None of these talks about ok admit this, ok you're so brave, you really should not break the rules. Spoilt and self obsessed, these childre....sorry grown women need to take a look at the world and the really tough times people go through in it. I also can't believe that this is considered treatment and I'm not surprised that it doesn't work. The lives of children used to be filled with hours of... How does weather work? Just because they come from a first world country does not mean it's without it's problems. The woman with two kids was a little preachy and really ticked me off when she went back to purging, but she showed some promise. It’s about numbers, the clock, obsessions, compulsions, and isolation. Shelly struck me as using her eating disorder as a form of maniulation, much like her drug use. i'm pretty much addicted to the action that will release that chemical in my brian. The woman are disrespected, treated as though they are liars and fakes. Actually, you CAN'T eat all you want as long as you work out, unless you're either an eighteen year old or genetically predisposed to be thin. And I tell ya, once eating normally becomes a habit, muscle comes back, energy comes back, happiness comes back, and metabolism goes up so much that the fear of getting heavy is not as strong. How the hell does she expect to help people with that kind of attitude? And there seems also to be this element of wanting to remain a victim. :), PS - it just came to me - "women are like waves" (also), Ok Gemini, IN a nutshell - "Men are from Mars women are from venus". Pro Ana’s fall into this category, as do regular girls who just want to be thin because thin=pretty.Some debate that this form does not exist, but to them I say read the hundreds of stories on my blog. Thanks, vlatko! mamaV Humans cause suicide. « Tales of a (Recovering) Disordered Eater, Teens & the Troubling Allure of Eating Disorder Books « Tales of a (Recovering) Disordered Eater. Not in any way do I mean to trivialize EDs at all, but I liken it to being someone who “hooks up” but “doesn’t go all the way” … like I have boundaries with my DE; I’ve flirted with possibilites but never gone all the way — and hope I never do. And that's what the staff does they indulge the regressive fantasy instead of teaching accountability. It’s true. Their emotions are disregarded and they are mocked for being childlike. It's a mental disease and one has to go deeper to recover. Best wishes to you in your recovery, Jill! @ Yavanna: Heh Heh Heh! Even after spending a month(i think) in a facility with women older than her her who had been her shoes and hearing their horror stories, she didn't give a flying you-know-what. I am a lot better than I used to be now and haven't been hospitalised for the last 6 years - but have been through some HELLISH treatments in the past that made me worse, due to lack of understanding and compassion. Renfrew really did them a diservice by punishing them for that, and by rewarding the patients who told the staff. What were your thoughts? You know you are hurting yourself and everyone around you, its not our responsibility to fix it its yours and if you don't their suffering is your fault. Listen please to This young Lady named Diana. Kinda reminded me of Lisa in Girl, Interrupted. It makes me incredibly angry that these people sit in a building and b**** about the people that are caring for them be it the nurse who has to smile in the face of a sneer or the father who has to fork out money or the mother who has to beg on her knees to help a daughter who breaks the rules and laughs in the face of society, I'm quite honestly disgusted. You seem to focus an awful lot on yourself and your diabetes, It seems like you want to point out how much more severe your disease is compared to this disease, but in all actuality, your disease is very common and very easily managed. Physical exercise such as weight lifting or heavy cardio training produce it as well. Statistically, Americans are much more likely to develop such behaviors due to media pressure, abundance of food, emphasis on looks, lack of exercise etc, but you need to realize this disease was around long before supermodels came along. Depression may be a contributing factor but essentially what you are saying is comparable to saying that a person who choked to death on a piece of meat died from eating meat.... when in fact, they died from choking. IGNORANCE makes people like Polly kill themselves and NOBODY goes to THAT extreme just for attention. It's like if someone described the feeling of sunshine to you. Like, "Oh, you've been admitted into a treatment center for an eating disorder and you have depression, here's some MOOD STABILIZERS." I know I’m predisposed. But my issues, I was molested by my father for 6 years, molested by 3 other people that lived around us also. Most people can eat and not think about it afterwards. She was whiny and annoying and even though she was so concerned about how much her mother was paying for treatment she didn't care and refused to rehabilitated. So yes, speaking from seven years of person experience, it is indeed a "goddamn disease." Did you notice the zoloft door label and then the prozac clock at part 3 6:30. And the million dollar question: Is one ever truly cured? If you’re currently battling an ED, you might love or hate this film and its characters — you might empathize with them, you might find them out of control. It's like a drug or alcohol addiction (which I'm sure someone will find offensive) but it really is. In fact, many people with eating disorders, addictions etc. there is a saturation of media and thinness, we all see it. Otherwise he or she is more likely to revert back to these unhealthy habits. I have suffered from Anorexia since the age of 13 - I am now 37. 