try to get 25k under 10 minutes for that one.

Ideally you would have around 2 minutes left on the clock and around 20500-21000 points by the time second phase starts. It will charge and activate its shield about 3 or 4 times, until Corsette takes in down permanently.

Please post it in the, ACE COMBAT 7: Skies Unknown Achievement Sessions.

Killing will give u around 1100-1500 i think but if u didn't finish the mission fast enough and kept retrying checkpoints multiple times then u can miss out on that S rank.

If you get over 15000 points but over 12 or 13 minutes, the S rank is negated.

Getting the plat for ace combat 7 wont be too hard just grindy. Weird. I said I was going to update this guide to reflect that data but I'm four months late on that.

Pretty sure that killing named aces bumps the rank by a lot. Just a tip for missions 19 and 20. You might also want to invest in an increase payload of special weapons. So far every mission where I killed one gave me an S. Like i said again the major factors for getting S rank isn't just your score its also how fast u completed the mission.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Not the most ideal place to ask, I'm aware, but doing so nonetheless.

Haha no worries Ivan, and please feel free!

Sign up for a new account in our community. Also don't bother conserving ammo in the first phase and destroy as many enemies as possible. Don't be afraid of flying over the clouds to shoot down helicopters or mountain-top AA guns.

When I found it out, I was relieved and disappointed at the same time.

Key is to destroy as many as possible. The real silo should be your last target taking out ground targets along the way. what was that mission... Bunker Buster? 2nd attempt with 17 mins and 54k point got me the S. For mission 20, I used the X-02 with EML and parts that boost EML efficiency. First attempt, I destroyed both ADF-11 as quickly as possible and followed the mission accordingly but that got me only an A.

If this guide has helped you, why not take a look at, Verified all mission (including DLC missions) can be done with a F-104C. Try to destroy as many Bird parts as possible in between shield activation, and while shield is up, show the drones some 4AAM loving as well.

make sure you don't let Stonehenge defenders get overrun or allow bombers to reach it. I strongly suggest you invest in missile speed, homing ability, and distance for this one.

Proassassin931, January 24, 2019, Just want to bring it to those guys who are gonna attempt S rank for any difficulty just be careful of restarting from checkpoint as it count the lost time plus the new time as the total time and it WILL affect your rank. I've been restarting checkpoints, getting S ranks in almost every mission. The PLSL also works quite well if you are good with it, but requires quite a lot of hits.

it is imperative that you prioritize time. Destroyed all Arsenal Bird parts, then destroyed every drone.

It's indeed a combination of score and time, but if you spend more time, you can still get the S if you get more score.

If you leave a link somewhere to credit the wiki we're totally good for you to use the data. Don't spam missiles, wait for an opening (usually when the drones are flying directly from or at you).

excellent guide, thank you for it! It was my first time playing so i didnt know how or what these checkpoints restarts fare just that it kept restoring my ammo.

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