Genuinely the worst company I have ever dealt with! One issue was missing once, another two times I have had an item missing from the delivery. Hopefully there won't be any more issues with this.Once I complete the terminator I'll rate this to 5 star.Dave~, so this all started with the warhammer mortal realms series.

Like many, I've had issues with Warhammer purchases. we went for the premium option as you get more stuff included in it. I had subscribed for the test run. I would love to know what they think I've received but can not access this information. Secondly however, I want to give a shout out to Sammy who is the agent i deal with on the facebook group for my subscription. You can bring the legend to life as a unique, multifunctional kit with features that you can control remotely. Have changed my address as well, but haven't missed an issue. As you can see this is a very similar story the the hundreds of other reviews below. Looks like there isn't great reviews here, but honestly I haven't had any issues (I'm based in Australia not sure if that makes a difference). 11 talking about this. Confirmed full national launch!!! My subscription has always come on time (my first issue was actually earlier than expected) and not missing anything.

Awful company. Not saying they don’t have issues and mix ups but from what I have seen they own up to it and resolve as fast as they can with no cost to the customer. It will have taken them at least three weeks to get a refund to me, requiring me to go into town during COVID-19 and most concerning, their system of not informing people of deliveries not being honoured, they prey on people forgetting about their orders and keeping the money.Update as at 16th Sept: they still haven't managed to send the cheque yet. I subscribed to the conquest magazines in the UK before emigrating to Australia, and then started again when it became available. Indeed their customer service has been a strong point as they have resolved all issues quickly and satisfactorily. Build your 1:18 scale model of the iconic Spitfire Mk IA today, complete with a unique range of lights, motion and sounds! Over the time of the subscription there were so many problems. :-/. PLEASE AVOID AT ALL COSTS! The company attempts to break/ignore consumer law when it suits them. Build the T-800 - the Endoskeleton that defined a generation. Hachette Partworks. Sent an email with notice of cancellation and cancelled my direct debit, A few months pass and I receive a parcel with few more issues of the magazine, even though i cancelled and they would have received no payment against them (what company sends goods out without any form of payment taken first?).

Since then more went out of stock (never to be replaced.) Stuck on issue 58, website is permanently out of stock of the issues I need making it impossible to continue further and this has been going on for months now, bit of a shambles really, money grabbers have been over buying issues too to sell on ebay for 3x the price so your stuck between a rock and a hard place, buy from the greedy ebayers or wait another year in the hope issues will be back in stock!!! we got our subscription as we was normal untill delivery 5 when the first premium stuff should come we only get the standard stuff i think well maybe it is next month wait a whole month of hoping then get let down again yet the letter says we are paying the extra for the premium stuff so we rang them to be told we wasent on it and we never had been yet we told them we wanted premium so they have scammed us out of about 50 pounds atleast we are very displeased in this company and hope they quit and shut the company down i hope this helps thanks for reading. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. He updates me with all the relevant information when he can and fixes the problems i have. I then start receiving threatening letters saying they will send debt collectors round to my house. So, so cheeky, and I'll make sure that everyone avoid it like the plague. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention, Matt. They said the systems wouldn't inform of items out of stock or inform the customers of issues. Cancelling was very easy. Build your 1:18 scale model of the iconic Spitfire Mk IA today, complete with a unique range of lights, motion and sounds!

Choose your option: Pay-as-you-build or buy the Full kit!

everyone else has wrote enough. Spitfire Mk IA; The Terminator: Build The T-800 ... Classic Routemaster; MODEL MAKERS.

This week build the bulwarks and details for the cockpit. I asked for a refund on 17th August, and on calling today, 1st September, I'm told a cheque (not a bank transfer as I was informed) would be being posted this Friday. Charged for issues that just never turned up. I have since contacted multiple times that i may be willing to pay for the issues sent out after cancellation but not until they confirm in writing they have cancelled my account on their system. I would award no stars if possible.They don't honour orders.Won't tell you if things are out of stock - you need to chase them.Promise refunds which never appear and then dodge emails.Waiting over a month now for a cheque (despite ordering with, and requesting through bank transfer).Shocking customer service.

Have spoken to customer service a few times and they've responded within a few days each time. The only reason I gave 1 star was to get on to write my review. Looks like this is either having a re-test or actually going for a full release on 12th Feb according to the National Title File. Do we have to subscribe again or it works like terminator (automatic subscription for the participants of the test release)? I am now told that another one of issues I purchased is out of stock, and that I should receive my single remaining issue within 14 days. This detailed reproduction is constructed from high-quality aluminium and wooden parts. I am building the bismarck my 4 issues arrive prompt every month. Terrible company and games workshop and warhammer would be better taking the brand elsewhere because this company is pathetic. And nothing. The Terminator .

