The areas which are ruled by the house where the planet is placed are influenced by the energy of that planet and its meaning in a certain sign of the Zodiac. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. This placement of Neptune often makes the person overly dramatic in expressing their emotions, and they desire their partner to be as expressive as they are. Most important are the houses with planets because they show the focus of attention and action. This planet is a not too clear mirror that reflects the energies received from different other celestial bodies. When Neptune is in 5th house in synastry, this is often a sign of romantic feelings between the partners, but their relationship is often filled with issues of Neptune nature.

Every house has its own areas or rulership and by analyzing the ruling planet of the house and the planets placed inside (when there are planets), the astrologer can find out any information regarding the matters of that particular house.

In the birth chart, committed relationships belong to the seventh house, so this house will give you more information about how your relationships unfold. If a person gets into intimate problems and worries of love, he may morbidly enhance erotic aspect of existence. This house and the planets inside give the astrologer details about the person’s romantic life and their likely choice of romantic partners. It is important to give themselves time to get to know them before allowing them to become close. Obviously, the aspects in which Neptune is with other planets matters a lot when talking about the traits individuals with Neptune in 5th house have. by Simona | Nov 18, 2018 | 2 comments. It is not a favourable position for any who have not definitely decided to choose platonic love in preference to the ordinary love attachments. Home » 12 Astrology Houses » Neptune in Fifth House in Vedic Astrology. For these people, physical intimacy is not as important as emotional closeness, and they need to feel that first with a person before they can become intimate with them. Natives having Neptune in 5 th house are talented actors, or they just love going to the movies and the theater. she falls through the night like liquid night, a creative essence stirred from the bewitched dream state, when the inner child laughs, heaven appears on earth, it is a reunion with eternity….

These little ones will be fantasizing all the time, and not really care about everyday issues. It is emotional and sensitive, while also can develop psychic abilities and be highly intuitive.

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