Natalya responded that there was a possibility, so the transmitter on the antenna must be destroyed. Thanks to all of you who are already members; your support is truly invaluable. Alec may be a Bond villain for the 90s, but he’s still got that old habit of eschewing easy and fast murder for a complicated and dramatic death plan.In this case it’s strapping Bond inside the Tiger helicopter, with Natalya - captured after making contact with the traitorous Boris - yelling at him to wake up and help. Their fight is brutal, and winds up vertical, with both men dangling from the antenna (courtesy of green screen compositing for the first time in a Bond film). I ran and ran, faster and faster, leaving my family behind me on the trail.

... - I shoot Xenia and she dies. She then watched Ourumov and Xenia take the three keys that launch the weapon and use them to activate one of the weapon satellites Petya with it's location being Severnaya itself, before fleeing the scene taking the keys with them.
Natalya, knowing that Boris would be on a computer somewhere, sent a spike to his system and discovered that he was hiding North of Havana, Cuba. She had just finished when the guards caught her and took her to Trevelyan who by this time had caught Bond as well. In Cuba, Bond and Natalya travel together in an aeroplane, but are shot down by a Janus missile. The matching overalls and hard hats of villains gone by are no more, replaced no doubt by manila folders and novelty coffee mugs. Natalya must hack into it and change the coordinates which are currently set to fire on London.

Meddings died while in post-production on the film and it is dedicated to him. Love that I'm able to read this in your voice. Afterwards they travelled to Cuba where they were greeted by a friend of Bond's named Jack Wade who gave them a plane and also warned them that Trevelyan knows that they were coming. While Bond went to work cutting a hole in the train's inch-thick plating, Natalya made use of a nearby computer terminal to triangulate the location of her former coworker Boris Grishenko, who was working for Trevelyan.
The sequences involving the armoured train were filmed on the Nene Valley Railway, near Peterborough in the UK. Train is generally considered to be the toughest level in the game to speedrun and Henrik being on his way to a 300 point sweep, with this untied the crown jewel, is absolutely insane. 00 Agent Train Level, Cracking the secret password. Meanwhile due to Bond's sabotage of the antenna, the Mischa satellite went out of control and exploded in space much to Boris' dismay. Again, the whole thing is inventive. Alec and Xenia get away in a helicopter, giving Bond “six minutes” before the train blows. They were smuggled out of Russia by Jack Wade, who gave Natalya the disguise and fake passport of a 15 year old schoolgirl. Also, I assume all the waiting around at the end is unavoidable, but how does the end of the level trigger exactly? GoldenEye 007 (1997 game). Cut to Bond sweeping Natalya off her feet to get into a chopper, a somewhat strange closing titles song, and BOOM. On board Natalya met Trevelyan who told her about his past friendship with Bond and then sexually harassed her to which Natalya angrily gave him a hard slap calling him a Svinya (the Russian word for a Pig). Alec is surprised to see Natalya pop up from behind the pilot in the helicopter gunship he radioed to help him; Bond manages to utilise that to flip him off balance and grab him by the foot. 'Natalya Abuse': Funny Ways To Die - GoldenEye 007 - YouTube I didn’t chose the Jon Snow life, the Jon Snow life chose me. It’s Onatopp who turns out to be the contact for the meeting with Janus. The dish was actually the Arecibo Observatory in Pueurto Rico, which unfortunately is not in great shape right now after a cable snapped and shredded part of the dish. I could watch/listen to that all day. I watched Karl Jobst stream his Dam Agent runs and he seemed to be getting 0:53-pace runs every other attempt.

Menu. Bond and Natalya travel to Cuba, after Boris is traced to a location within the island's jungles. Again, a quick mention of Alec, that guy from the start. She pulls rank on Commander Bond by leaving with an Admiral, but Bond observes from a distance. Eventually the Ferrari spins out, and having built up an appetite, Bond reveals a chilled bottle of Bollinger and moves his “evaluation” to the “practical” stage, that is, hint hint, “sex”. They landed safely, but the impact knocked them both unconscious.

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