I have also learnt how to manage people. Today my everyday kit includes two D3 bodies, the D800, which I use in the studio for posters, and two Df bodies – I liked the Df so much that I had to get two! He had ample opportunity to do so on Game of Thrones, which concluded its run on HBO a few weeks ago.
"I’m sure he’s not happy about that.". Other systems feel too plastic; Nikons feel sturdy, they're well designed, they look good. So much more could be achieved. (In a minor act of heresy, he opted to skip the traditional black pudding, a concoction whose ingredients include pork blood and oats.). I’m so aware the food hampers are like a sticking plaster. If you get an amazing shot and a little bit is blurry, don't freak out. Fans can go glamping — glamorous camping — at “Winterfell” (aka Castle Ward in County Down), wear medieval costumes on a group tour of filming locations, or opt for a DIY tour via iPhone app. There’s a kind of righteous anger comes into play. We get a lot of requests for that sort of thing. “Never mind the story line in the show, the crew have been through marriages, divorces, deaths, illness, having babies, losing babies,” she says. CAPTURE is a unique immersive experience exploring the space between creativity and technology across film, gaming, animation and immersive. Helen Sloan / HBO The Europa Hotel in Belfast was once known as the most bombed hotel in Europe, but on a Friday morning in April, it was bustling with tourists and weekenders enjoying a hearty breakfast buffet. There are so many photographers now and everything is expected to be super-processed, hyper-sharp and perfect, so the way your work is going to stand out is if you're totally true to your art and you capture the emotion. Kit Harrington as Jon Snow (left) and Conleth Hill as Lord Varys in the final season of "Game of Thrones." And Helen Sloan, Game of Thrones' principal stills photographer, has documented it all. Some think it’s only people on benefits who need help,  but GPs and social workers often send us families who have had a drastic change in their circumstances, maybe through illness or loss of employment, and they can’t pay their mortgage, car payments or put food on the table for their children. The show, says Hill, has been “life-changing,” a sentiment many share. Game of Thrones has helped the 1.8 million residents of Northern Ireland contemplate a future beyond grim headlines. . That’s another way people can help.

Q: I know you got the MBE a few years ago, before you started Storehouse. The Dark Hedges, a lane of undulating beech trees in County Antrim that appeared once, fleetingly, in the Season Two premiere, has become so popular with the Instagramming hordes that local authorities had to close the road to traffic.
But at the end we all knew we'd made something amazing. The fantasy canines of the series — known as direwolves — have inspired entrepreneurial efforts. Given free rein with her camera throughout its entire run, Sloan, 37, was one of the few crew members who interacted with virtually everyone involved, from actors and producers to painters and plasterers. Yes.

He was being bullied and had no food whatsoever. From that initial meeting the idea of Storehouse North Down was established and opened its doors in September 2012. I’m happy to meet with small groups in church or in private homes to demonstrate the wide range of pure, safe and beneficial products. It can still be an amazing shot. Well, now it's been screened, I can tell you – the Battle of Hardhome. When I was 11, my dad lent me his camera to take on a school trip to York. Q: What prompted you to suggest Storehouse?

Click here to find personal data about Helen Sloan including phone numbers, addresses, directorships, electoral roll information, related property prices and other useful information. “We’ve come so far as a people, and now we have this jewel in the crown to be so proud of,” she says. To begin with Storehouse North Down was linked with Storehouse Belfast, but we are now independent and are in the process of becoming a charity in our own right. He was just another local who lives an hour away in Ballycastle, the seaside town where he grew up, another customer indulging in a gut-busting breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausage, potato bread, and white pudding. One of the developments has been to provide children’s clothes and nursery equipment. I worked with a family recently for 9 months. Helen Sloan Photography Ltd register address is 103 UPPER NEWTOWNARDS ROAD, BELFAST (area code: BT4 3HW) . She has a very loud, authoritative voice when she needs it! It was through the Bangor Inter Church Community Initiative (BICCI) that I became aware of organisations in North Down who were trying to help people in dire straits.

He lived for another 6 months and both have had terrible trouble getting employment again and have been quite destitute.

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