Our slightly smaller than 3 lb chicken took almost 1 1/4 hr to cook/brown at 450 and between the chicken and cabbage, produced a lot of juices. Stuffed cabbage rolls are a staple of Piedmontese cuisine too. The chicken was super juicy.

That means, that as much as I would love to make these, the pork is out for me! As DH said it was “strange but tasty”.

These look gorgeous and sound absolutely delicious!

Not enough salt & pepper? Looks and sounds delicious!!

I heeded the advice of one of the reviewers to cut my cabbage smaller (about 10 slices) and roast one side at 500 degrees for 20 minutes, flip, and broiled the other side for 10 more minutes. — This is coming from a Calabrese that makes em all the time (; I just made this for my friend who will usually say about anything Italian I make that it’s very nice but she/her mother/her aunt would have have done _____ different. ¼ c white wine WOW this is great! I will make it again. Grate parmesan all over, to taste. I used chicken thighs. This dish relies on the sausage’s seasonings for flavor, allowing you to not have to add the usual mix of sauteed onion or garlic and spice. Thank you Deb. This is definitely a keeper. I will cut up the cabbage into larger pieces. You always seems to telepathically read my food cravings! :). Would love to see a vegetarian version in honor of meatless Monday! Very interested in trying Patrice’s ^ tip about pre-freezing and thawing the cabbage – though, blanching the leaves worked perfectly for having a quick transition to boiling some potatoes :). Growing up we stuffed not only cabbage leaves, but grape leaves, as well, since we had grape vines growing right in our garden. I have a 12-inch cast iron skillet.

Carry on! There was a lot of juice by the Time i took the chicken out of the oven.

Served with mashed potatoes and grilled halloumi.

I added some minced rosemary and thyme to both the chicken and to the top of the cabbage since I had some on hand.

I always stick the whole cabbage in the freezer to soften the leaves. Yum! Can’t wait to see how these turn out, they actually look like yours…so far!!

I so know what you mean when you get a taste of something that you just have to make yourself..(because you (meaning me) don’t want to embarrass yourself by deconstructing it at the restaurant where you order it every time you go..which is also way too often, just have another taste of that dish) I am currently going through this with a sweet sour stuffed cabbage from a little German deli and I am obsessed with it. I double the walnut sauce and serve with pasta. That is our absolutely favorite chicken. I will have to try this! There were breadcrumbs but I skip them; the cabbage is roasted in butter, not olive oil, but I found it just smoked a lot. ), This is now my winter “go to” recipe, with lots of red and white cabbage around. It’s so true, it’s because it’s what I had on hand lol. Do yourself a favor and cook this IMMEDIATELY. Sarah M. — I think it would reheat just fine. I was just reading a recipe on Lidia Bastianich’s website which used ‘sweet Italian sausages’ which I had never heard of before and then I read your scrummy recipe only to have you explain that it means ‘non spicy’ sausages. I made it last night, with some jacket potatoes baked alongside and some kielbasa crisped up in a skillet.

I will be honest, I’ll be trying it anyway and I won’t blame you if its a disaster, and how the hell can you go wrong w duck fat, right? Now we have a second helping of cabbage to go with the leftover chicken (no leftover cabbage from that first batch! The leaves will behave just as nice as you please! I also added the anchovy paste (1/2 tsp) to my walnut mix – which I think, along with the lemon, really made this dish.

I made this yesterday and it was awesome. Oops. Or will be the a cruel victory, a dish that’s in fact perfect, but such a pest to make that you’ll only do so once a year.

Yes, we are having a Winterfell-like winter here in Vermont (love it!)

Outstanding I say. I’ll try to remember to update after the fact. I made it tonight for the fourth time or so (in a few months) and it delivers every time. My cabbage was also 3 pounds; I had a little extra and made a riff on the vinegar slaw with cucumber and dill from. Not necessary, but it helps brighten things a touch. I’m thinking of butterflying the breast to make it lay flatter. I’m currently trying to turn the chicken to rectify this. A new staple for sure.

And am so excited for this recipe as I have cabbages in my fridge and was going to make your yummy galette (I’ve probably made it a dozen times, yum yum!). The melting laciness of the Savoy cabbage was so excellent with the insanely good walnut vinaigrette. I don’t mix milk and meat so can I use Earth Balance instead or what do you recommend I do?

We have a nut allergy in our family, and I usually sub pumpkin seeds, but what else would work? So delicious, and I don’t have to worry about no leftovers! This is definitely going into our roast chicken recipe rotation. And I went with a smaller cabbage, because historically we can never finish a large cabbage in our small family, but OMG. Thanks for the ‘splaining and thanks for the recipe. This was really easy but the end result was rather greasy. I would have invited you out for ice cream, to thank you for all the amazing recipes over the years.

