Fort Hood would train and deploy troops to the conflict in Vietnam, and later in Southwest Asia for support of missions like Operation Desert Shield. Fort Hood is the U.S. Army post which is home to III Corps and First Army Division West. [citation needed], In January 1975, the 1st Cavalry Division was reorganized, as the Army's newest armored division. [39], Recently several soldiers supported by Under the Hood have taken public acts of resistance, including Amnesty International prisoner of conscience[40] Travis Bishop.[41][42][43].

[citation needed], From 23 December 1972, to 19 January 1973, elements of the 13th Support Brigade deployed to the 1972 Nicaragua earthquake to assist in disaster relief serving at Camp Christine, Managua, Nicaragua. But in 1961, Fort Hood and III Corps were together again.

[citation needed], Since the early 1970s, Fort Hood has played a major role in the training, testing, and introduction of new equipment, tactics, and organizations. 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 4ID. In the spring of 2004, the 1st Cavalry Division followed the 4th Infantry Division deploying to Iraq. The 1st Cavalry became the first division to field the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, the Humvee, the Multiple Launch Rocket System and Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) tactical communications. [4] Camp Hood was retained postwar as an armored training center and on 15 April 1950 was officially renamed Fort Hood as a result of its permanent status.[6]. Fort Hood officially became a permanent Army installation in 1951, and is home to III Corps and The First Cavalry Division, as well as many tenant units. Fort Hood is a United States Army post located in Killeen, Texas.Named after Confederate General John Bell Hood, it is located halfway between Austin and Waco, about 60 miles (97 km) from each, within the U.S. state of Texas.The post is the headquarters of III Corps and First Army Division West and is home to the 1st Cavalry Division and 3rd Cavalry Regiment, among others. For every one hundred females over the age of eighteen there were 209.4 males. Abdo was sentenced to life in prison for the plot. During this period, the 4th Armored Division was reactivated and deployed to Germany as part of the "Gyroscope" concept of unit movement.

Camp Hood was named in February for the Confederate General John Bell Hood, who commanded Hood's Texas Brigade during the American Civil War,[4] part of a series of new training camps named for distinguished military leaders together with Camps Carson, Campbell and Atterbury. The 4th Infantry Division Museum closed at Fort Hood for the last time on 29 May 2009 to complete its move to Colorado although most of the outdoor pieces remained at Fort Hood as part of the new 3CR Museum.[45]. All new arrivals are directed to check-in at the Copeland Soldier Service Center, which is open 24 hours a day. Fort Hood officially became a permanent Army installation in 1951, and is home to III Corps and The First Cavalry Division, as well as many tenant units. All operating privately owned vehicles at Fort Hood are required to observe Texas state driving law requirements including safety equipment, cell phone use restrictions, and proof of insurance. [7], In October 1969, Killeen Base was designated as West Fort Hood and the airfield's name was designated as Robert Gray Army Airfield. The Equal Employment Opportunity Office administers the Equal Opportunity program for civilian workers on Fort Hood. Those who are in the area on Permissive TDY orders must check in at the center to get a stamp on your DA Form 31. On 13 September 1965, Darnall Hospital opened. Fort Hood is the Army's premier installation to train and deploy heavy forces. Fort Hood, TX - Units The population on Fort Hood is over 70,000 military personnel and their family members. Twenty-five years after making its home in Colorado, the 4th Infantry Division was again restationed to meet the Army's requirements but this move would be quite different from others. Navigate Fort Carson Units. In 1959, III Corps was inactivated. [25][26], Currently, Fort Hood has nearly 65,000 soldiers and family members and serves as a home for the following units: Headquarters III Corps; First Army Division West; the 1st Cavalry Division; 13th Sustainment Command (formerly 13th Corps Support Command); 89th Military Police Brigade; 504th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade; 85th Civil Affairs Brigade; 1st Medical Brigade; and the 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade. Inactivated in 1919, the Corps was reactivated in 1940 to train combat divisions. By mid-1993, the division at Fort Hood had completed changes of unit names to those associated with the 5th Division, and began participation in the early stages of the Army's Experimental Force, Force XXI. Fort Hood has been the center of some controversy; a number of incidents including terror attacks, mysterious deaths, and missing soldiers has brought the media spotlight to the base in some unexpected ways. To learn more about FCC options at Fort Hood, call the FCC office at 254-553-4620.

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