This very informative breeder has an excellent website that includes recommended products and courses regarding cockapoos, as well as pictures and information about its own dogs and puppies. Their dogs are very much involved in their daily lives, and are used to a variety of different environments. Shotley, Suffolk If you go to see a breeder and everything feels right then you will probably be happy going ahead with the purchase of your beautiful new Cockapoo puppy from them. If you want to do some futher reading check out the Cockapoo Owners Club UK website. A comprehensive website offering great information not only about the breed but about this particular Cockapoo breeder – Candyfloss Cockapoos – welcomes you to a clearly dedicated and friendly breeder with a passion for these delightful little dogs. Find another breeder or rescue an older dog, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and *Disclaimer – Do your own research into these breeders before you decide to use any. Jaruda Cockapoos invites potential owners to contact them – see the website here – and arrange a visit, where you will be introduced to the dogs and become aware of the way dogs are bred at this friendly and welcoming small breeder. Visitors are welcome by appointment – to arrange you should, They are more than happy to have you visit by appointment –, They are fully registered, vey inspected and approved, and the website includes a wealth of information on the dogs that they breed from and the puppies they have available. A gallery of beautifully presented dogs confirms the quality of their puppies, and they also have a useful feedback section of owners comments.

As established and knowledgeable breeders, they are also happy to answer any questions they have about the breed, so, All dogs are raised in the home – they have children so will be used to such – and are part of the family, and come with a puppy pack and will have had their first vaccinations. Cockapoo Breeders by UK Region (Scotland, England, N Ireland, Wales) Finding a good cockapoo breeder near you is perhaps one of the first priorities for all future cockapoo owners. They raise their dogs and puppies as part of the family, so puppies will be used to a family environment, and the website has a handy FAQ section to help potential owners with any questions they may have. Also, some breeders will give you a useful pack with all of the paperwork and certificates together with something that has the scent of their mother on it. ​Contact: Sophie      Tel:  07796 718088     E-mail:, Folkingham, Lincolnshire Email:, Chichester, West Sussex I am inviting all the Cockapoo breeders UK to display their information here. Select to View. Lolas son. Contact: Jack  Tel: 07860 765337   Email:, Derby Join Facebook groups, read reviews and if something doesn’t seem right then find another breeder*. ​Contact: Sam         Email:, Tavistock, Devon. Be sure to find out what the terms of the contract are if you are going to be signing one. Please note that the above CCGB approved and registered cockapoo breeders are those that list a, list of CCGB registered cockapoo breeders here. Fully Licenced and Vetted Cockapoo Breeder by Bournemouth Council (MAU160696) Puppy Waiting List. Can’t say enough how professional the setup is, our Cockapoo Luna has had a great start in life. Another smaller hobby breeder, Jaruda Cockapoos is located in Chichester, West Sussex, and has a reputation for beautiful dogs that are healthy and vibrant. All dogs are raised in the home – they have children so will be used to such – and are part of the family, and come with a puppy pack and will have had their first vaccinations. With full accreditation as a reputable and respected breeder, they have supplied dogs to many satisfied owners. Mr Monroe. They are more than happy to have you visit by appointment – check out the website for information – and the site includes testimonials from owners. For more detailed Health Testing information, - this symbol denotes that the breeder is entitled to breed up to 2 litters of puppies within a 12 month period. Now that you know how important it is to source your beautiful Cockapoo from a reputable breeder, here’s a list of the Cockapoo breeders who are registered with the Cockapoo Club of Great Britain (CCGB), so that you have complete peace of mind your new puppy is from a reliable source. If you want to ask them about their dogs, or arrange a visit to meet them.

