Welcome to the Forest of Corpses: for the next few dozen levels, this dreary place will be your best friend. You'll want another powerful melee character to complement Valvatorez and Fenrich, and you'd be hard-pressed to find one better than a spear wielder. All you have to do is reincarnate them to the Bouncer class, level up until they learn the Big Bang skill, and then reincarnate them back to whatever class they were before. There are two possible reasons. Try to focus on creating one or two heavy damage dealers. Tower attacks, like team attacks, equally distribute experience among all characters in the tower.

While many characters can use healing spells, you'll want a Healer character to provide you with the ~best~ healing spells, as well as various buffing spells. Once it's there, attack and destroy the geo-block. The first thing you should notice is the terrain--two columns of Zombies are moving to attack the platform is on over two bridges constructed out of geo-blocks. After you move to attack the nearest enemy, the other three should gather around you--making themselves very easy to kill with one of those area-of-effect skills I mentioned earlier.

In order to obtain the necessary ship parts, you will need to capture and interrogate the following foes for chest locations: Rifle Demon in 9-6; Thanatos in X-Dimension 7-3; Prinny King in X-Dimension 7-6; Force Knight in X-Dimension Final-1; Alchemist in X-Dimension Final-1; and a Meowkin Pirate on floors 21+ in the Item World.

With story characters, like Valvatorez and Fenrich, however, there is no such penalty. I have to test it. Conversely, the SPD stat effects your own evasion--get it high enough, and those strong enemies may be able to kill you in a single hit--but they won't be able to hit you. The bonus is small, but still it never hurts to have it.

Disgaea Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Experience: 94 (Rank 0) / 47,012 (Rank 20). Bonus Guage rewards (Mana and Experience prizes) are dealt out to every active character on the map--so if you've filled up the Bonus Guage, make sure to empty out your base panel before ending the turn so that as many characters as possible will be able to take advantage of as many bonuses as possible. Of course, not every character can learn Big Bang--so what do you do with them? NS_Arcane posted... Not even close, if you're talking about being able to keep up with the LoC enemies. HIT is basically your accuracy stat--if you want to go up against stronger enemies, you need high HIT, or else most (if not all) of your attacks will miss. Don't get too attached to the default generic characters the game gives you--get rid of them, and make your own party of characters--one that suits your own intended style of play. Corrected typos; re-wrote and reformatted multiple sections. to fill up the gauge--just remember to take your low-level characters out of the base panel before killing the last enemy, because characters inside the base panel will not receive any of the bonus gauge's experience bonus. If you use ranged characters to destroy the geo-blocks after clearing the field of enemies, you can boost up the bonus guage a bit, too, which never hurts. If you ever noticed the bonus points you earn for reincarnating as a genius after reaching max level, they'll continue to build long after the 5th reincarnation. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Puppy Paw Sticks are also possible prizes from the Sphere Collector and Prinny Treasure Room. There are three groups of enemies. I believe 6 ATK bills is required to be passed right?

Like many role-playing games, Disgaea has statistics, numbers which represent a character's strengths and weaknesses.

You can get up to 1.8M+ as a base stat though it won't change that much in the end. Spear techniques allow you to attack "over" friendly characters, have a longer range (2 panels) attack than normal melee weapons, and the spear skills work very well to support your primary attackers, as they can attack over ally and enemy characters alike.

You can use whichever method you prefer, but I found it best to send two characters aroun either side of the fountain--a Star Mage on the left and Valvatorez on the right. Pre-Battle Setup: Set enemy level to Rank 8 in the Cheat Shop.

Basic Level Up Tips information; Typo Correction. Depending on the enemy rank (which you will probably need to adjust several times) she should be able to kill all but two gargoyles--which you can then take out the following turn.

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! Powerful weapons and emblems, greater movement speed, etc. Since I don't know when, if ever, I'd be able to thoroughly examine that additional content, I thought it more prudent to simply focus exclusively on the power-leveling aspect. You need to throw the red, green and blue geo blocks onto the upper bridge.

The map is set up very simply: there are three magic users standing on top of pagodas, surrounded by Special Police--bodyguards. Most of them won't be able to attack, so your forces should be safe.
Experience: 1,728 (Rank 0) / 432,866 (Rank 20). The choice here is between Skulls and Mages. Fill the bonus gauge up by creating geo chains, team attacks, etc. First, it's possible that your email was caught in my spam filter.

Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. And if worst comes to worst, one of your heavy-hitting characters can always circle back to take care of any possible stragglers. I'm going to go through the steps that you need to take in order reach max stat(99,999,999). The map is far smaller, making the enemies easier to reach, and the enemies themselves (mere Masked Heroes) are not able to put up much of a fight compared to the Prinnies at 1-1. *At higher enemy ranks, the enemies become more resilient, and may not all be destroyed. Players may also initiate pirate ship to pirate ship battles, see the total accumulated stats of all Disgaea 4 players, create battle maps to upload, use, and share, and send a specific council member, called a Foreign Minister, to another player's game to affect Senate in their game. You will need the innocent that is for your weapon which you can find on the. As your character levels up his aptitude does increase, even though the game won't show it, it does. REMEMBER! Guide for details).

The purple geo-field will now grant you +150% experience! This map is ideal for characters with 5-panel "cross" shaped skills (Fire boosted 4 times) or skills that attack every adjacent tile panel simultaneously (Pole Rage). Menu.

Experience: 160,407 (Rank 0) / 4,359,255 (Rank 20) / 7,464,540 (Rank 8), Enemies: 4x Alraune; 4x Cockatrice; 4x Hell Hound; 4x Nekomata. For example, Adell has three students.

The most important thing is to make sure you've got the enemy level set to rank 8, which puts all 16 enemies on map 5-2 at level 99. 4)Get 300% aptitude on all aptitude stats. Defensive items are... well, not worthless, but certainly worth less than offensive items. Strengthen your characters, and then adjust the enemies' levels via the Cheat Shop.

This works for both the weapon and the equipment. For generic characters, the path to Big Bang is considerably easier. . You should also be aware the group of Cockatrices at the left side of the map have a passive ability that makes it impossible to use any skills while standing on an adjacent panel, so you'll need to take 'em out with ranged skills.

Many new players are nervous about the time-limit with magichange, for example--don't be afraid! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fortunately, none of the enemy groups will move to attack you unless you get too close. Unsurprisingly, the first map in the game is fairly well-suited for early grinding. Each group is isolated, and arranged in a cross-shape... the exact same cross-shape that Desco's Yog Sothoth can hit.

Without power-leveling, Disgaea games can be quite difficult (or, rather, tedious), but there are many things you can do to make things much easier on yourself. To most easily complete this map, you''ll need to have two characters with 2x2 panel area-of-attack skill (but you can make do with just one in a pinch). The main character Valvatorez uses swords with maximum efficiency, although he … Experience: 148 (Rank 0) / 75,724 (Rank 20). And they cast powerful area-of-effect spells, too.

Just don't make too many characters.

Keep in these innocent don't stack, so only one is required. It allows him to absorb a percentage of the stats of every enemy he defeats--making it incredibly effective for maps with large numbers of enemies, or maps you want to solo with Valvatorez. Before you move to attack the enemies, send a character over to the yellow geo-block at the bottom of the map.

Make sure Fenrich (or any other character who has learned the Big Bang skill) is placed on an adjacent tile in the Cam-Pain HQ to the character you're diving into (who will be the character who learns the Big Bang skill) and destroy all of the geo blocks on the 10th level. It's also very possible that I HAVE responded to your email, and you simply haven't received the reply yet. If you can contribute something (several people have already done so) simply e-mail me. Other Specialists can affect stats as well. They're a good indicator of where you can move safely: cross a line, and the enemy will move to attack. Equip the same item on each of them, and you will see that the level 100 gets more of a stat bonus from the item than the level 1. Any and every character can learn the Big Bang skill, and any and every character can then use Big Bang to level-up higher and higher on MO-4.

Whether or not the chest will actually contain a Puppy Paw Stick is random. For this scenario, Adell would receive a bonus to ATK of 10 from student 1, INT of 10 from student 2, and HIT of 10 from student 3. The Item World and Chara World are random dungeons that you can only exit with a Mr. Gency Exit item in your inventory. For Disgaea 4 Complete+ on the PlayStation 4, Leveling Guide by Mwulf.

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