Founded ... See more in 1949 and was the first TV channel in Dayton, it is owned by Cox Enterprises. They're back as of today so hopefully 16, 22, & 45 will follow soon. I live 20 miles north of Dayton. This website uses cookies for analytics and personalization. I just turn the TV OFF, Now we won't know if BAD WEATHER is coming, The biggest aggravation to me is that those channels except 7 are just ignoring those of us being affected. Please update. Certain frequencies just don’t work well at certain distances and locations. Nearly 2Cincinnat weeks now. Please fix it. Station Widget. It's FREE! Not a registered user of Streema yet? Sick of this. From the Beavercreek area: I no longer receive Channel 14/subchannels or Channel 64/subs. How does that happen? Have checked their website - no update posted; no time table for the jump to full power. Can pick up 2, 7, 16, 26 and 43. Your comment is being published.Thanks for keeping alive the conversation. Friday, October 18, 2019. I called the 24/7 NOW news room and was informed that they had switched over to the new transmitters and antennas for both stations during the overnight! Native apps coming soon! Ohio, No updates, timetable for how long to expect them to be in accessible or acknowledgement of issue at all. By creating an account, you are indicating that you have read and agree to the, WHIO is a full service television station in Dayton and Springfield, Ohio, broadcasting on local digital UHF channel 41 and on virtual channel 7. Like 22 and 45, 64 is running at lower power. available on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV devices. Lion Country Safari California #231 1971, Maggie Valley and Ghost Mountain Park #892 1961-1962. TinkerShel. Still no Dayton Channels 22 or 45, live within sight of their tower, probably 3-4 miles direct line, both were on one day last week, must have been the atmospheric conditions, Channel 45 in and out at times but Channel 22 not at all. WKEF 22 & WRGT 45 said they'll be back at full power in the "coming weeks." In the morning, the station airs CBS's morning news and information program, with spots for local news and weather; in the afternoon, it airs CBS's soap operas; in the early evening, it shows CBS's national news broadcast and News Center 7. Share ; Share ; Share ; By: Breaking News Staff Updated: January 14, 2020 - 1:59 PM . Missing Channels after Re-Scan Click here for the main page Apparently it's a problem with many TV stations across the nation. An error happened posting the comment, sorry! Great planning Fox 45 , repack during football season . Today it's gone again. I live in Springfield and I cannot receive either channel after rescanning 3 times. More ways to watch Channel 7. Any business that advertises on Fox (45) and ABC (22) needs to demand a refund. The weather has not been that bad.What's your excuse now? Cant get 19 at all anymore, channel 7 still gone, what the heck is going on around dayton? Has anyone heard when 22 and 45 are going to fix their power issues? See more If I ever need a new preamp the RCA is what I'll get. WHIO thought they might be back on the air last Friday but that didn't happen. Before these channels changed frequencies I received channel 7(WHIO)and 22; but especially channel 7 I never had any problems with it, now I cannot pick up channel 7 to save my life even though I auto rescanned my tv several times and I live in the Kettering area. and haven't been able to for over a week. Stranger still, I am now able to pick up the Cincinnati FOX 19 channels without any problem and that transmitter is probably 40 - 50 miles away. I got a pre-amplifier and the signals are all good now. WHIO is affiliated with CBS, airing CBS's primetime shows in the evening. see more... Way to go Fox45!!!! On the other hand PBS 14 out of Oxford was out here for a couple of days and that started a day or two after the stations switched frequencies on Friday. i live about 55 air miles away from transmitter. I can't get chennels 2, 2.1, 2.2, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 22 & 26 - This is more than an annoyance. 