The motion also is filed before the Illinois Supreme Court. I spoke to Dominique Gardner and, you know, the world wanted to know what happened to her after she split from Kelly. stated, “I just didn’t know that it was a point in time where parents. The GQ 2016 interview states, “The fullest version of what may have happened—and the most convincing one, for all its incidental detail and accidental nuance—is in a rambling memoir by a man named Demetrius Smith, who worked in various capacities for Kelly before and after he became famous, until they had a falling out. That's not unpleasantness. They insanely want victims to pay them Her aunt, Sparkle, did testify. 1 - December 21, 2000's the first story - two weeks later, I got a videotape Fed-Exed to me at the Sun-Times. GROSS: You express your concern in the book that while you're reporting the story, while more and more evidence is coming out that R. Kelly is a predator, that many critics are continuing to review his music in a vacuum, in a kind of cultural vacuum, in the sense that they're not putting it in the context of the allegations against him. I'm Terry Gross, and this is FRESH AIR.

I'm not proud of this, she said.

We’d been to the house several times. GROSS: And describe what you saw in that video. So he was basically doing what kids that age were doing. She's still hanging around. Van Allen: He told me that she was 16. GROSS: Has following this story, the R. Kelly story, for two decades led you to rethink the stories of other music stars who are alleged to have relationships with young girls? He had closets full of clothes there, a bed, a refrigerator, a big-screen TV, a shower, the whole works. Cunningham stated, “The door flew open on the bus. And there is another videotape of Reshona with Kelly that is part of the current Illinois indictment.

Reshona’s family was entrenched in Robert Kelly’s world: In 2000, Reshona, her father Greg, and her mother Valerie are all thanked in R. Kelly’s liner notes in TP-2.COM album.

18 ☎ ⚠ 2015

It was money that allowed him to prey on these girls. She would always text me, email me, call me. What the book does, Terry, is 30 years of Kelly using this tool that Harvey Weinstein used, the nondisclosure agreement - I will give you money in exchange for you promising never to tell your truth. When she broke away from Kelly, after singing with Aaliyah, this girl from Cottage Grove Heights on the South Side of Chicago has a voice like an angel when she's in high school. GQ: So you not talking about it doesn’t feel like it’s protecting her or respecting her, it just feels like it’s protecting you. We’d rung the doorbell. And he said, I have to advise you, you know, you're breaking a nondisclosure agreement. He would always tell you what to do. Things like that.

It crushed my dreams of what was going on. And she wasn't with Tiffany. And when it was good, Jim, it was perfect. What you have to understand is Chicago was lousy on the streets, as they say, with videotapes of Kelly having sex with young women, some of them minors.

Christmases, birthdays, graduations. He would tell me, “Don’t leave yet; I want to talk to you.” I kept missing my flights back home and missed days from my job at the mall. so, beholden to Hollywood criminals since the time of Robert S. We didn't tell them where it had come from because I don't know to this day where it came from, who the source that delivered it was. Her parents send their older daughter to try to bring her sister home by going to the Chicago recording studio where Azriel is being held. [Reshona’s best friend] A 31-year-old “den mother” who “trained” newcomers on how Kelly liked to be pleasured sexually. And if you can continue to take pleasure in a Woody Allen film and I can't, or vice versa, or I can really still enjoy "Midnight In Paris," but I cannot watch "Manhattan" with the accusations made against him by his daughter - you know, I don't think there's a right or wrong, but I think if we take art important - as something important, as the most important thing in life - certainly, that's how I look at music - I think you have to consider these things. She died at age 22 in a plane crash. She was 15 years old and cutting high school classes to attend Kelly's trial, and he began sexual contact with her not long after he was acquitted. falsified documents to marry Aaliyah. DEROGATIS: No. He’d tell you which way to lie, which way to turn, what noises to make, how loud to moan, how to roll your body around. victimizing young girls. The man (many identify as Robert Kelly) tells a young girl (many identify as Reshona) to call him “daddy,” they have sex, he directs her to strike various poses and assume various poses, and he urinates in her mouth. [Tearfully] Because I really didn’t want to do it. The couple is rarely photographed in public.

GROSS: That's what the caller said, go to your mailbox.

Van Allen: No, I don’t feel like he seduced me. many grown women, yet he kept choosing underage girls and She was the star witness in the sex tape trial and gave testimony in 2008, when she was 27.

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