Really good. Being Polish, we had stuffed cabbage (golombki) a lot. This recipe was so easy and satisfying. The cabbage gets very sweet when roasted like this (now I’m thinking duh! Hope they will appreciate this. Thanks Deb for always a delicious new way to enjoy some favorite foods! I did what I always do when an idea obsesses me, I jotted it near the top on a list of recipe ideas that I swear, stretches longer than Manhattan right now, and vowed to find my way back to it as soon as possible. Let the recipe testing begin! which made the roasting time longer – it was amazing.

I hate to be one of Those People, but I’m on a keto diet for a clinical study and this sounds so good, but the bread is a no-no. I made this once with Savoy and it was great (see previous comment). He would have loved this dish, though he’d have added some onions. They sort of fell apart a bit, which may have made cooking through easier.

Delicious! :D). I’ll have to try these next week. And very good cooking idea. Thank you, Smitten Kitchen, for sharing this wonderful, wonderful, wonderful (a.k.a., TASTY!!!!)

Rochelle, you are doing the work of the gods with this tip.

My husband didn’t know what to think when I told him what I was making but loved it once it was ready. No, this isn’t sponsored, of course.

X. We’re the same way.

Made this tonight, absolutely fantastic! Also I just wanted to mention that there is a small typo in the instructions (”remaning”).

Honestly, I should’ve left the 500 degree side for 25 minutes to crisp things up a bit more. Oh my gosh this is so good. We served it with braised sausage and mashed potatoes. We also usually cut out the central stalk (and a pile of them at the bottom of the pot keeps the ‘laxanodolmades’ from sticking) and roll the much softer remainder (large leaves cut in two). GAHHH I think I was in New Orleans, at so very many of the same places you went, while you were there! deb you are so awesome. I was wondering where you ended up eating in Vancouver, given the abundant choices we have.

too! Wow. Not this one; this one exceeded every expectation. I was cooking and in the meantime I was reading the new post of my favorite blogs. One of those still hot from the oven with some fresh butter dabbed inside was to.die.for. I will definitely make this again. I love this idea! )The addition of lemon was suggested also. Roasted Cabbage with Walnuts and Parmesan 1 medium-large (1 3/4 pounds) or two small heads savoy cabbage 7 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, divided 1 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more to taste Freshly ground black pepper Scant 1/2 cup (1.75 ounces) walnut halves and pieces 1 … I have cooked chicken on sliced fennel before but that is such an expensive vegetable here in the UK and you would need a fair few bulbs. The whole family loved it! and Obsessively Good Avocado-Cucumber Salad now it’s a favorite. This looks delicious!! :).

Your blog is overwhelming me with possibilities.

Can you use panko breadcrumbs in place of bread?

I started the cabbare without the chicken and just a few dollops of butter first. Your cookbook is amazing.

I also think a bit of acid (lemon juice or white wine or a drop of vinegar) helps, too.

It’s … juicy, even after an hour at 450. Thanks! I am not sure why my three pound chicken took more than 90 minutes to cook through — I blame my oven — but the wait was worth it. I might always roast chicken on cabbage now.

Imma get me a cabbage this afternoon! I love his recipe with all my heart and cannot wait to try the little meatball version you have so sweetly made!

In any case, the cabbage was simply divine. Could take or leave them.


I hope that’s what you meant by the sauerkraut, because it gives the cabbage rolls such a delicious tang with a juicy meat inside. My father grew enormous cabbages, and converted most of it to sauerkraut.

We keep kosher so I do something similar using olive oil and fresh garlic on the cabbage and chicken. Hi There, I don’t have any cabbage but I do have a bunch of brussel sprouts. This was amazing!


A friend posted hers and it looked fabulous, so I’m eager to try it. This looks amazing! And yet any of your recipes that I make are outstanding.

waiting to read of your ‘crazy one’ :).

There will be no leftovers. I like it pickled. I bought the ingredients this weekend, finally made it tonight for dinner – not sad. Good job with this recipe, it certainly reflects your experience and creativity. The meat filling is ground beef, rice, onions, garlic and salt and pepper. Why did you post this just after I got home from the grocery store?! No drippings left when I made it and it was EXCELLENT – but we saved the bones for bone broth :). I can’t wait to perfect the technique, these are definitely going in the rotation! We made sarma for thirty (the smoked spare ribs, the ham hocks, the sauerkraut) and then I cobbled together a vegetarian version for my kid. Cabbage was soft inside and dark and crispy on the outside. Thanks!

Thank you. I’ve been dying to make these.

It seems you didn’t, can you comment why?

I’ve also made the dressing more complex at times. meatball on my pile of pasta. And double it. OMG.

I’m always looking for good Keto-ish side dishes. Ok, I will totally make this chicken, but thats not why I’m here. Oh, also, regular cabbage leaves are tough to peel off…I blanched the whole head for a couple minutes and they came off very easily after. I will definitely be trying this!

Worth a try – delicious. Some people tie the legs together but I rarely do. :).

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