As a “real event” it was totally unbelievable because of these things.

But all in good heart. What was interesting to me, the voices that said “ We are God” ?lolololol are you for real?

I know the murderer’s of some these missing persons case, these missing people were my family. Everyone has their own beliefs. In reality, Nome is on the edge of a treeless flat expanse up against the Bering Sea in the middle of Alaska’s West Coast. These are alive beings who might be coming from a 5th dimension which would account for the time distortions and people who go out on a beam through a ceiling or window, are going through an opening in this dimension where there is no ceiling or window.

Marcus Lowth is a writer with a love for UFOs, aliens, and the Ancient Astronaut Theory, to the paranormal, general conspiracies and unsolved mysteries.

People who meditate call on a “higher self” or a spirit guide, this thing they are calling on is a demonic entity, which can actually give them peace, but steal their souls.

Jovovich says the film will also feature archival footage of the real Abigail Tyler. We sure must be aware of strange things happening at the end of time.

family witness?). it is a non fiction book author who spent his entire life studying the ancient puctures,writings…it explains how mankind out of no where.. we’re civilized and hence..Mesopotamia. I just watched the movie “The Fourth Kind” on HBO.. it was not the best movie/ Documentary.

And their spirit bodies were taken into the 4th dimension.

Why not juust film in Nome instead of all over the world? I do believe in God and the devil.

Third: The side by side parts of the film made it hard to understand what was going on and what was being said.

If we go by believing what we see, for me personally there is no doubt they r out there. For what might be going on in your spirit and/or your soul will place an effect on your body phyiscally and mentally. “People disappear over there and where are the bodies going? The stories, accounts, and discussion in this article are not always based on proven facts and may go against currently accepted science and common beliefs. There can be hours not accounted for in their memories.

Except that its gonna be a demon with sharp razor teeth. know yur history He researched UFOs with the US government, working with various Air Force sponsored studies including Project Sign (1947-49), Project Grudge (1949-52) and Project Bluebook (1952-69). I drive the Facebook group called UFO I MUST BELIEVE and I post only real photos and archives. Studies about hypnosis in spirituality suggests that hypnosis causes a hole in your soul (body) to open which can allow your spirit to leave your body, while connected with a golden thread, and of course while your body is open anything can possess it. There’s some pretty interesting facts that the film brings up that some of the legends in the bible were based off of stories that were around thousands of years before the bible was written. At the beginning of the movie, Milla Jovovich says. That’s because the Studio wants something to fall back on if the comments are linked to them. This civilization flourished over 6,000 years ago and is by all accounts the founder of language. The “news story” actually used the name of the Nome Nugget Editor, Nancy Maguire, in the byline. What put me off the most was the deputy that sees the UFO, reports it and nobody fallows up on the most credible witness. The only one that saw people being taken. Demons can lift people, demons can talk through people, demons can kill people and break their bones.
I agree…. Andrew you telling us that when u where 7 years old you already knew about demons? He was only 31 when he died. Their legs looked as those of aliens and their heads were those of an owl. There are no trees and no mountains. I become a person I could be proud of through belief. - Buy The Fourth Kind (2009) at a low price; free delivery on qualified orders. There will come a day when the 4th dimension won’t be hidden anymore and we will see everything and you’ll want to shoot your brains out like that other guy, but you won’t be able to. People who don’t believe in Religion or some grand design simply haven’t experienced any real life/death trauma – like a firefight – heart attack/ loss of a loved one or the rugged beauty of the natural world. Oh and when you do go to **** (with ur unbelief) you will get what u wished for which is ur **** getting sucked. This film is a dramatization of events that occurred in October 2000. in the mid ages witches, nowdays aliens, etc… I think that we all whenever we experience something ‘strange’ we should go first to a doctor/psychologist/psychiatrist and have a check up before starting thinking about possesions, or something alike. I liked that, but why couldn’t they translate except to make rubbish of any language. And just maybe the extraterrestrials came and took them for their own reasons of which we know not!!!! The Sheriff tries to arrest her, but Campos comes to her defense, seemingly confirming her story.

You’re more closed mined than a snake bitten evangelical from Appalachia. Look at the signs of the end time. It was later discovered that Universal Pictures had registered the domain name a month before the movie was released. came and I was sent to ER.

An investigation of an investigation of an investigation that has more questions than answers. There just isn’t that many people who are that stupid when all the evidence points to staged, fake, pushy, forceful, it’s true and believe what you will based on factual events the just are not.
We are not alone.

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