During this period there is abusive alcohol consumption, a robust evidence of personal problems. Neither of them ever graduated, the narrator tells us. Eloise relates the story of a young soldier, Walt Glass, with whom she fell in love when single. eNotes.com will help you with any book or any question.

Their speech becomes slurred and their swearing more frequent: “I don’t wanna go out there. Eloise Wengler was literally caught "in a closed elevator," and this moment changed her life. In Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut by J.D. Eloise, on the other hand, has no such recourse. ANALYSIS “Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut” (1948) J. D. Salinger (1919-2010) “Uncle Wiggily” is a board game popular in the 1940s-50s, connoting wholesome family values.
Ginnie follows her into her apartment. Mary Jane asks Eloise why she doesn’t tell Lew about Walt.

The unhappiness and duplicity of both Mary Jane and Eloise become more evident as the plot develops, and the author cleverly intensifies not only the vulgarity but also the open hostility in the speeches of the two women. The story develops two old college friends gathering for a chat, in a week afternoon, talking for hours straight. Eloise tells her that the lunch was burned, and Mary Jane responds that she had stopped for something to eat on the way, anyway. We learn that Selena’s brother spent the war in an airplane factory in Ohio because of heart problems. “A Note on Salinger’s ‘Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut.’” Revue des Langues Vivantes, 33 (1967), 567-598. With no hope in her future, the warmth of memories constitutes her only means of escape.

The author’s tone is critical of his characters and could even be said, at times, to be sarcastic. Most of the story is Eloise venting to her freind about Walt. "' Salinger we have the theme of loss, disillusion, youth, insecurity, love and escape. Already a member?

By that we mean she is built to be unlikable. As in some other Salinger stories, the author assumes a certain sophistication on the part of the reader regarding suburban life and even this particular section of the New York suburbs. Eloise is, perhaps, more intelligent but insensitive in her dealing with her maid and relates tasteless gossip endlessly to Mary Jane. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Nine Stories. By J. D. Salinge r. March 13, 1948. “No,” is Ginnie’s firm reply.
Salinger, draws a women living a meager life in despite of her wealth, and the unhappiness of not being a mother even though she has a daughter. Did Lew once make Eloise laugh the way Walt did? He treats Eloise and Mary Jane with a certain deliberate malice and the child Ramona with compassion.

Important themes presented in Nine Stories include death, the war, genius and madness, storytelling, children, and memory. Ramona, Eloise’s daughter, arrives. Her love, Walt, died in war because of a bomb explosion. “Once,” she says, “I fell down.

Ramona has an imaginary friend, whom she calls Jimmy. “Dick Heffner” is the response.

Nine Stories literature essays are academic essays for citation. Mary Jane, “with little or no wherewithal for being left alone in a room,” is seen to be of limited intelligence. At first, in the catty banter of his two middle-aged female protagonists, Salinger seems to be critiquing materialist American culture in much the same way he did in the beginning of “A Perfect Day for Bananafish.” Mary Jane and Eloise gossip about former roommates, share a story about seeing a famous actor in a department store, and idle away their time with joking asides and overflowing highballs. He is clearly peeved by what seems to have been her rejection of his advances and calls her a “goddamn snob.” His true feelings for Joan can only be read between the lines; on the surface, he seems merely to despise her, nothing else, but when Ginnie remarks that Joan is now engaged, he seems perturbed. As well as saying nice things about Walt, Eloise, near the end of the story, bursts out crying randomly at the thought of him. Eloise snaps: “You get in the center of that bed.

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