Photo by Craig Dominey. The historian on site at the time told me about them. My father was a Psychiatrist in the long term care division. d) Yes, you can enter the grounds on your own. If they got pregnant they were held until the baby was delivered and they never saw the baby again. Is this you? Another prominent Milledgeville physician named Dr. Thomas A Green was selected to be the second superintendent in 1845, and he built upon the “institution as family” model. It’s easy to get lost in the wabi-sabi beauty of these architectural curiosities as nature claims them, but their original purpose as places of confinement remains. Her name was Della Louisa “Dollie” Bridges/Shelton.

CSH was like a city with everything imagineable provided for patients and staff. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. I’ve already contacted the administrators at CSH and they say there are no surviving records of her, which is probably true considering the years she was there. Mr. and Mrs. Papa Williams. If so, who was your point(s) of contact? These trustees were only reimbursed for their everyday expenses, as it was felt that small salaries would not attract a high calibre of physician. Thank you in advance.

I grew up, became a nurse and worked there too.

hey there, thanks for the great blog entry! The first building officially opened on November 1, 1842.

Tillman Barnett is the name of the first patient admitted here in 1842. My g-grandmother was sent to Milledgeville around 1905 and died in 1952. Vanishing Georgia, Georgia Archives, Office of Secretary of State. Three indexes can be found at the end of this book. Doctors did not know what to do with him so they sent him there. Its crazy to hear about how bad it really was back in the day. Most of my family worked at the hospital and retired from there. We fought those illnesses and Demons together and we won in more ways than you could imagine. Tory Party I found tiny ripped out purses of the book with a single word on each as a secret way to sent a message as if he was afraid to get caught and the message being seen , I seen a spot where he wrote a ryme saying… I wish I had a nickle I wish I had a dime I wish I had a ginger cake to give that boy of mine…. Up until the early 19th century, mental illness was a misunderstood disease. He regularly ate with staff and patients, and abolished further physical restraints. The only time you’ll exit the trolley on this tour is at Cedar Lane Cemetery. My mother was a nurse here in the Arnold building. Supplies were scarce, and Dr. Green resorted to scouring the countryside for food and money, and selling off what little the hospital had for cash.

At one time, it was the largest institution of its kind in the world, first known as the Georgia State Lunatic Asylum. 3 Things Every Family Must Do in Florida’s Sports Coast, Fall & Winter Movie Magic at The Battery Atlanta.

Thank you, Sharon, Would you also perhaps be seeking first-hand accounts from the patients themselves? We also present a roundup of literary news every Friday and publish original fiction, poetry and nonfiction in our Southern Voice section.

The popularity of Central State as a Halloween destination has risen in recent years, and break-ins committed by ghost hunters and thrill seekers have led to increased security. The story about the slave grave is appauling and sad. She was given shock treatments repeatedly and drugged. I was so shocked when one patient I recognized was a middle school classmate who had been in the “special” class at Tubman Junior High in Augusta, Ga.. I have a good bit of history of the hospital — but need more detailed info of the day to day lives of patients and staff. He served until 1874. The psych students lived in the basement of the Jones Bldg where it was so hot we slept in our own sweat even with an electric fan blowing on us all night. Many patients claimed to have been “railroaded” into the institution by others, for various reasons.

I remember going to visit him at work and he would tell me about all the stories of CSH. One of her memories of being at Central State Hospital was whenever a patient attempted to run away from the hospital grounds, her mammy (a strong and hefty looking black woman) would always be there to comfort some of these poor and emotionally/mentally tortured souls with her open arms and soothe them, telling them everything was going to be okay and Jesus loved them so much because He had a soft spot for them too. You knew they weren’t talking about the charming, former state capital of Georgia with its grand antebellum homes and buildings, towering oak trees and vibrant universities. I was wondering if I can get a copy of her patient records. Please let me know. 30,000 people are buried on the grounds of Central State Hospital. The first patients came with a variety of mental disorders, from hallucinations brought about by religious fervor to paranoia, depression and alcoholism. Central State stands as a quiet counterpoint to such simulacrums. Martha, there are no plans as of now to tear the buildings down. Far from an uninteresting collection of nondescript structures on an unremarkable piece of land, a drive through the campus, with its rolling green space sheltered by a canopy of pecan trees, reveals something quite different. The original 40 acres was purchased for $4,000 which included a two-story structure, a well, vineyard, orchard and four acres of land for cultivation. What started as a pretty good idea in the early 1800’s turned into a concentration camp where murderers and rapists walked the halls and grounds and I’m not referring to just the patients. Central State Hospital Graves Representation, Milledgevile GA. Photo by John Kloepper. Many of the old buildings require some work, but most are sound enough to be repurposed. He was a good man who made a difference and was there at the time of JFK assissination when we were in a conference with a well known psychologist from NYC.

Generations of patients battling mental illness were cared for here, as were those with unusual personalities, quirks and the occasional young person who rebelled against society and authority. Patients ate the same good food that was provided for staff (and us nursing students.)

She received a BA in English/Creative Writing and an MFA in Screenwriting from Louisiana State University. The Nursing staff was very caring. At one time, it was the largest institution of its kind in the world, first known as the Georgia State Lunatic Asylum. He won a Peabody Award for his effort. Georgia granted he and many other Cuban doctors the opportunity to work as physicians at Milledgeville State Hospital while simultaneously completing their training and residency in Psychiatry. One particularly striking thing about Central State today is its eclectic collection of older brick buildings: three-story structures, some built in the late 1800s, that retain their strange appeal even as vines and limbs of nearby trees make their way inside through broken and cracked windows and holes in the rooftops. I shared a suite in the single staff dormitory with Ramon Boza who left Cuban through seeking asylum in a foreign embassy after learning that he was going to be arrested by the Castro government. Hoping it will give more insight on his final days and condition. MY WHOLE FAMILY MADE A LIVING THERE AND MOST ARE RETIRED FROM THERE. I never witnessed any abuse or mistreatment of any patient. Some local folks of Milledgeville have put together a haunted tour that takes place on Halloween that focuses. With improved medications, home treatment, construction of new facilities statewide and less stigma toward mental disabilities, the need for a massive and crowded institution like Central State Hospital died away and the population dropped dramatically. She was put there from her mean husband that decided he wanted to marry his x sister in law. I remember on the snow days we did have we would go out into the pecan field and roll down the hill(: I was diagnosed with a sch. As I was only 1-4 most of my memories are from pictures.

There is much more to the story that has yet to be told.


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