Or the fact that I live in the UK (Which has never been an issue before, just to be clear.) Square Enix strictly prohibits the sharing, lending, or disclosing of account or login information (such as your Square Enix ID and password). The measures that WoW takes are good but tedious on Blizzards end. I would absolutely believe that this change out of nowhere is a deliberate attempt to inconvenience them. I recently reported a bot.

And so if few months had passed woudn't that basicly mean that this bots completely surved it's RMT purpose, besides harming other players game experince? Dunno if it's FFXI related, but I haven't been around much aside from FFXI sites. Square Enix has a zero-tolerance policy for third-party tools and RMT. More specifically, they handle issues related to RMT and the use of unauthorized third-party programs. Like how I'm apparently subscribed, so now how do I remove my card from the account? They go where the money is, and right now, the money is in FFXIV. Most people on my sever that do HNM or Dynamis use their mules to bazzar in Rolanberry so you dont pay tax on high price gear or currency. If you come across RMT activity in-game, we ask that you report it in order to help circumvent these activities.
Im on 360 and theres no way I can check this? This should be duly noted to STF, immediatley! They won't block you for 0 reasons so find out why and how to fix it. ・Expressions that attempt to unilaterally exclude someone from the game or content/community, etc.

Why? Thus it remains on your blacklist because the account still exists but is suspended.

6 years ago.

", Iyo Kanda (Yojimbo) has created the event "FCで遊びましょー.

Because the transaction falls outside the rules CCP has set for participation in its virtual world, I would usually label the transaction illicit or unsanctioned RMT. Please tell me about what behaviour is prohibited in Final Fantasy XIV. All of this is against the FFXIV ToS (Terms of Service/User Agreement).

(Except when in accordance with rules set by an administrator such as a Free Company Master), ・Expressions that contravene public order and morals, ・Other expressions that are offensive to another person. If your FFXI viewer closed abnormally or if you find the file smart.dll in your cpu, you might have been infected.

r/ffxiv: A community for fans of Square Enix's popular MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV Online", also known as FFXIV or FF14. I just don’t see how raising taxes for buyers is an effective tactic. Square Enix may disable shared, lent, disclosed, or compromised accounts. To learn more about how we use the cookies, please see our

Knug has spoken. If the Game Master (GM) gives an instruction based on the Terms of Use and/or other rules, failure to follow the instruction is a violation. For those on Fairy they are: Report them.

The reason sum people spend real life money for the game money is because... lets say you know how to get about 50k gil per hour or event ect ect but in your real life job(if you have one) you make 50usd per hour (you got a relay good job) and so lets say .5m is about 30usd your gil per hr is if you spend your usd on gil you now make almost 1m gil per hour.

Why have GMs not taken care of them yet? Offensive expressions are prohibited in all places where expressions can be made in Final Fantasy XIV, including chat (including Quick Chat and Emote), markers, comments and names.
In Final Fantasy XIV, obstructive behaviour that has an adverse impact on other users' game play and on service operation is prohibited.

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