Supernanny was ranked 7 in the ratings with 5,401,000 views at the time of this episode's broadcast.[1].

Max is very disrespectful and has anger issues. 6 Bryce says all the calls that Jen doesn't pick up during "No Phone" time now go directly to his cell phone. While riding to the Gorbea home, Jo watches The Jeans Family update on her DVD player. Families that do not appear in this update are The Weston Family (S1E5), The Bailey Family (S1E6), The Burnett Family (S1E9), and The Christiansen Family (S1E10). Insiders say the father of the family originally called the show because his three kids listened to him and not their mother.

Related: Supernanny Gets Gay! If Adam is really sick, then Evelina could tell.

14 July 2004 14 Jul 2004. Another mom talks about how smart and manipulative her son is. © 2020 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. This special updates Supernanny’s viewers on six of the families that appeared on the show over the first season. Evelina gives Jo a necklace as thanks. Jo exclaims. Jennifer and Scott are better at communicating and still use the Same Page technique.

The schedule lets them block out time just for the children, which Jen thinks has made a big difference for the kids. Season Jo explains that at two, they may be too young to understand discipline but you need to keep an eye on them and remove them from harm as needed. Once Their Aunt and Uncle arrive to Take care of Adam Demetriss and Mia Adam freaks out a little bit before Robert and Evelina leave to Eat out. Evelina says the door is for Jo. She then talks to the mom of the triplets, who is holding a sleeping boy triplet. Supernanny Season 9 — not renewed yet Latest Episode Aired Tue 9/22/2020 Sutherland Family Season 8: Episode 18 Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Supernanny. The parents communicate better, and the kids are better at listening.

They have two children: 7-year-old Max and 4 1/2-year-old Claire. Woman talking about her son's manipulative behavior during Jo's playground visit.

Most suprising, we actually see Shawn without his cap on (and find that he is balding on top). Their eating habits are better, and they are all working together better as a family. 21 July 2004 21 Jul 2004. Season 2. The Naughty Room is still a good form of discipline for the boys, and just a warning is usually enough to bring the boys back in line. 14. Next Max tells Jo that he keeps contemplating why his dad moved out and doesn't know why. Jo walks with the Gorbeas to a local park, where parents gather to ask Jo parenting advice.

For each DVD-recorded family, there is an episode recap followed by an update in which every mom seems to say, "Thanks for checking in on us!". The boy triplet has bite marks all over his arms from the violent triplet. They have two children: 7-year-old Max and 4 1/2-year-old Claire.
Shawn enjoying fatherhood during the Orm Family Update.

She gives advice on: She congratulates all the parents for taking on the hard work and joy of being parents, then says, "OK, I'm going to go in now!" Their two children, ages four and seven, act out in …

The Minyon Family. Grocery store outings turn into a disaster with the kids running off in different directions and throwing temper tantrums to get a food they want and other people won't go down the aisle if the Manleys are there. Jo explains to Evelina that it's a question of confidence. Melora says she is a better mom and better listener thanks to Jo, and that the girls have gone from going to the Naughty Corner 4 to 5 times a day to just one time in the past few months (for Alaia) and zero times (for Ashlyn).

Jo cries, hugs Evelina and Robert goodbye, and leaves the Gorbea home, looking forward to helping more families. Jo gives the idea to put all of the stuff in the middle of the table so that the Girls can choose what they want., The special takes place during Jo's return visit to. Naughty Circle, Naughty Corner, Thought Box, Managed Play, Same Page After that, Jo watches the Orm Family update on DVD. The special takes place during Jo's return visit to The Gorbea Family. However, after saying, "Okay, I'm going to go in now! John (46) and Sara (45) have been separated for over six months. Irene then asks Jo about her Temper since she yells Alot. Evelina and Robert return home from their date to find everything fine. The … All other family updates are viewed on Jo's trusty DVD player during her visit to the Gorbea Family. In the End Adam does and Chooses The Race Car Game. John (46) and Sara (45) have been separated for over six months. 11 May 2005 11 May 2005.

Sara does not want to divorce, but John does.
November 7, 2008 15. Jennifer asks how to keep Brody from going through the same "terrible twos" that Blake did.

"Primetime Broadcast Ratings, November 7, 2008", May 9, 2005 Jo notices that Adam isn't feeling well.

Melora has a new Thought Box called "Jared's Thoughts" on the fridge for Jared to share his thoughts with Melora each day. Supernanny Jo Frost is called in to help the parents adjust their parenting techniques as their children adjust to the. Max is very disrespectful and has anger issues. He has grown up a lot since Jo left, and Jo gives Adam a high-five when he proudly reports that he sleeps all by himself at night. 12 Jo Frost visits John and Sara Manley in Southern California.

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