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There's a portion down in Central America that you need to ship your vehicle around it.

We've bandied about the concept of the Mackenzie Valley pipleine in Canada for better than 30 years. ERASE HOW MUCH POVERTY? Also they need to go ahead with the geosynchronous satellite anchored to earth base idea so that I could ride the elevator to space. Retired mining engineer George Koumal, lawyer Joe Henri and railroad consultant Scott Spencer said it could be the most important thing on the horizon for Alaska. Yeah, but hard. But what optimisim this project is! In Alaska, an entity known as the Intercontinental Railway is still trying to generate enthusiasm for one of the most ambitious projects in the world. Connection, not isolation,can make for a great future in our world. At its narrowest point, the Bering Strait is only 53 miles wide, making it easy for the neighboring countries of Russia and the United States to observe each other. Oh, and by the way- the zone in the Bering Strait is stabled. The continent of North America has been inhabited by humans for at least 16,500 years.

Open the wonders of our small world to them. and all the other tunnells around the world .

The Channel Tunnel is about half this distance and twice the depth. It seems unlikely. not good idea about alaska tunnel to ussr russia.. What would happen in case of a war It would be used to send armanents, or it would be destroyed. What a sad commentary on the U.S. 30 years of cheering on those who broke up and sold off what previous generations had built so that our once-foe is greater than us. Internal U.S, and Russian politics would create formidable obstacles, but China would probably see merit in an expansion of the “Polar Silk Road” to include a continental crossing.

Czar Nicholas II of Russia issued an order authorizing work on the Trans-Siberian Alaska railroad tunnel project , but no physical work ever began. Rail line has reached Yakutsk on the east side of the Lena River which is 2km wide and Yakutsk is on the western side of the river where any bridge or tunnel must begin as water is needed as is electricity,trucks and tools. They could sell the excavated material to Hong Kong so they can build more land. Tourists (not the ones stowed away in containers) should nonetheless be prepared. How difficult would it be to cover 82 kilometers with a bridge or tunnel and change the world? “We will be running through trains in five or six years,” French engineer Loicq de Lobel said in 1902. What would be great would be if you could put your car or motorcycle on a "ferry train" and travel between Alaska and Russia. 100 million tons of freight could be moved per year using themost efficient known way of transport. The wind will always be blowing somewhere, meaning reliable power is always available. Will the jobs be equal?...on both sides of the straight, I mean. Not only is this idea nonsensical from an economic development and investment standpoint,it is probably just plain false. Wont happen. Then you would load the freight to ships for the west coast of the U.S. As for a global electrical grid, I think there is a limit to how far electricity can travel due to resistance but I might be wrong. The massive undertaking would traverse the Bering Strait with the world's longest tunnel - a project twice the length of the Chunnel between England and France. I'm all for it, but there haven't been any new developments since the 2007 announcement, have there? Unless someone develops cheap energy storage. @klktrk Not true - the whole of eastern Russia, including the Bering strait, lies on the North American plate, which actually extends into Russia as far as the Lena River (near Yakustk). Why is there a coin shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic? Plain credit for having the foresight to be involved in the movement of the Russians to get involved in this project. Furthermore, environmental extremists have been blocking the development of new pipelines and rail lines to provide alternative transport from Alberta and Saskatchewan to alternative customers. The western Alaskan and eastern Russian coasts are extremely underdeveloped and are disconnected from the outside world. Best wishes to all from Beautiful British Columbia. Err that's right chief .. my shoe phone is working fine .. As it turns out, far more difficult than anyone has imagined. Imagine being able to drive from, say, Florida, to Paris France! I said the Russians were coming .. yes by train.

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