King Crab | He is one of Timmy Turner's arch-enemies (along with Vicky and Francis). Dolores-Day Crocker is the mother of Denzel Crocker. He remembers nothing but he finds a DNA tracker device that Timmy left behind in the past on which he wrote 'Fairy Godparents exist' on the back before his mind was wiped. If Timmy hadn't affected the timeline, Crocker would be a handsome college professor. Billy Loomer | Mr. Crocker is eager to have a step-father, and jumps into Ricky's lap, asking for a horsey ride on his knee. Despite acting much friendlier to Timmy (compared to the older seasons where the two were considered to be arch-enemies), he is still capable of evil acts. Tammy Gilroy | Sanderson | Suddenly, Taplow realises that he has been rude towards his teacher. He chained Timmy to his desk so that he wouldn't recover it from the cafeteria during Muffin Monday, but during a food fight, Bimpy the monkey took a bite out of the muffin instead and wished for primates to rule the world. Escape Goat |

Trick | Mr. Bitters | Mr. Tophat | Boog Shlizetti | Mike | Sue | Jill Perrybottom | Snotty Boy's Friends | Evil Spirit |

Overlord Glee | Professor Calamitous | Steven Carson | Dark Troopers | Totally Teri Writers | Giant Fire Breathing Baby Chick | Megan Parker | Full Name This lack of a father figure is implied to be the reason Crocker quickly accepted his stepfather, Ricky, from "The Odd Couple" as his father and even wanted to play childish games with him and have an allowance. Hawk and Hank |

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Timmy "sacrifices" himself to The Darkness, he even shows a moment of remorse for Timmy. Ren Höek |

Badge | Is It Wrong To Pick Up Dungeon Hestia, Lenny Flynn - Boyle | Answer:Mr. Crocker waited by taplowI think this is the answer plz mark it as brain list answer 1. Sage | Glowface | Olympia Wong | Crocker appears as a misplaced character in Nicktoons Freeze Frame Frenzy by Zim. Crocker: [speaking on the phone in a deep voice] "I hear your perfect plan just got un-perfect. Zim |

Please answer! Anti-Wanda | He has a hunched back, an ear on his neck, horrible teeth, and a generally nerdy appearance. Another example takes place in "Cosmo Con" when Timmy aces a pop quiz out of sheer luck and Crocker believes Timmy's fairies helped him. This is the subreddit for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, the comics, the upcoming Netflix live action ATLA series, novels, games, and all other Avatar content. Iggins | Maryann | Oonski the Great | Don Bling | Francis Thornesmith | Huge Crew | His family includes his mother and his uncle. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Dragon from the Dark Ages | He vows to use his mind to help the world, and he had already just invented cold fusion and said there was no limit to the good he could do for humanity. Zoona and Roni | Mr. Denzel Quincy Crocker is the main antagonist of the Nickelodeon cartoon series The Fairly OddParents.. Three Headed Birdman | Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Not as much of a jerk as you could've been. EGG |

Candy (Hey Arnold!) Dolores, with a bedtime of 5 pm, spends her days playing bingo and shuffleboard and posting on online dating sites. He imitates Mr Crocker-Harris’s voice and repeats what he said. She has gotten married twice during the series and has been shown to own multiple wedding dresses. Additionally, her eyes are teal whereas Mr. Crocker's are blue. When Mr. Crocker became extremely annoyed with the babying, Dolores began crying, and, in a plot to get Poof, Mrs. Crocker's god-parent, to stop being assigned to her, Timmy wished Mr. Crocker would leave home so that Dolores would stop being so miserable. Tak | Bird Brain |

Most of the time he won't hesitate to fail his students on their assignments. But once again, Timmy managed to defeat him by disabling his shield and attacking him, defeating Crocker, and soon the rest of the Syndicate.

She was much, much taller, with black hair, Tootie-shaped glasses, earrings and fashionable clothing. Evil Sheriff | Although most adults, even those as dumb as Timmy's parents, simply do not believe fairies exist, Denzel Crocker believes otherwise. Evil Jimmy Neutron | Supporting Villains Main Villains Iron Lung | Professor Flan | Ms. Doombringer |

Dr. Rabies | Type of Villain The Destructinator |

Brother Septimus |

Dana Bukowski | He trapped Wanda in his scepter and used her magic to make himself a powerful dictator and took complete control of the world. Luz, Welcome to the Wayne The Shadow Hammer | Sunshine Girls | Son of Scalestrp | Prior to the newer seasons, it was argued by fans who is Timmy's worst nemesis. In Fairly Old Parent, her biggest wish was to spend more time with her son, doing so by going shopping with him, having his hair cut like it was when he was a child, forcing him to wear children's clothes and getting him braces. Eustace Strych | League of Villains | Biker Ducks | Mertin Fargleman | This had them instad draw power from other nutcases that believe in them, serving as a safety net of sorts to prevent power loss. Rebecca | Arnie Shortman | Minotaur Greek Mythology, Burt |

Her allergy attacks are portrayed as beginning with sneezing fits, and after several sneezes, her face becomes extremely red and inflamed, her throat closes and she must go to urgent care. Most Romantic Language, (voice) (as Dee Baker), Nanette Ubetcha You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Haunted Train | Inga | Mr. Crocker is also affected, he has finally stopped believing in fairies after staying at a mental hospital.

After Misfortune takes Benjamin's address from the wolf's cage, Mr. Voice tells her that the best way to get there is by the boat at Phantasmagoria. Country Boy | Night Mare | Timmy decides that if he changes Crocker's past, maybe he will be a happier person in the present.

Learn French Cursive, Mike Evilman | General Chapuza | Belinda's Witch | | The Loud House
Backflesh, Victorius Crocker's life of a teacher is comical in the way that Timmy's principal, Geraldine Waxaplax, beats him up for actions such as going into the girl's bathroom. Junkman |
He was one of the people that Shirley captured. Shallowgrave | Mr. Crocker is shown to hate his mother quite passionately throughout the series, with her either being oblivious to this or being quite sad about it. Bad Dog | Peter Kirlan | In the episode, The Odd Couple, in the process of trying to get Ricky, an evil teen Timmy wished up to date Vicky, to break up with her, Cosmo and Wanda create a falsified profile for Ricky on an internet dating site. Vinnie Raton | Tom Sawyer | Mickey the Weasel, Invader Zim Crocker voice// FURRIES (@ponieride) Vous pouvez modifier vos choix à tout moment dans vos paramètres de vie privée. Lacey St. Clair | Renegade Virus | Dr. Blowhole | Crocker virus - A computer virus that can hack into other people's computers and record footage of fairies, and seek and destroy other viruses. Crimson Clown | Dolores-Day Crocker is a kind-hearted elderly woman who lives in a decrepit old house with her son, Denzel Crocker. Mr. Crocker came back inside and said that he loved her as well despite her being a "deranged lunatic", causing her to become less miserable and lose her fairy god parent. Ed Bighead | I owe you an upvote. The Watcher | A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! Dr. Vink | Morrie and Vic |

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