There are tons of Keepsakes in Hades, and each offers you something … Hermes –gives Zagreus’ more mobility, attack speed, evasion, and cast recovery. Since it’s an Aspect of Zagreus, the blood investment is relatively small and what you get for that investment is very good. If not for that, this weapon would be a little lower, but that build is very fun and somewhat silly so I feel like this weapon deserves to get bumped up a tier among the best Hades aspects. His blessings have +10/15/20% chance to be Rare or better. Acorn is a great option for Styx. I’d focus on upgrading these Keepsakes first, before grinding through the various Olympian-gifted Keepsakes to give yourself the greatest chances of Rare or Epic Boons (which you can learn much more about by perusing our Hades Boons guide!). Will consider in styx if i have less boons than normal, need poms, and am full on defiances/health. But bear in mind that if you switch away from a Keepsake at a certain point during a run, you cannot reequip that same Keepsake again in the same run. Hydreigon is a powerful special attack sweeper who can mow down enemy teams, so it’s […], This article will show you all of the XCOM Chimera Squad Cherub Abilities. Refreshes after 7 Sec. How to Get Keepsakes. Each arm has four aspects, which together makes up for a rather impressive amount of weapons. Copyright © 2020 by Gaming News Boom. Because of its popularity, the players want to know the various tier lists of Hades. The shackle. The next Boon you find will be from Athena. I was gonna say I was reading that and im like - How damn hard is it just to slap on an aphrodite or really pretty much any other % boon?

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The next Boon you find will be from Athena. Revenge boons would be fun to focus on more. Be sure to check out more Hades Game Guides, check out the Main Page for everything the site has to offer and click here to subscribe to my new Bright Rock Media YouTube channel where I’m posting game reviews, site updates and occasionally some other types of content. The next Boon you find will be from Zeus. Black Shawl. Deal 120/130/140% damage while at 30% Health or below. Taken on its own it sits around the middle of the pack in terms of the best Hades aspects.

The downside, of course, is that its attack is extremely slow, but some of that slowness can be mitigated by mastering its somewhat unique ability to dash in between the hits in its attack string. Her blessings have +10/15/20% chance to be Rare or better. Continue this thread On the other hand, if you're doing so poorly that you need Patrocles that badly, well... Good point! Like Eris, it’s in the middle of the pack in terms of the best Hades aspects. Stand by it not being very useful otherwise though. At that point I've either been taking acorn or spearpoint. Video: Does Cloud Gaming Work On The Nintendo Switch? Other than that, the Artemis/Aphrodite keepsakes are also pretty great, as is Zeus for specifically rail.

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