It shouldn't be up to the customer to check stock levels after purchase. Yep, spent the weekend sorting out the damaged parts, not too bad a job, luckily nothing serious, I also found an eBay bargain, picked up all 120 issues of “Build the Blackpearl” for $100. Spitfire Mk IA; Battleship Bismarck; Classic Routemaster; The Terminator. Spitfire MK IA Issue 18. The Spitfire will delight every model aircraft enthusiast, from the beginner to the expert alike. Have now tried to cancel my subscription but they don't answer phone calls and don't have an option to on their website. FREE postage on orders over £30. Great news, look forward to some pics and updates on this. Absolute bandits.AVOID. I dont understand the negative reviews this is a good company to deal with. Had a recent problem with getting issues 75 to 78, however customer support went out of their way to help me and reordered the issues. Buy individual issues. I order now more than one month, "My litter library 4 book's and cannot find any information about my order, and is very impossible contac this company, Currently on going subscription with hachette for build the terminator, as of the moment I'm enjoying building the terminator, can't wait to see if finished.Had a recent problem with getting issues 75 to 78, however customer support went out of their way to help me and reordered the issues.Still have no idea what happens to the original 75-78. I have received zero communication back except for threatening letters. Still have no idea what happens to the original 75-78. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. Conclusion The aspects that pose moral and ethical issues in technology today need to be outlined and controlled with consideration of all the parties involved.

We're really sorry to hear that you have been unhappy with your subscription and will take on board the feedback you've given. I subscribed to the mortal realms subscription and have been happy with the service so far.

No one answers the phone, no one answers emails. Based on a lot of what I am hearing I have been a lucky-ish one. My UK subscription was excellent, easy to manage online and came each month. Even the poor shopkeeper kept chasing them up. Annoying but with everything that is happening right now I can let that go. I hope that this test is successful as I am really looking forward to doing this Kit. just stay far far far away. I ordered 4 warhammer Mortal Realms and Conquest issues online. Heard about a new partwork ? I really don't need to go into details. This company isn’t even worth that. If you plan to get into a routine with this, don't bother.

This was months ago. Explore the Marvel universe with collections from Hachette Partworks! They said they will refund the 2 issues, but the refund will be sent by cheque, and the other 2 issues will be arriving in 7 days. The Terminator: Build The T-800 ... Issue by issue, bring one of the world's most famous buses to life! This company is at worst a scam or best a terribly run company DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. Create your own piece of film history with... read more this official model featuring accurate details, moving parts, sounds and lighting. My husband now has a big pile of these books which have cost him a lot of money and he can’t do anything with them because of the amount of parts missing. Then as soon as you've cancelled because you're tired of the let downs, especially when you're forking out £40 a month, and you're immediately sent an email saying you owe £5 and if you don't pay it within ten days, you'll get a addition charges. The Best Independent Partwork Model Forum, by conqueror060 » Wed Dec 04, 2019 3:36 am, by corelki2005 » Mon Jan 27, 2020 1:04 pm, by conqueror060 » Thu Jan 30, 2020 4:38 am, by conqueror060 » Wed Feb 12, 2020 9:12 pm, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 8 guests. There does seem to a fair few issues online from others but any problems/issues I have had were minor and fixed quickly. Good value and Customer service, but could be more efficient, worst company i have displeasure of buying from, Awful company, won't honour orders and will keep your money if you forget. If you would like to speak to the customer service team to see how they can help you, or to cancel your subscription, you can contact them via or (if you're in Australia) with your subscription number and they will assist you from there. I got the same email, not even the test parts to play around with. Sells goods it doesn’t have, wont offer proper refunds and have no interest in telling customers a thing. After two weeks of not receiving the 2 remaining issues I contact them again. Build your own piece of WWII history with this 1:200 scale Bismarck model featuring accurate detailing,... read more moving parts, lighting and sounds. Great news!!! Subscribed to conquest magazine. My husband started saving Battleship Bismarck which he’d collect from the shop. So Sammy 10/10 - Hachette need to get themselves straight so expect a few missing items if you do subscribe but there are helpful people who do fix things (which arguably didn't need to be fixed but hey).

Issues 1 to 10: Issues 11 to 20: Issues 21 to 30: Issues 31 to 40: Issues 41 to 50: Issues 51 to 60: Issues 61 to 70: Issues 71 to 80: Issues 81 to 90: Issues 91 to 100: Issues 101 to 110: Issues 111-120: Issues 121 to 130 All rights reserved. Hachette Partworks . It's a test, I received an email from Eaglemoss. Fascinating articles take you through the history, battles, heroes and villains of the Mortal Realms, making this magazine your indispensable guide to Warhammer Age of Sigmar , The Fantasy Miniatures Game. I have now asked for a full refund which I doubt I will receive.Edit.I still haven't received my cheque refund almost one month after being notified of the refund. Customer service is excellent so take no notice of the moaners theres always 2 sides to a story. As soon as he got to issue 36 it was out of stock. Had a nice surprise today, received a Spitfire mug from Hachette.

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