IMPORTANT: Rules for comments to be accepted: Well one day I had my big Taxi-driving-aha-moment-breakthrough! well done! That passion for travelling didn’t stop there, it even got stronger and stronger over the years. lol.. The Bad 1. Great post you have here. Love it or hate it, but Singlish has definitely established itself as a clear part of the Singaporean identity. en tout cas, c'était une lecture intéressante et ça m'a fait plaisir... Bonjour ink julep, Merci pour ton commentaire :) Je n'ai pas inclus la censure / manque de partis politiques divers car c'est vrai qu'en temps qu'etranger ici sans le droit de vote, je ne suis pas tres concerne. Food Court is Singapore proud culture. Though I don't think it is cultural shock, but more of sweet surprises of Singapore (SSS) :) Keep writing good stuff. I used to have a fringe and I had to let it grow out because my hair used to look horrible with all the humidity, now, hair straighteners or styling products would really help! –Amanda. Having arrived in Singapore as expat about 11 years ago, I can relate to your feelings expressed. Weather in SingaporeSingapore is soooooo humid. I love your insights about my country and glad that you feel welcome and comfortable here. There’s Baggage Allowance for Infants Yes, mommies rejoice! We do have very interesting "Singaporeanised" habits & language that others will not understand....thank you Laura for your interesting sharings and please keep writing...I love reading more of your interesting sharings! Please note that there MAY BE A DELAY BEFORE PUBLISHING comments, so don't worry! You surely know it already from experience. Thumbs up Laura! Thanks Laura. I love Singapore for its funny Asian charm but still having the comfort of a westernized and modern country! thanks Laura for sharing this! Laura, what a great refresher you wrote! If you're looking to buy a property in Singapore, make sure to check our comprehensive home loans guide. Great post, loved reading. The part about the car is so true. : 201815023K, 10 Things We Complain About In Singapore But Secretly Adore, 3 things SMRT can do when the MRT breaks down, much money you need to buy your first HDB flat, 10 things we complain about in Singapore but secretly adore. Consumption and trading chewing gum is prohibited by law and Singaporeans take their laws seriously! I’ll list here my top 10 culture shock in Singapore. Powered by, 10 (more) good & bad things about Singapore, 18 Artisan Food & Beverages Made In Singapore. With public housing selling at some $1 million for those near the city, how can you expect Singaporeans to be pleased with that? Very useful musings for all expats n even Singaporeans! Singapore is affectionately known as the "little red dot". - Positive in nature - If you haven't got anything nice to say... you know! I've also heard from my own relatives and friends how their sons and/brothers have changed for the better after NS. Interesting post here. Measuring just about 719 square kilometres, it's certainly viable to cycle around the circumference of Singapore in a day or two. You've captured several elements of what makes Singapore charming and unique. Love Laura's insightful, honest and interesting anecdotes on this island we call home and funny behaviors of fellow Singaporeans and all who who transient here. But because it is small, it enables us to travel from the east to the west in less than 2 hours even on public transport. Pretty spot on observations about our sunny island. 9. But it's good to know! I’ve had a fair share of wonderful and interesting experiences here, it is not at all too bad, but there are things that really shocked me when I arrived, even up to this day. Just amazing…Even after 3 years of coming to Singapore I’m still amazed! But that is just the beginning, with that you can only get a 10 year permission TO DRIVE the streets of Singapore, the real numbers are yet to come! I hope you are coping well despite the tropical weather ! Another reason is that practically speaking, the Singapore economy can't sustain itself without foreign talents simply because the local population is shrinking and ageing. I used to be so excited about adding countries that even a little stop over to change plan would count as “Country I have been to”. Not so in Singapore at all! soooo true! The queue in branded store is not unique to Singapore, it is also an ubiquitous phenomenon in Hong Kong too. This is insightful, will send to my Swedish colleague for them know better our culture! From deadly plane crashes to disastrous bombings, here are 10 of the worst things that have ever happened on Friday the 13th. Are you a fan of German soccer? I agree with all the said points! The Good Things 1 - Shopping anytime. Ou alors peut-etre que je l'ai ecris et que l'on a