal protection, blood tracking, search and rescue or even just a beloved family dog breed. He pulled on lead when we first got him so I went to Petco and the trainer recommended a new type of walking halter that its leash connects to a chest loop.at the breast.

Very pretty Golden coat and a black lining o... … is such smart fellow. He loves being with his people 24/7 and is an angel in the house. Tink is by Jackson Ranch's Rusty and out of Jackson's Ranch's Bella. Acceptable colors for Black Mouth Curs are all shades of red, fawn, yellow, brown, black, buckskin, or brindle.

In this article we take a good look at the ten most popular, There are some things to buy for a German Shepherd puppy, Beagles are a popular breed! He’s killed 3 armadillos like it was nothing when they were in our yard. The Black Mouth Cur is a versatile, all around working dog. The BMC marked pups were exceptionally smart, and the dark pups were so dumb they would get lost on the end of a leash.

I loved that dog. Stick with it. We rescued a BMC from Tennessee and And pet stores often buy their pups from these breeders to save money. When she’s in her crate and if one of the little dogs walk by her she’s more aggressive with them.

Well I’d no sooner started to talk then this beautiful fawn colored dog came over to me, he weighed about 35 Lbs and had a black muzzle that went on into his mouth and big,soulful brown eyes. Your email address will not be published. There are a lot of dog breeds out there. My BMC doesn’t care for other dogs, but she loves me to the moon and beyond! Rowdy comes from our Lazy SJ Lines that have been a part of our family's working line for decades. He has the black mouth, floppy ears, and a short dense soft coat. My name is Molly and a year after I lost my beloved Lizzie Belle a sweet heart of a Jack Russel Terrier I was finally ready for another dog in my life.

We love him so much! Any response will be greatly appreciated. It always ended bloodlessly, with the other dog quickly retreating in terror. I’m literally with her all day as I have chickens and ducks. 2013. I can provide pictures, and any information is helpful. These, The Airedoodle is a beautiful and unique hybrid dog with two. I found my dog five years ago under a car almost dead. This is possibly because most breeders breed for performance instead of looks.

Or just not enough interest in the breed! The vet says he’s under a year, weighed 60lbs, and in two months, now 80!

Using a harness hooked under the chin is best for walking. ."rosie"! Journal of Small Animal Practice. I want to get a trainer to work with us as I want to walk with him around this neighborhood where we live. She lives with multiple cats and is very solicitous toward them.

She had 11 puppies. She weighs 37 lbs at 10 mos., is that normal? How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog. It’s a work in progress.

They are active dogs anyway. 4 of the pups were BMC color, and the rest were the color and markings of the Dobbie/Rott mix female. Some rescues will even keep your information on file and contact you if a Black Mouth Cur shows up in their system.

Almost a Rusty miniature in looks, look for future crossings of her and Jackson Ranch's Rowdy.

And that’s been going on since I got her at 2 months old.

Noises that would spook the rest of the litter was a magnet to him. Don’t fool yourself into thinking an apartment or house without a yard/room to run will suffice. She has absolutely no bad habits at home–for example, she never touches my things, scratches at doors, or climbs on anything.

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Our dog is only 15″ to 16″ high very strong and moves so fast it is hard to keep her activity at bay (since she is still on heartworm treatment). I had a Doberman like that, he was sweet as could be to us, a fierce protector, but he would not go out in the rain. If I don’t feed her twice the “recommended” feeding of a 45 lb. Let me tell you his ears perked up, he looked at me, wagged his tail and I got more kisses. So there’s nothing to say it won’t happen in the future! The UKC has minimum heights set at 16 inches for females and 18 inches for males. They are tenacious and courageous, traits that make them ideal hunting and cattle dogs.

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