I only upgraded to a smartphone from my old fliphone in 2016 because I needed a better texting feature and picture resolution for my job, otherwise I'd still be using a fliphone). Della wrestles with coming home and finally meeting her children just in time for them to start drifting away from her.

He meant every word he said because he was Scrooge McDuck and Della found that as terrifying as it was comforting. Not that he had told anyone. "Wait a moment lass! ", Donald shook his head "Oh I guess I forgot to tell you...I don't adventure anymore-".

There are tense feelings between Louie and his mom after she grounds him. The housekeeper gave her the cup (it was tea, her favorite black raspberry to be specific) and wrapped the blanket around her shoulders, tucking it in various places with expert skill to prevent it from slipping off and provide maximum comfort. Don't even try to tell me that losing Della didn't break him. Della slammed the door "Man I missed him"She turned her attention back to Huey and Dewey "So it looks like I am in need of a new partner...Huey, Dewey, what do you say?

Your review has been posted. Throughout season one, Dewey puts in all of this effort to find out what happened to their mom, his brothers are upset with him for keeping what he's learned a secret, and all three of them are extremely upset with Scrooge for playing a part in their mom not being a part of their lives. This was not something to convey over the phone. She was young and made mistakes. Scrooge sighed heavily, "There's really nothing to thank me for. She closed her eyes and the tears finally fell down her cheeks with a choked sob escaping her throat. After the Battle for Earth, a certain tumultuous temptress appeared at the back of the crowd, and a thousand Scroldie after credits scenes were born. Lots of theories abound on who Huey, Dewey, and Louie's dad is and with good reason. Summery: Scrooge, Huey, Dewey and Della seek out the treasure of Niagara Falls and it's not as easy as Della had hoped. "He doesn't know anything's up. He'll just freak out if you tell him.". ", He reached out to grab her shoulders, looking downright alarmed. She took a few steps in the direction of the stairs to the bedrooms, paused, doubled back, and kissed Uncle Scrooge on the cheek. The last one just turned out to be fatal. Who knows? Della very nearly blushed out of embarrassment and ducked her head down to stare at her drink as she muttered, "A hug?". ", Now Scrooge was the one thinking. "Why does Huey get to go with mom? Della had finally run out of words to say, but not tears to shed and her final admission renewed their flow with vigor. A heavy silence descended between uncle and niece following her words. With all of this mom-secret-searching going on, it's natural to think that their dad would be a subject of interest too, but no. ", He muttered something that sounded like 'Cheaper these days than ten years ago' (3), but then said more audibly, "Okay, Della. Is there anything else I can get you to make you more comfortable?" "Maybe so, but your idea of damage control is a lot more than what most people can do for even their daughters, and I'm just your niece.".

Most of the time whenever aircraft was involved, Della always insisted on being the pilot. "You know something..uncle Donald is right, we're not only there to have a good time but we're there to help Scrooge and mom on their quest.". Her eyes were narrowed hatefully at the front door she'd just slammed shut and tears welled in the corners of her eyes. Scrooge asked, sounding pleasantly surprised. ", Della laughed half-heartedly. If you have more ideas let me know these are a really fun! "Thank you, Uncle Scrooge," she said as she sat up wiping her eyes. When he sat down on it, their knees were nearly touching. "Not at first, and this would be easier if he had," Della mumbled through gritted teeth and the tears that she'd been fighting back finally pricked at her eyes again. She was active and restless. Be careful of what you say, children will listen. I could hardly believe it… I'd expected the worst and I got the best. The four of them left within the hour. "He was that lazy deadbeat bumming off his folks' finances to pay his way into college without exerting any effort into his own- wait…" he stopped mid-rant and stared critically down at her. Scrooge teased. "Della yelled out the door. It was a wonderful feeling.

Well Louie was done with his family who chastised his … Let me know if you have any requests Dm me or leave it in the reviews. Ten months ago. I kinda let it run away from a little at the end with the parental fluff. She was young and made mistakes. Louie struggles with poorly packed supplies while Della struggles with the weight of her meticulously planned adventure as it crashes down around her. Her prayers were answered. While planning another trip to Big Rock Candy Mountain, Huey falls sick and is forced to stay at home. "Are you kidding? Mrs. Beakley eventually pulled away and Della thanked her again. Oh yeah. "Maybe…?" With those parting words, Scrooge hung up and so did she, but without the phone to distract her, the memories and her own hurt feelings rushed to the forefront and she shut her eyes tight against them. ", If only it had been that simple. The last one just turned out to be fatal. She'd nearly forgotten that before she and Donald had been dropped off at Scrooge's mansion when they were ten years old, Uncle Scrooge had been a prickly, reclusive old man that hadn't talked to the family in decades, and nobody had been keen to try and reach out to him either. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (4), Dewey Duck & Donald Duck & Huey Duck & Louie Duck (4), Della Duck & Dewey Duck & Huey Duck & Louie Duck (3), B.O.Y.D. The world has changed greatly since then, some of it for the better, and I don't love you any less for being egg gravid out of wedlock. She made her choices and each one had a consequence. When Dewey had been able to read that poster and Louie had still not been able to even after squinting, he had understood what might have been the reason. "I'm sorry, Della. COMPLETED.

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