11 Answers. This is ridiculous. I have now lost channel 7 as well as 22. our I live in Fairborn/Beavercreek area. . I assume you mean PBS channel 16. In Logan County - southern edge. Still unable to get 22 ot 45 since the rescan. Sick of this, Cincinnati and Columbus weather is useless to me, and I sure don't need their school closings. What happened to the old WGTZ Z-93 broadcasting in Dayton Ohio? WHIO is affiliated with CBS, airing CBS's primetime shows in the evening. I like the new layout!!!! Free TV in Dayton, Ohio and All on UHF Total Pageviews. Just an unsaid screw you. Many of the channel signals were weak. Not amused,if Not or HULU I would be missing my favorite shows. I do not want Cincinnati or Columbus weather. Whats the deal with Z-93? The weather has not been that bad.What's your excuse now? From what I've read today some TV channels are using temporary low powered equipment until the full powered versions are installed. Got a new antenna from Amazon 30$ pickled up 41 channels mostly Cincinnati? I live in the Enon area and I lost everything but CBS, NBC, and the CW. Used to pick up 22 & 45. For more information go to I had to do that when channel 2 changed frequencies recently. Learn about careers at Cox Media Group. Founded. Why are they playing old muisc, is the regular z-93 coming back, and if so, when?? Full service my A NoCable ® News TV Guide. We've developed a mobile website for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android devices. You can check it out by visiting our mobile station site from your phone or tablet's mobile browser - it's free, no download required. Every time they do something to force a new way, bad things happen. Already a user? We are so grateful for your loyalty. Nearly 2 weeks. However, after being out for over a month, Channel 5/subs is now back, as is Channel 9/subs, on a second re-scan. Missing OSU games. If Dayton FOX / ABC come back, fine. I was able to pick up Cincinnati stations with no problem. Weather has not been that bad. Channel 7.1 came back on sometime today but it is viewed on channel 16.2! I have watched cbs for 48 years for free. I lost FOX (Channel 45) and ABC (Channel 22) after the rescan. The newscast live stream is available on many "Smart TVs" including Samsung, Yahoo and Vizio televisions. What's the excuse now? need fixed NOW. I re-scan about every day. Today is sunny, no snow no rain.....tell us whats going on. its time to get the government involved the law says they must broadcast over the air not just a mile away this is a big joke every thing east of the Mississippi is becoming a third world country. Before the recent frequency changes I received 51 channels OTA. WHIO also airs local sports broadcasts. Except for 9, we've had the same problems with reception. Login here. What is going on with the tower repair? All other Dayton channel come in strong. SMH!This link will take you to the main page of the blog... To see if your Smart TV is supported, click here. CBS WHIO was up yesterday. I understand that these are over the air and free, but this is getting ridiculous. Forgot your username or Favorite Answer. © 2020 Cox Media Group. I'm getting WRGT 45 just fine . Skip to content. every day. I cannot get Channel 7-1 or Channel 7-2 WHIO. OTA signals can be quite strange. Mobile Support Login with Facebook If not, I’ll just watch the Cincinnati channels. Haven't heard anything about 14 but the fact that it's not coming in most of the time would seem to mean they're not at full power too. I do not want Cincinnati or Columbus weather. NO signal for WKEF 22 . Register here. in 1949 and was the first TV channel in Dayton, it is owned by Cox Enterprises. Still no signal!!!!! This station is part of Cox Media Group Television. I re-scan about every day. WHIO also airs local sports broadcasts. It's a temporary arrangement approved by the FCC. No 22.1-4, as in zero bars and a weak 45.1-4 5/10 bars in Laura OH still.. By using this website, you accept the terms of our Visitor Agreement and Privacy Policy, and understand your options regarding Ad Choices. Sounds like they may be back at last. Channel 22 has restored a couple of times, but the signal isn't strong. I bought a RCA preamp from Lowes for $32. Sign up to leave a comment and share your thoughts with other listeners. Sign up with Facebook Nearly 2Cincinnat weeks now. Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Letitia Perry is a product of the public school system. This is getting old. WRGT 45 one of my stronger stations before the repack, but has since gone missing as of Oct. 18th 2019.

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