Market Rasen-based Woodlands Cockapoos have been breeding dogs for more than 40 years, and welcome visitors by appointment. You can also ask whether they are microchipped and how accustomed they are to noise, to children and to other dogs. ​ Animal Welfare Licence: DB001    Issued By: Rugby Borough Council     Award: 5 Star Rugby, Warwickshire I have been studding and breeding since the year 2000. Look at what Digby can do at 9 weeks old. In fact, you should probably look on this as being a sign that the breeder is doing a great job and should be more highly trusted. scottish cockapoos. Contact Jane:  Tel: 07914 496062            Email:, Skegness, Lincs breeders of f1, f2 and f1b cockapoo's creams, chocolate and black. The husband and wife team who run Tiddybrook,  West Devon based cockapoo breeders, have many decades of experience in breeding a variety of dogs. Thanks for your help. Faithful Friends, of Malmesbury in Wiltshire, is a dedicated cockapoo breeder with more than ten years of experience with this breed, and they aim to produce a litter every 16 months. Ethical Breeders of Fully Health Tested Cockapoo Puppies. An informed and entertaining blog serves to confirm that this is a breeder with a dedicated love of the cockapoo, and you can register if you wish to receive updates and information. If the set-up doesn’t convince then it is worth checking out somewhere else to be able to compare the two. It’s was well worth the 7 hour round trip. For more information, please read our privacy policy. Registered breeders are inspected and licensed by the local authorities, meaning that you can feel more confident about the quality of their premises and the health of their dogs. Here is a list of approved Cockapoo breeders UK offering Cockapoo puppies for sale. As a responsible cockapoo breeder in the UK, you can rest assured that all our cockapoo puppies are microchipped, wormed regularly from two weeks of age, treated for ear mites and fleas and are fully vaccinated with both courses of Versican Plus L4 before our puppies leave us from 10 weeks of age.

This is great when it comes to making a good choice but maybe you will feel that their way of working is a bit too commercial and business-like for your taste. Contact: Eileen         Tel: 07917 844942     E-mail:, Animal Welfare Licence: LN/000000705   Issued by: Mid Suffolk DC   Award: 4 Star Therefore, you shouldn’t be offended if you are asked some questions that are designed to make sure that you are going to give your new Cockapoo a great home. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. The website includes plenty of information on cockapoos – and the other breeds they are involved in – and features plenty pictures of the dogs, as well as information about the breeding parent animals. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. No member may breed 3 litters or more a year unless they have a current Council Breeding License permitting them to … Contact: Rachel         Tel: 07840 704567   Email:, Malmesbury, Wiltshire We are interested in an adult dog, rather than a puppy. Indeed, even when you fall in love with the first puppy that you see it can make sense to carry on looking around at other breeders before making your final decision on the matter. Based in Lynton, Devon, this is clearly a breeder that takes a great interest and a lot of care in making sure its puppies are fully health checked and ready to go, and the well-organised website is a great source of information.

To get started you can ask them about the parents, whether they are healthy and whether you can see them together with the puppies. Please note that the above CCGB approved and registered cockapoo breeders are those that list a  website address. However even if a single litter has all of its puppies advertised and sold then the breeder is deemed to be in the 'business of breeding' and should legally obtain a, Animal Welfare Licence: AWL0080    Issued by:  East Lindsey DC    Award: 5 Star, Animal Welfare Licence: AWL025       Issued By: West Lindsey DC      Award: 5 Star, AWL0111   Issued by: East Lindsey DC    Award: 4 Star. Would it be correct that the breeder will not allow me to visit prior to collecting ( an unchosen ) puppy and paying a deposit and then final payment in advance of the collection, No, that does not sound right. If this is the case then your next question should be around whether you will be signing a formal contract once you hand over the money. They are registered with the CCGB, have had the premises inspected, and signed up to a code of ethics that includes minimum health testing requirements. Contact: Melissa   Tel: 01277 627293 or 07867 337281 The welcoming and, Availability of dogs is listed on the website – have, Jaruda Cockapoos invites potential owners to contact them –, The Horsham, West Sussex breeder Rackenford Cockapoos provides full details of the health testing of their dogs on the website – a useful slice of information for any potential owner – and is known for beautiful puppies bred from Lottie, an, The breeder provides a full package to buyers including initial vaccinations, microchipping and registration, plus a four week insurance deal and a small supply of food and more –.

If so, is there paperwork to back this up and to let you know the exact dates? Contact: Lydia    Tel: 07854 118594       Email:, Lynton, Devon Contact: Jo Wright  Tel: 07912 945338  Email: ​, ​Contact: Jessica Reynolds   Tel: 07951092743    Email:, Animal Welfare Licence:  AWL0111   Issued by: East Lindsey DC    Award: 4 Star, ​Contact: Heather   Tel: 07974 767707      Email:, Wisbech, Norfolk

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