fait disparaitre le paragraphe? Totally confusing! Oh gosh but it is really funny though, when going there you really feel like you are somewhere in the midst of China. We , being true Singaporean also cannot comprehend some of the happenings around us. I am from Germany and can't wait to go to Singapore next year! You are Marvellous! A foreigner's account of some of the quirks of life in Singapore, peppered with personal anecdotes - and pretty spot-on! Just last Sunday I went to Orchard Road (Singapore’s shopping paradise) with my little son and I was just looking around, and again, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Photograph: Mohd Fyrol/AFP/Getty Images Day-to-day life is famously governed by a … Avoid going there on Sundays though because you won’t be able to walk! For some we taken it for granted! Three packages to choose from in total – Basic Singapore Stopover Holiday, Singapore Stopover Holiday and Singapore Stopover Premium. Therefore singaporeans would somehow work less and not grow their economy as much as they do now. Great to hear that an expat is also able to appreciate Singlish now too! Any help you can get is absolutely needed. i love your story and I could totally relate with having a nanny.. i have a lot of stories about them myself. This was a great read. Or maybe the folks that don't speak too much English, typically from the older generation. I just started a new job at a leading, Fortune 500, Software and IT services company dedicated to the financial services industry. :). Little India in SingaporeIt’s a marvelous place! And are we sometimes complaining about things we secretly love and can't do without? Here we go! Totally agree with your points! I stay alone with my Son and decided to hire a live-in maid when he was around 6 months old. This article was originally on at: 10 Things We Complain About In Singapore But Secretly Adore. I am going to Singapore this month for a holiday cruise and I'm really happy I read your post. That is why I love so much being a foreigner, to learn the differences between cultures. Singaporeans seems to be very helpful. Soooooo authentic and funny Laura. All the love and hugs to fellow expats around the globe! Despite that, is complaining even a bad thing? Several other MPs also spoke up accordingly, pointing out flaws with education, and how we should fix these problems before moving forward. 'Babat' is from the stomach lining of cows. In front of the Chanel Shop (one of many in that street) was a huge queue of around 25 people waiting to go in! 10 Facts About Poverty in Singapore. And yes, admittedly, the island-state is small in size. Singapore’s increasingly unhealthy education system. I am sure you will have a great time here in Singapore. Well, let's just say that having foreigners working in the same environment drives diversity, keeps us international and opens our perspective. I have never seen this anywhere else: locals queuing up to buy a $5000 bag from a luxury bag chain that already have a half a dozen stores in a block of street! This article was originally on at: 10 things we complain about in Singapore but secretly adore, If you don’t like our faces, listen to our fortnightly podcast E-Junkies where we lepak one corner with famous people, Your daily good stuff - AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox, AsiaOne Online Pte Ltd. Company Registration No. If you go by the strict definition "expatriates", all foreign workers are expatriates by nature, so there is no difference. While most of us might be very grateful to our government for coming up with such a brilliant idea such as the CPF, there are some haters who feel that since it is money that is hard-earned, we should have full entitlement to how we want to use it. Really hit the nail on the head about our kiasu-ness. Haha very insightful and quirky details that you've picked up, of which most are 'invisible' to us Singaporeans because that's what we are used to. Hello,just thought you should know that the cab drivers are Singaporean Chinese and not from mainland china. Love the humor in the post, off to check my fridge lol! has listed 10 things that we think Singaporeans actually love more than hate about our country even when we complain. Hahaha. As the saying goes, “Singapore is Asia for beginners.”, extremely true! 1. If you break this law in Singapore, you’ll be slapped with a … Interesting blog by expat Laura Scheffner!Being born and bred here, looking at my country from the eyes of an expat is really an eye-opener! nice stories Laura, I visited Singapore last year and can really relate to most of your post! Its such a captivating read especially when you have experienced what Laura has captured in words so colourfully.

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