4 years ago. That's like saying alcoholism is a choice. XOXO. But I'm 17 and have had an ED for 6 years now and yes my arms are covered in scares. They're being treated like children here and that does NOT help their self-esteem. Do my homework? I didnt wake up one day and say that I wanted to be sick and have an eating disorder. Also, eating disorders are not always a cry for attention. The documentary was quite eye opening, into a world I might never truly understand … but that we should all acknowledge exists. Well...I watched it and I so wished I could feel or say something kind. So if someones guilt and shame is exacerbated by the truth then it's there choice to feel that way and I refuse to censor myself because they can't handle it. I just don’t have the brain for it … and maybe that’s ok. (Please don’t flame me for that; I genuinely can’t imagine it.). I know they were trying to 'protect' the other girls by removing the so-called bad influence, but cutting her off completely was a dumb decision to make. Shelly also kind of irritated me, but she got better. This is a doc about pathetic trailer trash who want to be thin because of what they see on TV. Greenfield captures the regimentation of early morning weight checks and blood pressure readings, the emotional trauma of mealtimes, the mean-spirited gossip sessions on the smoking porch, and the shameful confessions to therapists and nurses. It's just that the good days have been outnumbering the bad. Life isn't better that way at all, the problems are all there still, exactly the same. thank you for posting!!! This is not a pitty party or a its ok because we are all screwed up. By your logic, if someone commits suicide under those circumstances, it is the "human's fault." I could be wrong, but I found Brittany and Alisa especially to be obsessed with the notion of thin. The THIN site offers great resources, but as Lauren notes in the Director’s Interview, the truth is, unless someone is truly ready to begin treatment and wants to recover, they are prone to relapses. from the media and bullying to completely unrelated things that lead a person to try find control. In fact, most of the staff do just that. Truthfully, these are baffling and difficult-to-understand illnesses. To say this is the fault of the media or my personal favorite quote, "This is a doc about pathetic trailer trash who want to be thin because of what they see on TV. It is amazing to me the things people do to gain control, feel better, medicate, etc. You need to grow up and be more open and compassionate and you probably would get more sympathy, but you seem to be pretty much demanding it at this point. Communism is one extreme, and the way America's capitalist society is going is another extreme, both bad. I'm not anorexic but soon to be.. I had the pleasure of meeting with this counselor only a week ago, and she said that she was so proud that my friend chose to do this for herself. And Alisha the mother showed us the lost soul searching for a way out. Society's fault for promoting and idolizing unrealistic beauty images and there own fault for buying into that madness.Vanity! And I know if I go there, I really may never come back. actually I'm going to hopefully do this, I'm studying international development and wish to go to help communities in Africa and other developing countries ... And yes i have problems with eating... but i definitely don't think I'm worse off than a lot of people, there are many different problems in this world! And get them off all those meds. But I do want to put it out on the table that, for all my disordered eating behaviors, I just can’t imagine getting to that point where death would be welcome. Returning to one of the facilities featured in the exhibit, Greenfield took up residence at the Renfrew Center, an in-patient facility for eating disorders in Florida, to film the day-to-day suffering of four young women struggling with anorexia over the course of six months. If Shelly improved it was probably only because they literally fried her braincells! Thin, a documentary film produced, aired and distributed by HBO, is the centerpiece of a multi-faceted project that explores the complex issues of body images and eating disorders in young women. Lynne, You have no idea what these women went through, no fuc*ing idea. Most importantly they would want to succeed in recovery and leave not stick around and play the broken swan. All suffering for whatever reason is still suffering. Lynne, seek to understand and several others I agree with you and hopefully your comments can enlighten the several people who just don't get it. Thaks for your inspirational post and hope … and for your blog! Psychologically, it just doesn’t compute. I don't want to get in the argument that this is a disease or a choice but what I do want to say is there is pain. Walk your dog. Treatment seems like it was a lifetime ago, even though it was just a little over a year. I agree with everything you stated and feel the same way as well. It’s not trying at all to understand that really causes such pain. Don't stop eating. You also need to understand that there are varying degrees of depression and what you feel is not going to be the same as what I feel. I’ve learned from both my family and those around me how difficult it truly is for others to understand what and why EDs are. So what if they smoke or get tattoos on their breaks? The fact is, when someone suffers from an eating disorder they are suck back in time, in a childlike state, not eating somehow reinforces the idea that they cannot care for themselves, keeps them dependent on others, keeps them stuck. The 15 year old may come off as a whiney bitch but you must listen past that to get the root. I'd rather take the time to get to know my friends and my family than to have that pointless moment of being admired for my appearance....I hope someone can contradict my view, as I am very open to a debate! In THIN, we meet Shelly, Polly, Alisa and Brittany, the four girls whose lives are documented as they move through various levels of treatment at Renfrew.

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