Channel catfish aren’t the only whisker fish at Brownlee. The possession limit is 3-times the daily bag limit after the second day of the season. Crappie are dispersed throughout Brownlee, but many anglers focus their attention on the coves and arms where at times these fish will concentrate in better numbers. We split our trip between those two locations, concentrating mostly on crappie and bass in the Powder River Arm because we planned to hit the catfish hard at Farewell Bend. Concentrate your efforts near the mouths of cooler tributaries or in deeper areas during the warmer months. You might use a couple jigs rigged up or a little added weight if necessary. September usually starts hot but cools off nicely into October. Omnia’s custom recommendation engine matches products, techniques, seasons, species, and this specific waterbody’s attributes and the selections you make. Unless you already live roughly between Boise, Idaho, and Baker City, Oregon (or maybe a little farther out!) For a little more challenge, use a fly rod (or convention rod with a casting bubble) and catch them on a sinking fly or with surface popper. For colors, the light lures in clear water and dark lures in darker water can hold up, but again, you’re traveling this far so come with a variety of weapons in your lure arsenal. Hot Spots: 0 This was my first trip to the Brownlee Reservoir and we stayed from the 17th through the 23rd and bought the out of state 7 day license for $59.75. We’ll talk more about the details you’ll need to plan your trip below, but first we’re guessing you’ll want to know more about the fishing. For example, freeze and save the fresh whole herring or sardine fillets you had left over from salmon fishing and use pieces of that. Brownlee Reservoir is a 15,000 acre lake in Idaho that was created with the Brownlee Dam on the Snake River. Idaho Power studies also found that significant water fluctuations in the reservoir some years (due to precipitation levels and management requirements) can result in lower spawning successes for a season or more, setting up the cycles. The upper reservoir in the vicinity of where the Snake comes in can also hold good numbers of crappie. If it tells you anything (and it should), the Huntington Lions Club plans its annual catfish derby during Memorial Day Weekend. But if reports instead indicate the reservoir is thick with smallish 5- or 6-inch crappie, it’s time to think about putting Brownlee on your calendar for the following year. How do I put it? Some anglers hang a lantern over the water at night and do well bringing the crappie in to them.

First off, you can fish with either an Idaho or an Oregon fishing license throughout the reservoir with one major exception: You need an Oregon license to fish anywhere in the Powder River Arm. Catfish are primarily bottom dwellers, although channel cats will come up for a meal at times and even occasional snatch an artificial lure. Additionally, larger bass simply aren’t as tasty as other fish at Brownlee, and they tend to have higher concentrations of naturally occurring mercury that accumulates more over time. Here’s the result: Fishing for good-sized to slab crappies will be awesome for a few years, then a smaller class of fish will come through for a year or more and suddenly crappie fishing will be sort of average here. At Brownlee Reservoir, the two states co-manage the fishery and use the same set of angling rules, including harvest limits. Most bass anglers do release their catches, especially of larger fish. | Reservoir level information OXBOW RESERVOIR: trout, crappie, bass, catfish No … and are close enough for a day trip, plan to spend at least a couple of days to get the most out of fishing at Brownlee Reservoir. These sunfish don’t always get the respect I think they deserve. Nevertheless, you always have a reasonable shot at catching big bass here. I might bring an oilier fish with you, if you can get it. It’s another hour farther if you’re coming down from the Seattle area, coming through Yakima and Tri-Cities to pick up I-84 for the rest of the trip. ODFW suggests that when bass are spawning and at their most aggressive, toss curly-tailed bass grubs or crappie jigs, spoons or other lures toward the bank. (I’ve fished those areas but only caught small bass.).

Last week we worked with Mainstream Fisheries on a pilot project to reduce the number of coarse fish in the water. Learn more about IDFG Licenses, Tags & Permits. On the Idaho side, Steck Park and Woodhead Park are favorite go-to destinations for overnight visitors. Earlier in the spring before the crappie stage for spawning, and then again from mid-summer and into fall, you can still catch crappie. BROWNLEE RESERVOIR: crappie, bass, perch, catfish, bluegill, trout Fishing for crappie has been slow, but the fish are good-size. We’ll tell you the basics of when, where and how to catch the major Brownlee Reservoir gamefish in this article, but first just a little scene-setting. For crappie I have fished the long Powder River Arm near Richland, Oregon, which is a popular spot, especially if you already have an Oregon fishing license (more on that later), but the other tributary areas are also good, according to anglers and state fisheries folks. While that’s not my habit, we did take a fair number of meals. None of your keepers may be under 12 inches and only three can be over 15 inches. Fishing report – 26 October 2020 Sutton Bingham reservoir and the West Pond. I’ve been there in early June and there were anglers literally filling garbage cans with catfish fillets and ice. Nests are often observed in 2 to 6 feet of water. Brownlee Reservoir is a 13,000 acre water body that stretches over fifty miles. Smallmouth spawn in similar water temperatures as crappie but tend to peak slightly earlier. They are great-eating. ODFW biologists who spend time on Brownlee recommend using lighter color jigs when the water is clear and darker jigs if visibility is low, but it may take some experimenting to find the best colors for a particular trip or even time of day. Have something to report? Use smaller hooks or jigs baited with pieces of worm, mealworm, crickets or similar baits, usually fished fairly close to the bottom. I like to use cut bait with skin on it, which helps hold the bait on the hook a little better. Surface Area: 12530 acres: Shoreline: 141.6 miles: Maximum Depth: 240 ft. Capacity: 1426700 acre ft. Elevation: 2077 ft. (That and the searing summers.). I spool with 4-pound or sometimes 6 if it’s a rod I’ll switch out for bass. Anglers fishing the Brownlee Reservoir can expect to catch Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Perch Bluegill and Catfish.

The same cove areas mentioned above for crappie should also be good for smallmouth bass, but areas of the main reservoir also are good. Submit a fishing report. Casting small-sized (around an inch in length) swimbaits, twisty-tailed grubs, crankbaits, and spinners will sometimes work well, especially while seeking out a good school. There is a daily limit of six bass of either species. For depths, spawning bass will be fairly close to shore. Smallmouth bass love rocky cover, so look for rock-covered points, rock piles and drop-off areas, but usually not straight cliffs. You’ll just likely have to look deeper. Search Reports 1; Page 1 of 1.

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