Legend has it that spirits of the mansion's original owners and descendants remain at the house. I stayed in the Whitefield Inn, in Whitefield, NH and had an odd experience. Thank you Sandra for getting the truth out. Also another time there my daughter very carefully put her clothes on a chair next morning they were very carefully placed on the floor same as she put them. 2 West Main Street, Littleton, NH. This setting should only be used on your home or work computer. In the morning we went down for breakfast and had a choice of the savory or sweet. Known as the "stone … ". Maybe some day!!!!!

http://www.vermonter.com/haunted-vt-inns-Highgate-manor.php, How about The Spalding Inn in Whitefield, New Hampshire owned by Ghost Hunters Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson…It’s been checked out by teams of Ghost Hunters and all have had experiences with the ghosts there!!!

Some guests have reportedly cited haunted experiences that suggest the presence of spirits, like the scent of alcohol or perfume when nobody else is around, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Some establishments that made the cut are Colorado's The Stanley Hotel, which was featured in "The Shining," and Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast in Oregon, where visitors can stay in a haunted lighthouse keeper's cottage.

They were the only guests, as the hotel was going to close down for the winter. Today, guests report opening doors, flickering lights and candles, and mysterious cool breezes that are all attributed to Hannah. Odd voices, shadows, a pinch or a pull….slamming doors….we used to talk to him. Another close friend had a car which was a near lookalike to my own, so he stuck his keys in & it started! Legend has it that the hotel's "Lady in Red" room is among its most haunted. room 325 is the most haunted room in the hotel, Terrace Inn and 1911 Restaurant/TripAdvisor. 800-370-9200; concordscolonialinn.com, SEE MORE: My wife and I had a fantastic anniversary weekend getaway here. the ghost of a young boy haunts a room on the second floor of the hotel: several children died in a fire that destroyed a hotel that was across the lake from where Punderson Lodge is now, manager Misty Anderson told the Register-Guard, Tillie Pierce House Inn was built in 1829. sightings of a ghost cat and multiple apparitions of children, as a soldier allegedly patrolling up and down stairs. The Norumbega Inn has the ghost of a little girl in their library suite. cold drafts and mysterious glowing orbs crossing the hotel room after midnight. the unshakable feeling of "being watched or followed,", It's said that the haunted Wright room, room 14, was locked ever since that deadly night. physical contact, crying outside the door, knocking on the door, whispering sounds, and lights flickering. The 3-course breakfast was absolutely delicious!

Built in 1835 by a sea captain as his home, this Federal-style inn celebrates both history and contemporary style. ?” LOL!! Recounting the story behind "The Shining" on his website, King wrote that he and his wife, Tabby, spent a night at the Colorado hotel in 1974. The Malaga Inn, located in Mobile's downtown district, has been around since 1862. Norumbega Inn - Facebook Overlooking the Pebobscot River in Camden, the Norumbega Castle stands out from just about every other structure along the Maine coast. The nearest airport is Knox County Regional Airport, 12 miles from The Norumbega Inn. of an 18-year-old ship engineer who died in the engine room, The Queen Mary even features its own ghost tour, The Connecticut inn is said to be a paranormal hotspot. Nice to know info re: Green Mountain Inn! Haunted New England’s long and storied history makes it home to countless strange and spooky tales, but for those wanting to spend the night with a ghost, a visit to one of New England’s best haunted hotels is an absolute must.

My wedding reception was at the Hawthorn Hotel (Salem) and I grew up in Marblehead. The hotel served as a hospital during the Civil War as well as two yellow fever epidemics, and some guests claim that former patients haunt the premises.

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