He was also the husband of Demelza Poldark with whom he had five children, the late Julia Poldark, Jeremy and Clowance, Bella and Henry Poldark. They were both surprised and happy to see him, and he found out Francis was engaged and congratulated him.
Charles thought Ross needed to slow down in the mining venture, but that Francis could be involved if he wanted to in order to learn. Ross and Demelza, who married when he was 27 and she was 17, had five children, one of whom died at 15 months. Ross was knocked out when he was given a sword slash to his face. Clip | 2m 28s In grief about Julia, Ross wandered in a storm and watched it sink. Though the chronology is less clear in the tv adaptations (for obvious reasons related to casting), Demelza is supposed to be only 13 years old when Ross takes her in and only 17 years old when he marries her. Demelza (played by Eleanor Tomlinson) was making the most of being with her husband Ross (Aidan Turner) at the start of tonight’s instalment of Poldark. [5], The news of Ross and Demelza's marriage was not celebrated because he had married someone beneath him in society, and few thought that his wife may make him unwelcome in polite society. However, Ross decided he needed to stay and try to save his land and Charles thought he was being stubborn. Demelza was born in 1770 -- so she's about 28-29.


Aidan Turner, Grace Poldark (née Vennor) (mother) † Claude Poldark (brother) † Demelza Poldark (née Carne) (wife) Julia Poldark (daughter) † Jeremy Poldark (son) † Clowance Poldark (daughter) Isabella-Rose Poldark (daughter) Henry Poldark (son) Noelle Poldark (granddaughter) Agatha Poldark (great-aunt) † Charles Poldark (uncle) † Francis Poldark (cousin) † Verity Blamey (née Poldark) (cousin) Valentine Warleggan (biological son) Samuel Carne (brother-in-law) Drake Carne (brother-in-law). Eleanor has now become most known for her role as Demelza Poldark, which she took on in 2015. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Poldark is a British drama television series that is set to first broadcast on BBC One in 2015, Press J to jump to the feed. George called in the investor's debts and outbid the company at auction, forcing it to close down. In 1780, Ross Poldark was arrested for brawling. [5], Ross was angry when he got home and found Demelza going through his things, until they suddenly kissed. [2], Ross told Prudie to send Demelza home because he would be leaving, but her father, Tom showed up. In the parlor it's the memory of his mother, "Grace", that stops him from progressing with Demelza. [9], In that time, George had purchased a ship in celebration of ruining Ross's company. He was an Ensign sent to the Revolutionary War. Other important dates for perspective: October 1783 - Ross returns from America. [5], He and Demelza continued to grow closer and he asked Demelza to dine with him. Poldark returns to Cornwall after serving with the British army in the American Revolutionary War.The war has left him with a prominent facial scar and a pronounced limp. When Charles William Poldark died in 1786[1], Francis eventually left his business in debt. Joshua had left his estate, Nampara, in ruin and he began to pick up the pieces. [1], Ross soon set up a new mining venture, Wheal Leisure which was initially successful. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Further tragedy hit the family when Francis was found drowned at Wheal Grace. Dark and earthy, she is the total opposite of the fragile Elizabeth. Welcome back. Francis later married Elizabeth instead and had one child, Geoffrey Charles Poldark with her in 1784.

However, people talked at the party about the status of Ross and Demelza's relationship and whether they were together even though they were not married. He and Demelza spent the holidays at Trenwith and at dinner, he proudly introduced her to everyone but the Warleggans kept making fun of them. [7] Their first auction was a success but the Warleggan backed South Wales Smelting Company was suspicious. [2], He fought in the war for three years, even though he thought that the British involvement in it was wrong, and even told his infantry of this.

Charles William Poldark inherited Trenwith when his father died in 1748. The Cold War is at its peak and the opponents are hostile. Their children were well spaced out thanks to periods of aloofness on Ross' part when he was overwhelmed by their financial problems and/or enthralled with Elizabeth and after he entered Parliament. 1x01

Elizabeth tried to talk to Ross at the reception, but Ross told her there was no formal recognition of their relationship anyway and they implied they couldn't be friends.

Ross woke up later, and he was told by Ned that the war hadn't ended for him yet, and he was now a Captain. Joshua Poldark (father) † Grace Poldark (née Vennor) (mother) † Claude Poldark (brother) † Demelza Poldark (née Carne) (wife) Julia Poldark (daughter) † Jeremy Poldark (son) † Clowance Poldark (daughter) Isabella-Rose Poldark (daughter) Henry Poldark (son) Noelle Poldark (granddaughter) Agatha Poldark (great-aunt) † Charles Poldark (uncle) † Francis Poldark (cousin) † Verity Blamey (née Poldark) (cousin) Valentine Warleggan (biological son) Samuel Carne (brother-in-law) Drake Carne (brother-in-law) However, she soon develops into a charming, amusing, lovely young woman, eventually winning Ross's affection. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited.
First appearance She does and he had to tell her about Julia's death, bringing her Julia's bracelet. The next day, copper was finally found at Wheal Leisure. In the 1690s, Charles Vivian Raffe Poldark of Nampara married Anna Maria Trenwith of Trenwith. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. [5], Ross found out a young miner, Jim Carter, had been poaching food to feed his family and had gotten his girlfriend, Jinny pregnant. British Army officer Landowner Owner of Wheal Leisure Owner of Wheal Grace The group then attack her, until Ross stepped in and saves her. He wanted to help Ross and thought he should build a new life elsewhere. How much is he not telling his wife? Charles had since forgiven Ross for the part the played in helping Verity and Andrew. He told his uncle and they spoke about how he was in debt to the Warleggan family, who had caused Lord Bassett to kill himself that day because of debt. [4], Ross later told miners who wanted to work for him, that he could not promise anything but that they may work for him if he succeeded. He and Elizabeth danced which upset Francis. He was still wearing the ring when he got home. Use one of the services below to sign in to PBS: You've just tried to add this video to My List. You've just tried to add this show to My List. [4], In 1794, Ross attended the re-opening of Wheal Leisure. Someone then attempted to stop them and claimed they stole her dog. Related Families Final appearance [7], The miners thought Ross was correct and at the next auction when copper was sold for a low price again, they organised a secret meeting to implement a plan to create their own smelting company.

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