The Hawk 102 was delivered to Abu Dhabi, the Hawk 103 to Oman, the Hawk 108 to Malaysia, the Hawk 109 to Indonesia, the Hawk 115 to Canada (as the CT-155 Hawk) and the Hawk 129 to Bahrain. The Hawk is still in production in the UK and under licence in India by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), with over 900 Hawks sold to 18 operators around the world. [2][3], The prototype aircraft XX154 first flew on 21 August 1974 from Dunsfold piloted by Duncan Simpson, Chief Test Pilot of HSA (Kingston), reaching 20,000 ft in a flight lasting 53 minutes. Numerous airstrikes were conducted in support of the Congolese Army against Rwandan, Ugandan and rebel forces in 1998–2000. [36], The Hawk subsequently replaced the English Electric Canberra for target towing duties. [16] The Hawk Mk. [114], The Hawk 128 is the new Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT) for the RAF and Royal Navy. The LIFT benefits from development carried out for the Australian Mk. The Ministry of Defence awarded a Design and Development Contract to BAE Systems on 22 December 2004. Year Of Deepening Unease For Security Forces In Zimbabwe. [21][22] The T-6Cs are expected to remain in service with the RNZAF for 30 years. 132 formally entered service with the Indian Air Force (IAF),[58] after one of the most protracted procurements in India's history, two decades having elapsed between the initial interest and the contract signing on 26 March 2004. 127 and the South African Mk. Testing the top speed of Litehawk Baja stock with no upgrades on a street! The first eight aircraft, purchased by the Government of Iraq, will arrive at Tikrit by the end of January 2010. ", "BAe in Hawk building talks with South Africa. 51s in 1980;[45] these aircraft were built in Finland under licence by Valmet. [2] A similar arrangement between Pilatus and British Aerospace had also been in place for a Royal Air Force competition in the 1980s, although that competition selected the Short Tucano. [27] Some export customers, such as Malaysia, have extensive modifications to their aircraft, including the addition of wingtip hardpoint stations and a fittable inflight refuelling probe.[28]. [118] These aircraft are powered by the Rolls-Royce Adour Mk 871 engine. This provided the Hawk 100 with a top speed of 644 miles per hour with a 44,500 feet service ceiling. A retired field archaeologist and university lecturer, he has a background in the history of science, technology, and medicine with a particular emphasis on aerospace, military, and cybernetic subjects. [15], On 13 May 2014, the US State Department approved an order for 24 T-6C aircraft for use as trainers by the Iraqi Air Force. A modified wing with a fixed leading edge drop, longer running flaps and Sidewinder wingtip missile functionality was introduced as was Hands-on-Throttle-and-Stick (HOTAS) support and a more powerful Rolls-Royce Adour 871 series turbofan engine. "[11] By early 1998, a total of 734 Hawks had been sold, more than 550 of which had been sold to export customers. Missile developer and manufacturer MBDA may provide their ASRAAM and Brimstone missiles to arm the new attack type.

[54][55] In 2011, Finnish Mk. [34], The Hawk entered RAF service in April 1976, replacing the Folland Gnat and Hawker Hunter for advanced training and weapons training. [4], In October 2017, the Argentine Air Force received the first four of 12 T-6C+ aircraft purchased from Textron Aviation[5] and a further two in June 2018. [1], This project was funded by the company as a private venture, in anticipation of possible RAF interest. Canada accepted the Hawk Mk 115 between 2000 and 2001 when Bombardier purchased 19 examples for NATO pilot flight training at NFTC. [53], On 23 February 2008, the Hawk Mk. [6], Another export version, replacing the Hawk 50, intended for conversion and weapons training. 132 is an export variant of the Hawk and was previously known as the Mk. The sale was worth US$790 million and was part of a larger one billion dollar deal. [10], The Hellenic Air Force operates 25 T-6A and 20 T-6A NTA aircraft. The Hawk is operational in two very distinct variants, the Hawk T.Mk 1 (and very similar Mk 1A) and T.Mk 2. [8] They are leased to the Royal Canadian Air Force by the program's administrator, CAE. Work to upgrade the RAAF's Hawks to a standard similar to the Hawk 128 standard began in 2014, and it is planned that the two squadrons will begin operations with these aircraft in 2017. ", "First SA-assembled Hawk completes maiden flight. In RAFAT service the Hawk T1 is modified with a smoke generation system, while minor changes to the engine controls enable a more immediate throttle response to that of the standard aircraft. [103][104], A two-seat advanced weapons trainer with additional avionics, an optional forward-looking infrared camera, a redesigned wing and hands-on stick-and-throttle controls.[111].

[83] In July 1982, at least one Hawk was destroyed on the ground and three more heavily damaged during a dissident attack on Thornhill air base, Gweru. We do not sell any of the items showcased on this site. If this video get 15 likes I will upload a video of the car crashing! [85] AFZ Hawks played a decisive role in the defense of Kinshasa during the early days of the war. The result of a joint internally funded project by BAE Systems and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, the Advanced Hawk, which made its public debut at Aero India 2017 in Bangalore in February, is designed to fill this gap. The next generation Hawks (120, 127 and 128) feature a new wing, forward and centre fuselage, fin and tailplane. "Celebrating 35 years of Hawk in Finland. [53] Due to lifespan limitations, 41 out of 67 in Finland's total Hawk fleet were taken out of service between 2012–2016; the remaining aircraft are younger and thus are expected to be flying into the 2030s. ", "Saudi Arabia orders more Hawk jet trainer aircraft", "Saudi Arabia rolls-out first domestically built Hawk jet trainer", "UK backed millions in loans for Zimbabwe jets. Students are put at the controls of the latest radar, weapons systems and defensive aids simulation technology, providing a unique ‘brain training’ environment to prepare them for life in the cockpit of new and next generation combat jets like the Typhoon and F-35. The Advanced Hawk prototype is currently undergoing further flight testing and analysis. [56][57] This upgrade program was completed in 2013. According to the Ministry of Defence, the planned out-of-service date for the Hawk T1 is 2030, with the aircraft selected to meet the requirements of the Air Support to Defence Operational Training (ASDOT) programme beginning to replace the Hawk from 2027. The design was conceived of as having tandem seating and a combat capability in addition to training, as it was felt the latter would improve export sales potential.

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