This gave a flick of the needle which was disconcerting but sometimes had to be lived with. The transducers are a sort of rheostat I suppose, so probably similar to the one in the video. It is electrically operated, being available for 12 or 24 volts, and gives readings which are independent of voltage fluctuations and a clear indication of … To use the original bulbs a set of transistors is needed for teh current and voltage required. Returning to the pilot's station the infamous E2 compass sits in the direct vision of the pilot. Sounds like you actually know more about the indicators than I do! Regarding finding a way to make the Flightgear software talk with the Arduino, you soon find out that there are many ways to skin a cat. I was recently asked about wiring up a Desynn indicator by a mechanical engineer who is not so conversant with electrical wiring. Receiving its data from the Green Satin radar and the G4 compass it was a mechanical computer marvel. Radio Altimeters of various marks were fitted on certain marks and the altimeter was always fitted on the pilot's panel. products & activities of the Rochester site. The motor is conencted to the needle mechanism via a slipping clutch. Oxygen stop valves were accessible to the crew on both port and starboard sides of the rear crew station to isolate the high pressure system should a leak occur in the cockpit. Emergency oxygen was supplied courtesy of Martin Baker should the unthinkable happen. The high pressure charging point was located, just for reference purposes, in the starboard side hatch. A clever differentiation on a critical instrument. I started off simply by using basic two-terminal moving coil gauges. - 18th September 2017 at 23:44. our legal basis to use your information, your rights and who you can contact, The transducers are a sort of rheostat I suppose, so probably similar to the one in the video. Hi The motor will always need to rotate to hold the pointer still against the spring, the faster it rotates, the greater the pointer position, the slower the motor rotates, the lower the pointer position. The current taken by the system in the video is shown on the left hand display of the power supply - it looks like 50 to 60mA at 24V and around 10mA at 4.8V. If the issue worries you, you can lower the supply voltage, as you can see in the video the voltage range can be quite wide. Ideally you'd use a Mega as it offers much more I/O count, or a series of smaller boards (perhaps ATTiny85 based on an I2C network). This gave a flick of the needle which was disconcerting but sometimes had to be lived with. This video shows a little test routine I wrote for the Arduino which gives them a full scale sweep on start-up.

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