Accessed May 08, 2019. “Tariffs on Paper Will Hurt Us, and Our Readers.” Tampa Bay Times. [20], Times Publishing also blamed the tariffs for their decision to cease payments to a trust for Nelson Poynter’s 92-year-old widow, Marion K. Poynter. This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 14:55. While some high-profile conservative and libertarian sites such as the Heritage Foundation, National Review, and Cato Institute (as well as the left-wing Daily Kos and The Intercept) that had originally been on the list were removed because Poynter staff believed they were “highly politicized” but “mostly not fake,” others remained. Accessed May 06, 2019. Goldman, T.R. St. Petersburg, FL Journalism needs Poynter. Moos, Julie. The school began on May 29, 1975, when Nelson Poynter, the owner and chairman of the St. Petersburg Times (now the Tampa Bay Times) and Times Publishing Company, announced that he planned to start a small journalism school called the Modern Media Institute. (Non-profit), Tides Foundation October 14, 2008. Advertisers don’t want to support publishers that might tar their brand with hate speech, falsehoods or some kinds of political messaging — but too often, they have little choice in the matter. This list was last updated in June 2020. “An Abrupt End to The Tampa Tribune After a Blow Delivered by Its Rival.” The New York Times. November 19, 2018.

“10Investigates: Hagan Campaign Donor Got Secret Rays Stadium Info.” 10NEWS.

“Update: We’ve Taken This List down after Finding Inconsistencies in the Methodology.

@Poynter. Holan, Angie Drobnic. Philadelphia Foundation, H.F. Lenfest Fund,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Annie E. Casey Foundation
[7] CQ became an influential source of news about Congress and the broader federal government, although an early attempt by editor Thomas Schroth to add analysis to CQ’s factual coverage resulted in Poynter firing him. May 03, 2019.

“Unreliable News Sites: An Index | Draft.” HearingVoices. His description of his plan is accurate, and we rate his statement True. [9][12], In 2019, Poynter used various "fake news" databases (including those curated by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, Merrimack College, PolitiFact, and Snopes) to compile a list of over 515 news websites that it labeled "unreliable." Make a gift to Poynter today. October 04, 2016. Bradshaw, Kate. Trueheart, Charles. Accessed May 06, 2019. Accessed May 06, 2019. Accessed May 06, 2019. While PolitiFact relies on administrative support from the Poynter Institute, it is otherwise financially self-sustaining. The English language wants its word back. You sully the reputation of anyone who cites you as an authority on fact-ishness, let alone fact.” [32], Similarly, libertarian Cato Institute health policy expert Michael Cannon, whom PolitiFact had regularly used as a resource for health care-related analysis, withdrew his participation in PolitiFact in 2011 because PolitiFact characterized statements that were at most mistaken – and arguably correct – as “Lies of the Year.” [33], “In neither the case of ‘death panels’ nor ‘government takeover’ has PolitiFact offered any evidence that the speakers knew or believed their statements to be false,” Cannon wrote. PolitiFact was created by the Tampa Bay Times, a Florida newspaper, in 2007. Journalist Training: Poynter offers what it claims is the “world’s largest online journalism curriculum,” in addition to a range of in-person training classes and courses at its Florida headquarters and newsrooms around the country.

July 22, 2009. Accessed May 05, 2019.

[9] Google, Facebook, and other technology companies use the IFCN's certification to vet publishers for fact-checking contracts. Hemingway, Mark. “MediaWise.” Poynter. [36] An independent 2013 analysis from the nonpartisan Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University concluded that PolitiFact was three times as likely to rank statements from Republicans as “Pants on Fire,” and twice as likely to rank statements from Democrats as “Entirely True.” [37]. November 18, 2018. Accessed May 08, 2019. The next year, as Obamacare began to move from campaign promises to policy reality and health plans began to face closure, PolitiFact revisited the claim and was forced to admit that “we find Obama’s statement less clear-cut now than it once seemed” just ten months prior. [10][11], The IFCN and the American Press Institute jointly publish Factually, a newsletter on fact-checking and journalism ethics.

Aside from journalists, researchers and news consumers, we hope that the UnNews index will be useful for advertisers that want to stop funding misinformation. Renamed the Times Publishing Company, it now publishes the Tampa Bay Ti… Democracy needs journalism. Democracy needs journalism. Accessed May 06, 2019. “Job Cuts Are Coming to The Tampa Bay Times.” Poynter. Randolph, Eleanor.
Cannon, Michael F. “Why I’m Boycotting PolitiFact.” Cato Institute.

December 12, 2013. “Study: Media Fact-Checker Says Republicans Lie More.” The Center for Media and Public Affairs. ", "Finally, Instagram is getting fact-checked (in a limited way and just in the U.S., for now)", "10 essential newsletters every journalist should read", "Poynter pulls blacklist of 'unreliable' news websites after backlash", International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN),, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [34], PolitiFact’s founder Bill Adair has said the site’s editors decided to artificially divide all claims into True or False, “because of fears that we’d end up rating many, many things ‘unsubstantiated.’” [35], Many critics argue that PolitiFact, which draws significantly more of its funding from left-wing organizations than from conservative or centrist groups, has a left-leaning bias in what politicians’ and pundits’ statements it decides to review, and how it reviews them. ", "Finally, Instagram is getting fact-checked (in a limited way and just in the U.S., for now)", "10 essential newsletters every journalist should read", "Poynter pulls blacklist of 'unreliable' news websites after backlash", International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN),, Educational institutions established in 1975, Universities and colleges accredited by the Council on Occupational Education, Pages using infobox university with the image name parameter, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2020, Wikipedia articles with CINII identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Get the Poynter newsletter that's right for you. [1] [2], According to an analysis in the Columbia Journalism Review, the overlapping ownership and control structure between the Poynter Institute, Times Publishing Company and the Tampa Bay Times is such that “The paper, in effect, owns itself.” [3], The president of the Poynter Institute is Neil Brown, who had been the editor of the Tampa Bay Times and a managing editor of Congressional Quarterly. January 14, 2019. Accessed May 5, 2019.

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