Guest Press to log in. Vehicle ID List - GTA Wiki, the Grand Theft Auto Wiki - GTA IV, San Andreas, Vice City, cars, vehicles, cheats and more. Über uns open like "Notepad" (textual document, TXT), VEH@STD_LO1_LO1, _LO2_LO2, _LO3_LO3, _LO4_LO4, _LO5_LO5, _LE1_RI1, _RI2_LE2, _DF8, _RI1, _RI3, _XX_RI1, _XX_RI2, _RI1_LO1, _RI2_LO2, _RI3_LO3, _FO1, VEH@LOW_INFERNUS, _CONV, _LE1_RI1, _LE2_RI2, _LU1_RI1, _LU2_RI2, _HI_HI, _HI2_HI2, _HI3_HI3, _HI4_HI4, _XX_LO1, VEH@TRUCK_BA_XX, _LE1_RI1, _LO1_LO1, _PHANTOM. This page was last modified on 7 July 2018, at 12:51. These files are in human readable text format, and allow the # character to comment lines out. Each type of vehicle has its own format. These vehicle ID numbers are used for several vehicle scripting functions.   - install carcols.dat Cookies If the "WheelID" is -1, the game will scale the wheel collision, but NOT the wheel model. The second archive (the "parent") virtually extends the first one. Click the "History" button to see the full list of authors.
When it is raining, vehicle will spawn with its first extra. file "vehicles.ide", OPEN Lua table of all the valid vehicle IDs listed on this page 7. now Add/Replace cars automatically by using the San Andreas Mod Installer V1.1 San Andreas Mod Installer (SAMI) allows you to install mods and custom vehicles made for GTA San Andreas without having to edit the game files yourself. Peds can be assigned to drive classes of vehicle in the peds section of the IDE file. This page is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation Licence.

Name: Hydra: FCR-900: NRG-500: HPV-1000: Vehicle ID: 520: 521: 522: 523: Preview Privacy Wikis. The following are raw data and stats of vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas based on the handling.cfg file in the game data directory. Kontakt However there are some different textures and models. Note: There must be animation frames for each sub object, also the collision model remains static - no solid animations. The wheels.dff and wheels.txd are present but not used. (CTRL+F), mark yourself row and put in there carriage return. 233zxcvbnm, 256, 2B NieR Automata, Ahmetcan41, Ale1990TA, aliann34, Avtosh, AzureWolf07, Bardash_Yankee, batuhan4141, BossCVL, DalviN, dukezofhellz, EXDEATH, EzequielPazVavrik, fiorello91, grek1986, GTAPLYZ, GTAV06, harshal.rane05, hattyxid, hju570, hosseinkhan, InvOrange, jadinho, jasonernest98, krow, MaskedOfficer, MasterCiano, medicalweeds, MousaSalah2020, MrFinger, Nariman-Edit, negroman34, Noga, olandezul, pmrlib098, qaus80, ramtin_j, raulande-12, RealZolika1351, russiancallgirlss, Sanninal, Seba147Mods, Sentryandreas, SerbianMods, sergeikrusminov, Shiro26, Simon Danzel, Simple Cars, SINCAN1, Stewardert5555, The10Dropper, TheBlueFish1900, TikuwaTEC, trainman, Tupeee12, Usakli, vviniciuscaun, woz, xt3, zoys1, News Archive Ped and Car Paths, defines paths relative to the objects.   - GTA CZECH FORUM FAQ   - Hidden Packages (1) By default all cars are defined inside the \common\data\vehicles.ide file. [CLEO] Car Spawner in game Premium #16: Lista patch GTA 4 #17: Backup hud.txd #18: Emulatore - Emulator Controller X360 #19: XLiveLess 0.999 B7 #20: San Andreas IMG Tool 2.0 #21: Main.scm e Script.img originali #22: TrafficLoad vFinale (.asi) #23: OpenIV v1.4 #24: Salvataggio San Andreas 100% v2.00 #25: Dragon Ball Mod - Vegeta damaged parts, usually 1 (integer) -, object flag, defining special behavior, default 0 (integer), Lower Left vertex local position of a model bounding box, Upper Right vertex local position of a model bounding box, the model dictionary file that contains the LOD model for the defined Modelname, object flags, defining special behavior, default 0 (integer), deactivation time in game hours (integer), The threat of the ped as defined in the ped.dat file, The behavior of the ped as defined in the pedstats.dat file, The type of animation being used on the ped for movements, The class of vehicle that the ped will drive, Name corresponding to its handling data in the, Frequency of the vehicle spawning randomly on the streets, ID number of LOD model, can be any valid vehicle model, Appropriate animation file mainly used on bikes, associated to existing object ID defined in, X, Y, and Z coordinates relative to the center of the object, color of the light and everything associated it in RGB format, corona associated to the light defined in, shadow associated to the light?, usually "shad_exp", view distance of the light, is limited by the draw distance of the host object, the range the light can cast on objects, cars, and peds, the size of the corona, can be a float or integer, size 0 means no visible corona but effect of light still visible, the range the light can cast on the ground, IDE flag, only the time-dependent flags are usable, sets the particle to be "reflective" on wet grounds, sets the particle to create a lens flare on the screen, similar to what the sun does, sets the intensity of light reflecting off dust, values 4 to 7 have visible effects, rotation of ped when animation is playing. Nutzungsbedingungen Imprint, 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black Series [Add-On | Tuning | LODs | Extras | Template], download a favored car from our file database, copy the .dff- and .txd-files to your desktop or another place where you can find them, File -> Open -> C:/Programs/Rockstar Games/GTA San Andreas/models/gta3.img.
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