Bates and Wuerffel had talked, and Spurrier asked Wuerffel if he improvised any during Wuerffel's guest appearance as Mr. Two Bits. Speronis was wearing the same white coaching shirt he wore in 1996 for the Sugar Bowl national championship win over Florida State. As well as a few desserts inspired by recipes Jerri Spurrier, Steve’s wife, used to prepare for Gator football players. Remarkably, he can still remember the score and details from that flag football game. "We won championships and had fun doing it.". "I had too much talking to do.". "After today, I think he believes it now.". Cody and Chelsea Fowler came from Mobile, Alabama. "It's a great day for the Gator Nation to be able to welcome Coach Spurrier back home," Foley said. Steve Spurrier is going from the football field to the dinner table. "I love you," he told her as he squeezed her tight. Wuerffel can still hear Spurrier telling him in that familiar twang after Wuerffel would throw an interception early in his career, "That's all right, Danny. I didn't know where I was going or what I was going to do. "See it still fits," said Spurrier, who remains in great shape and works out religiously. Florida has been searching for an athletic director to replace Jeremy Foley, who's scheduled to step down in October. FL. He might be the Head Ball Coach to the football world, but to Lauren, he's just granddaddy. Spurrier's wife of 50 years, Jerri, said. Justin Barney joined News4Jax in February 2019, but he’s been covering sports on the First Coast for more than 20 years. Chelsea is 19 weeks pregnant, and the couple stood in line for Spurrier to sign a book to Caden, the name of their unborn baby boy. Steve Spurrier is a living legend in the world of football. Copyright 2019 by WJXT News4Jax - All rights reserved. "We beat them 20-19, helluva game. "Some fraternity boys wanted to play a bunch of us former players, so we cut off half the field here at The Swamp and played them," said Spurrier, talking as if he were recalling an SEC championship game. ", Spurrier, the unquestioned king of the one-liner, shot back: "That's because you would have told.". "Yep, only lost two games as a player, five as head coach," Spurrier said. Too many germs out there, so he's been more of a fist bump guy now going all the way back to his days as the Gators' head coach. He's big on winning, big on having fun and big on family. They recounted memorable Florida wins with him, several reminding him that he never lost to Peyton Manning, and one man told him he thought Spurrier's most impressive accomplishment was standing up for the 1990 team, which had the best SEC record that year, but was ineligible to win the SEC championship because of NCAA issues. Steve Spurrier; Steve Spurrier's Reputation Profile. "You're trying to tell me that I talk too much?" "I remember standing on the field before the game and Tennessee had a plane fly overhead with a banner that read: Tennessee wants to welcome Florida to the Citrus Bowl. Spurrier’s is the perfect place to have a meal, grab a drink or catch a game. And she wasn't about to concede this little verbal joust to Orr, either, as they watched the Gators while surrounded by family members from high atop in their suite. I was done. The truth is that he knows the exact number as well as he knows his wedding date. But not before Spurrier got one last hug from his 11-year-old granddaughter, Lauren. Another guy told Spurrier that he met him at the 1997 Citrus Bowl, and Spurrier immediately turned around to Martin and others and winced. People Search. "After all the grief I gave Tennessee about going to the Citrus Bowl all those years, and we went that year," Spurrier said with a sheepish smile. — -- GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Steve Spurrier propped himself against a drink crate in one of the north tunnels of the stadium that he so famously dubbed "The Swamp" more than two decades ago. But this was no ordinary day. This is where he belongs.". "What's going on, my man," he tells the guy running the elevator in the press box and gives him a fist bump. He didn't tell me he was going to do that. Release: Steve Spurrier Named Ambassador and Consultant for Florida Athletics GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- When they came back in 1990 and fell in love all over again with the University of Florida and its passionate fans, they embraced their roots and embarked on a 12-year journey that redefined the landscape of UF Athletics. "Is that not just like him?" They didn't get credit for it, but they did from me," Spurrier said of his first Florida team. Spurrier spent the remainder of the night with his family in the suite, as they watched the Gators pull away in the second half to win. Spurrier's 1996 national championship team was honored on the field at halftime. But as the two longtime pals sat in that north end zone tunnel and began reliving all of their memories at The Swamp together, Spurrier started counting up how many games he'd actually won and lost there. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. The Swamp is no joke to visiting teams. "It's just amazing to be here and to have had all the great things that have happened to me. It's my fault for putting you in the game.". Criminal or Civil Court records found on Steve's Family, Friends, Neighbors, or Classmates View Details. From 1990 to 2001, he guided his alma mater to several winning seasons, including capturing the 1996 National Championship. And speaking of Alabama, Spurrier joked that he told Nick Saban recently that he better not coach too much longer because he's bound to have a three-loss season at some point. They all have their favorite Spurrier stories, and most of those stories only get better with him. Alex Santos and his daughter, Gretta, came from Orlando to see Spurrier. "They're the ones who started it all.". As the Florida game wound down to its final minutes, Spurrier's fidgetiness kicked back in. The Head Ball Coach isn't particularly big on shaking hands. "I'm not sure he really believed that he's been missed by the Florida people as much as he has," Moody said. Photos | Summary | Follow. One of the neatest things about Spurrier is that he treats and talks to people like he's known them his whole life. In addition to two indoor-outdoor bars, Spurrier’s Gridiron Grille will also have one of Gainesville’s only rooftop bars. Even as a 71-year-old ambassador who walks with a familiar limp thanks to a surgically replaced knee, Spurrier still scurries at a pretty good pace. Message. He's still rocking the old flip phone and was continually checking messages and also checking on other scores from around the SEC. Be the first to know about grand opening celebrations, exclusive sales, and insider events! All day long, his former players flocked around him. He joked that he would stay busy "ambassadoring. "Where did the (Bolt pose) come from? As well as a few desserts inspired by recipes Jerri Spurrier, Steve’s wife, used to prepare for Gator football players. He's simply "Orr," which happens to be his middle name. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? It was time to go. And it turns out that he still has a few moves, too. The former University of Florida football coach and current ambassador at the school will hold a press conference on Monday to announce a new restaurant that he’s opening in Gainesville. When she told him she was 23, he said, "I've got a grandson who's 23.". Key Senate races that could tilt the balance of power toward Democrats, Hurricane Eta barrels toward Central America as Category 4 storm, This is what time polls close in your state, UK raises terror threat level to severe after Europe attacks, CHRIS LOW via ESPN . Spurrier even signed books for future Gators who've yet to be born. The full name for Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is actually Steve Spurrier-Florida Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. "I was in school here in the 1990s when he transformed the SEC," Santos said. To Jerri, Spurrier isn't "Steve" or the "Head Ball Coach." Court Records found View. When Doug Dickey brought me back here to coach quarterbacks (in 1978), we got fired after one year. Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples was the first to report about Spurrier’s new venture, saying that the Ol’ Ball Coach is looking for someone to “operate his new American casual dining restaurant concept.”. Stephen Orr Spurrier (born April 20, 1945) is a former American football player and coach often referred to by his nickname, the "Head Ball Coach". After two hours of signing books, it was difficult to tell whether the fans were happier to have Spurrier back or if he was happier to be back. "They won the SEC. Even though it was a long day, it was a day Spurrier and his entire family will cherish. "Come on, Jerri, let's go," he bellowed as he stood up and stretched. Steve Spurrier will hold a press conference at noon Monday in Gainesville to announce that he’s seeking a teammate to “operate his new American casual dining restaurant concept.”To my eternal dismay, I have been assured that it will not be a hot dog restaurant called Fun N Bun. Some of the best interaction with Spurrier came with the fans, who crammed into the UF Bookstore to buy his book and then wait in line to get an autographed copy. Yes they do, for Spurrier, anyway. "I think about my life path and how blessed I've been," said Spurrier, gazing out onto the field and watching the final few minutes of the first half in the Gators' plodding 24-7 victory over UMass. But he did, and I've been a fan ever since.". He spent the next decade in the NFL before turning to coaching. He rubbed his chin anxiously and fidgeted with his hair. There's also a different tone, a much more tender tone, anytime he mentions Jerri, who's been a part of his life since the Spurrier legend was born at Florida more than 50 years ago as a player. And if you throw in a freshman game against Georgia in 1962 and a flag football game (yes, a flag football game) against the Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity on campus a few years after Spurrier had been out of school, he won 83 games. The Head Ball Coach is back home. Matt Torrey came from Chatham, New York and would have stood in line for two more hours just to spend a few seconds with Spurrier. "You just don't do stuff like that ... a quarterback? It's not your fault. And while he isn't the emotional type, he admits that he nearly lost it as he stood on the field just before the game when the Florida band started to play the alma mater Saturday. ", Sure enough, one fan asked if Spurrier could help him with his game-day parking, and Spurrier cocked his head and said, "Well, that's not in my duties as ambassador, but I'll see what I can do.". "I was a Syracuse fan and a little bit Notre Dame living up there, but still remember him kicking that field goal to beat Auburn," Torrey said. No word on if Spurrier will add his spice to the menu — you can't spell restaurant without UT or give out free coloring books to Auburn fans if the dine-in. One man asked Spurrier if he would be willing to take the job. "So if you count that one and the freshman game, I was 83-7 here.". James Bates was a linebacker on that team and has remained close to Spurrier, so Bates had a feeling the Head Ball Coach would spice it up some with his Mr. Two Bits performance. "He told me he didn't know what they would do to him around there if he ever lost three games. "Nothing would have happened in my coaching or playing career without Jerri," Spurrier said.

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