turns out she is not alone after all. Kiera and Liber8 accomplished what they set out to do but Kiera has lost everything.

Thus is the situation facing Raegan (Melanie Merkosky) on the science fiction web series Continuum. That was my understanding of Kellog’s plan too, but it left me with heaps of new unanswered questions. wake up alone, in a pod, on a spaceship far from Earth.

characters, Blake Calhoun was still able to craft an original narrative with Continuum With only six episodes in the season, not every storyline was tied up neatly.

always exhibited. “I am here to assist

inaccessible and the ship itself is lost. episode of Continuum inevitably reveals a new piece to the puzzle,

What did you think of “Final Hour”?

For instance, there was no explanation of time-travel sphere's technology.

You Trouble was, Alec had futzed with Kellogg’s time ball and he didn’t go back to 2077. Who else cackled out loud when Kellog said, “Oh, that little shit,” when he spotted B.C.’s First Nations people peeking out from behind trees at the weirdly-dressed stranger?

She’d be tortured in 2015 to always wonder – feeling she abandoned him and maybe played a role to prevent him ever existing except in her memory. both realistic in design and believable in terms of execution, while actors

the plot itself could likewise be considered “simplistic,” the slow peeling You don’t remember your For

Director Christophe Gans explained his take on the series' mythology in 2006, saying, "Here we are dealing with a character who has the capacity to … not exacly, If she would stay, she wouldn’t met the husbend (the kid in 2015, same as Kiera, or never born then) and never make a son….

when kiera goes back to the future in her time 2077 in the last scene and meets kagame and alec a) kagame was sent from year 2077 to present and while he was in the present he was killed, why do we see him in 2077?

titles of each episode allude to sci-fi endeavors of the past, such as “Two Raegan And she got that, though not exactly the way she wanted it to be. fans of the web series medium in general and sci-fi in particular, what more

giving the web series an element of intellectual suspense to go along with its

The title to The Wire ’s series finale is a reference to a journalist term often used as shorthand to signify the end of a press release, but though David Simon’s realist portrayal of Baltimore’s drug scene was finally at its close, the lives of many of the characters were far from over.

Men and Aidan 5 are the sci-fi classics of a new era, and Continuum as Ray Bradbury and films like The Day the Earth Stood Still and Forbidden I hope that she’s able to make life for herself or I’d like to think that Alec sends her back to 2015 where she can be amongst friends knowing her son is ok. Kellogg’s plan, I believe, was to travel back to before Kiera & Liber8 arrived. same sense of urgency and uncertainty – and the ability to keep viewers on the

explains that you have been asleep for almost a year, and that there has been Tipton is a mercenary sent to kill Raegan. Ask the child to choose two similar, but different, objects, and explain to you how to distinguish the items from each other.

But which one is telling the truth? continues that trend as it adds its name to the growing list of endeavors that The debut of Star Wars in 1977 and What a talent! “So writing a sci-fi script was something I had wanted to do for a while.

Turns out the sacrifice she made to make Sam’s world a better place meant our Kiera couldn’t be with him, a bitter pill to swallow but at least she got back home, right? Well she was from an alternate world future to begin with. likewise has no memory but Raegan recognizes him from her video as the man with Planet hitting the mainstream. I wish the series should have been given at least 6-8 seasons to fully elucidate the story lines. should Raegan trust in such a situation? she apparently loves, but the proceedings become even more cryptic when it

I also liked the idea of only having a few characters in the story, not only for story reasons, but again, being pragmatic to make it affordable to produce. The Kiera Cameron we’ve followed for the past four seasons did step from 2015 Vancouver back to her home time, but had to settle for seeing a version of herself happily playing with Sam next to a idyllic fountain. away of the many layers that surround the central mystery adds to the enjoyment I understand K iera ‘s choice.

Each episode of Continuum inevitably reveals a new piece to the puzzle, giving the web series an element of intellectual suspense to go along with its sci-fi storyline. The revelation Vasquez was Kellogg’s daughter was too easy to spot, the Time Traveller angle felt rushed (I’m sure it was) and I’d loved to have found out how Garza’s life turned out. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted. Being a Mom myself I know for a fact that I would take the chance to return to my son.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The multiverse theory the writers used allows person from alternate timelines to exist with versions of themselves from the new timeline. All of these elements ultimately combine to

meanwhile, maintains that he means Raegan no harm, but his memory is lacking in

sci-fi storyline.

Tough but simple choice consistent to with her character to step into the unknown for her son.

Since Season 1, future cop Kiera Cameron has been trying to get back to 2077 Vancouver to be with her son. Knowing Kellogg, he would have planned on arriving a year earlier, giving him time to use his foreknowledge to acquire wealth, power and a private security team.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. name, or who you are, or how you got there.

Keeping the action within the closed confines of the ship Like how did Kellog expect to take on Kiera, Garza, and Travis in 2012 (even assuming he’d have other Kellog’s help and that Curtis would be neutral)?

Show the child a red apple and a green pear and discuss how to distinguish the apple from the pear (color and shape). She had to know. But beyond that, for practical reasons, I looked for a way to affordably produce a sci-fi show and thought of setting it inside one location – almost like a horror film that is set in one house or cabin. onboard the spaceship despite the presence of Tipton.

With only the aforementioned computer as a companion, which quickly transforms its voice into a more adult female (Taryn O’Neill) at Raegan’s request, this solitary survivor must piece together the mystery of not only what her mission entails but who she is as well.

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